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  1. This is my little corner of the world complete with a 27" Proscan TV, Satellite, DVD, VCR, and 5.1 surround sound. Notice the custom logos on the ones I built. I got this setup to run last year with a Geforce3 and 2 Voodoo2 cards. Its frame rate was too slow to play some games with but was fun to put together. Yeah I play way too much. TCH Rocks
  2. show directories

    Good one! Yeah I may end up doin that. Thanks for all the help.
  3. show directories

    Ok I did find that setting I was thinking of on one of my test servers. It was a IIS lol. "Allow Directory Browsing" I did try that indexing manager but even still I can't set that for the root directory. ?
  4. show directories

    No I tried that and thats not what I am looking for I dont think. If you type in an adderss on my site thats not really there it shows a page that does say index at the top and shows folders which you can click on to move to the files or folders inside. I would like to set the entire site to display "page not found" if you dont have a link or direct path. I know this is a real setting but I dont remember where it is or what its called. Thx
  5. How do I turn off "show directories"? I still want people to be able to view the pages in the folders but I want to turn off the ability for them to view the folders if they dont know the direct path. Thx