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  1. Thanks for the help everyone! I am in the process of trying the suggestions out. Tracy's page was particularly helpful!
  2. I am in the process of trying to learn PHP & MySQL. So far I have figured out how to create a MySQL database using the excellent Total Hosting tutorials. However, I just can't get Dreamweaver to connect to the database and show the tables and I can't figure out why! I have created a database called "user", which has been renamed "competi_user" as I created it through cpanel. I also created a user which is able to access the database called "competi" which was also renamed "competi_competi" as before. I then created a table called user and populated it with a couple of records. I th
  3. Thanks for the reply, I guess it is the waiting game! Another odd thing is that my e-mail still works OK on the domain. To send anyway - not getting much in the way of replies! Would have thought with the domain being wrong that the mail would also go and try and find e-mail accounts at 0catch?! Or is the MX record right? I think I am rambling....!
  4. I have just switched my host from 0catch.com (Sunday 16 March). A move I am pleased to have done. I went to my domain registrar godaddy.com and updated the DNS entries as instructed in my welcome e-mail. After 27 hours my domain had "moved" and worked fine. Just as well because 0catch changed my account to a free version and it had dozens of ugly pop ups and inserted ads. I was happy! I then set-up my e-mail on the domain and it worked fine. As a test I then sent an e-mail to another e-mail address on the domain but it never arrived. I decided to check things out on cpanel and went to the addr
  5. forumnic: KevCraighead Plan: Simple Reseller The thing is, I have no idea if I have an reseller account setup or not. I applied on the 13th but have had no response, welcome e-mail or any details about since. I did put in pay CC details to pay for it. You may have e-mailed me on my e-mail address that I entered when I applied BUT my old host kindly downgraded my account and deleted my e-mail accounts on my domain competitiveedgedesign.com so if you did, I won't get it. So if you could: 1. Tell me if I have an account 2. If I have, send me a welcome e-mail to kevin_craighead@hotmail
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