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  1. Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to whois.crsnic.net:43 in /home/pchelpo/public_html/orders/inc/whois.php on line 401 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/pchelpo/public_html/orders/inc/whois.php:401) in /home/pchelpo/public_html/orders/tools/step_two_code[0].php on line 269 It does this when I'm assuming it's attempting to get to a 'whois domain' server and fails. Miserably. Does anyone know anything along these lines that's offering the same service, then I can just change the file.
  2. I believe if you already have a Hosting Package, and you wish to just "mirror" the site, you can ask the helpdesk to park it.
  3. Are we limited on the amount of reseller accounts that we can own? I'm curious because this seems interesting to me, or would it just be cheaper to buy a managed server? Can someone compare these for me and post? I'm looking for user experince because I might attempt to expand soon along those lines. Either with my own domains or other people's domains.
  4. Horzonital, and I would perfer it to be at the bottom. I'm pretty much a moron when it comes to HTML, so gimmie a hand.
  5. Hi, I use WordPress, and it's my index for my whole website and wish to know how I could add Google Adsense to the bottom of that website properly. I'm interested in working with it and would be wondering if it's hard to do. It looked fairly simple. If you need any more details, please just respond to this thread. I'm tired, so there's barely any detail as you may have noticied.
  6. And now we wait for a user called /dev/null Anyways, Welcome to the Forums.
  7. I wonder if he was clean for his funeral? Poor Guy, indeed.
  8. That's true. Very true. I figured out what this Robot does and it's basically a Search Engine JUST for blogs/update list. Anyone know if there are anymore like this? Something?
  9. Does anyone know where this robot might belong? It's bugging me as it's getting awfully close to guessing where my Administrator Panel is. The below information is from: AWStats. / Http Code: 200 Date: Mar 27 14:55:02 Http Version: HTTP/1.0 Size in Bytes: 10779 Referer: - Agent: Technoratibot/0.6 | | | /wp-rss2.php Http Code: 200 Date: Mar 27 14:55:02 Http Version: HTTP/1.0 Size in Bytes: 5834 Referer: - Agent: Technoratibot/0.6 | | | /wp-rss.php Http Code: 200 Date: Mar 27 14:55:03 Http Version: HTTP/1.0 Size in Bytes: 1260 Referer: - Agent: Technoratibot/0.6 | | | /wp-atom.php Http Code: 200 Date: Mar 27 14:55:03 Http Version: HTTP/1.0 Size in Bytes: 5905 Referer: - Agent: Technoratibot/0.6
  10. Frankly, I already get up at 4:30AM to start my day....Don't really care, but I might be getting up at 5:30AM now for DST.
  11. I hardly EVER do this, and thought you should enjoy it and cherish it. "l-m-f-a-o.." Did I do it right? Did I?
  12. Error, Will Robinson! Error! I tried to install PHPCoin and when I run the 'setup.php' file it fails and returns the following error. You can look at it and maybe guide me if you would be so helpful. I know it needs a database, but what kind or something? Please, assistance!
  13. A humor play on IBM. I've Been Moved.
  14. If you think a 'machine' is doing it, feel free to enable BoxTrapper which is in your Cpanel near the bottom. Then it'll auto send back a verification letter and if the machine doesn't return it, the letter is deleted.
  15. Hijacking your thread on a somewhat similar note. Are there any OTHER common ports for webmail that are allowed? Besides 25, and 2082 which is the standard port for WebMail and Outlook. Not in that order.
  16. Now, as I understood this, it's not a credit but you get credited back to your credit card and you have to go through billing all over again, is that correct? I'm lost. I'm so confused. Someone hold my head. Sorry, for maybe reviving a old topic. Off-note: Kaz, nice avatar.
  17. I came from a broken home, called "StopMommy" (Reverse it.) It restricted what it's users could do with their bare accounts. $3.95 for each one! Bandwith was plentiful. Then I saw the light. It shined brightly at me and even smacked me around and then guided me. It held a sign that kinda looked like this; It was amazing. I found and grabbled this sign, and guided others with a baseball movement. It was amazing and I rule. My customers rule now. Now they can email me when they don't want to disconnect from 56k. It's made my life smooth. No bumps. I love ya guys! *huggles, cries.* Such a proud time! I'm so happy. *cries again* For only $4, I could rule----I mean, gentlely nuture the web and address it properly. I could have unlimited email accounts. I could use Linux, PHP and CGI! I can have a request for service form! I'm so proud of myself and TCH! "StopMommy" needs to have a e-cardiac arrest. There is a light, and it is TCH. There is a Hell, and it is "StopMommy" Such a family here.
  18. That's what my advice was to him, have someone who specializes in computers look at it. I told him if it's anything hardware related I can't help him as I've never had training in that or any kind of education in that. That and the fact that he keeps calling back with a different problem isn't helping me any either. I'm getting rather confused with what it is he's having trouble with. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I would be glad to help your friend over the phone if he wishes to call me, or I can attempt to just email him and assist him in a eletronical way. PM me if your interested about this.
  19. Tech Manuals and then; Jennifer Government by Max Berry (That was awhile ago) Recently, BlackWood Manor by Anne Rice. Still reading that.
  20. What are the recommended plans for moderate interest in hosting? What's the recommended pricing? Is there a 'Demo' panel for WHM? Or screenshots? Any special rules? Custom AUPs? What do you guys recommend? Discounted rates? Anything? This has recently peaked my curiousty and I'm interested in making a small dime in profit, atleast something to pay my current hosting.
  21. Actually, it's kinda creepy. But, to all his own.
  22. Thanks Bill. Could you actually email it to stevenlee [at] pchelp-online.com?
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