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  1. Hmmm... That will be in about 916 2/3 days from now (02 Oct 2005), at your current rate of 1.2 ppd. At which point Lianna will be at 8635, at her current rate of 8.1 ppd
  2. Me too Seems to have started within the past week.
  3. What is the pricing? I haven't seen it -- did I miss it?
  4. Mmmm -- virtual cake! The two best things about virtual cake -- always enough to go around, and no calories! Hey Bill- HBTY! I have a 6 yr old, a (almost) 3 yr old, and a 1yr old (all asleep now, thankfully, though the 1 yr old keeps threatening to wake up). They do indeed make birthdays special -- they bring a certain unquenchable excitement to it that we adults tend to lose. Cheers! --Tom
  5. Can't wait! I'll hold off on chmod'ing my config file for now... HG Rocks!
  6. Isn't it great to be able to address someone that way, and know you're not insulting them?
  7. Did you used to have a Gateway? Or is the cow motif on the chair just because you like cows?
  8. In awstats, all the visitors come up as unresolved IP. At my previous host, there was an option somewhere to enable these to be looked up automatically. Is there anything like that here? If not, it's the *one* area where you aren't better (IMO). prod, prod...
  9. Most of my workstation is decorated with artwork from my 6 yr old and my 2.75 yr old. And before you think I'm too corny with that Motivation poster, the text you can't see reads, "If a Pretty Poster and a Cute Saying are All it Takes to Motivate You, You Probably have a Very Easy Job. The Kind Robots Will be Doing Soon." It's from Despair Anyway, here's the pic stored at my new host, TCH. TCH Rocks (Edited to make smaller) And here's a BIG version!
  10. Different FTP applications work different ways, though there are two basic approaches to the data connection (seperate from the control connection). One way is that the client issues a PORT command to the server to tell the server that the client is listening at a particular port, and that the server should open to it (in TCP parlance the server sends the SYN frame). This can get complicated for a couple of reasons -- in a NAT environment, the router has to do the translation, and it has to understand FTP since this IP and port are in the payload. Second, some providers might block incoming SYNs or your own firewall software might block them, since in general, you only have listening ports if you're running a service. The other approach is to have the client open the data connection on the server. This is done with the PASV command, which the server responds to by telling the client the IP and port to connect to. This approach sometimes works when the PORT approach fails due to the above reasons, but to be sure, these are all client end issues, not server end issues. Do you have a firewall or firewall software running on your PC? Lianna- the reason you get a different port string is because the actual port number is arbitrary, as opposed to a "well known port number" which things like FTP, HTTP, telnet, gopher (tee hee!) etc., listen on.
  11. I'm not an expert in FTP, but I undersand the basics. The port command should be telling the server what port your client is listening on for a data connection. This would have happened behind the scenes in a command line FTP program. It looks like your client is telling the server to contact you at IP address and port 1141. That address is a "private space" address, which is non-routable on the internet, so if it's actually coming across that way, then the server would have no way of getting back to you. Of course, your firewall/NAT router is supposed to translate this stuff on its way out the door, so that might not be a real problem. Have you tried configuring the program to do "passive" ftp? This might fix things if NAT isn't working properly, since passive asks the server to listen, and then the client can open to the server's port.
  12. This thread probably explains why I've been having trouble getting email today. I am on server16, and my client is setup to check every 2 minutes. The "every second" might have been me earlier, except that all the connections were failing to logon, so I kept trying. Sorry if it was. I'd vote for 3 minutes -- 5 can be a long time.
  13. From the index manager screen, "Please select the folder you wish to protect by clicking on its name. You can navigate by clicking on icons." When you click on the name, the options appear.
  14. Sorry, I tried replying last night, but the boards were incredibly slow coming up on my PC, while everything else on the site was ok. Anyway, I never get to the logon part of FrontPage, I am just at the part where I am prompted for the server (Enter publish destination). No matter what I type there for my new server, it never connects and asks me for logon info. I've tried the following (and many others): http://server16.totalchoicehosting.com http://server16.totalchoicehosting.com/www http://server16.totalchoicehosting.com/www/tastewar http://server16.totalchoicehosting.com/www/tastewar/ http://server16.totalchoicehosting.com/www...war/public_html http://server16.totalchoicehosting.com/www...ar/public_html/ http://server16.totalchoicehosting.com/~tastewar http://server16.totalchoicehosting.com/~tastewar/ http://server16.totalchoicehosting.com/~ta...war/public_html http://server16.totalchoicehosting.com/~ta...ar/public_html/ and the same strings using the ip address ( in place of server16.totalchoicehosting.com It just comes back immediately with an error suggesting either: 1. no pf extensions (maybe?) 2. server temporarily down (it's not) 3. bad proxy settings (don't use one) 4. an error may have occurred in the web server (maybe?) Please note again that I *can* publish to my old provider, both by name and address. Also, if I use your addresses without the leading http://, it assumes ftp and it *does* ask me to log in, and that all seems to work. But of course, one of the attractions here is the FP extensions on the servers. I just can't figure out what's missing. Help! Should I submit a ticket for this?
  15. From the about box, Microsoft FrontPage 2002 (10.3402.3501) SP-1. And again, it works with my current provider.
  16. still can't get FP to publish to new site. Even tried using the name of that box, http://server16.totalchoicehosting.com
  17. Thanks! I am at work now. Will have to check the publishing piece from home later today, but will follow up here.
  18. I'd like to get my web site moved onto my brand, spankin' new TCH host before I move the domain name to point to the new IP. However, I'm having trouble publishing to the IP address. More notes: I have entered various strings all beginning with but with no joy -- always the same error dialog, suggesting perhaps the extensions aren't loaded, among other possibilities. Well, cPanel says they are, and I re-installed them as well, but still nothing. I *can* publish to my old/current provider via IP address (, so I know it can be done, and that nothing is seriously wrong with my setup. Can anyone help me?
  19. Thanks, Rayners! That (appending @domain.ext) did it!!
  20. Hmmm... Now I'm confused. Exactly which? Should it work?
  21. I don't have my nameservers updated yet (intentionally), and I created a sub-domain and an ftp account with the same name. However, when I ftp to the server (using the IP address), and attempt to login using the newly created ftp account, I get a login failure (530). Shouldn't this work? Or does it *rely* on ftping to the server by servername? It can't, can it -- I mean the server doesn't know how it got connected, does it?
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