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  1. My Baby

    I am not too fond of Gateways...lol...I do like cows though. TCH Rocks
  2. Pics even hosted on my TCH Server !!! w00t!! This is an older pic:
  3. Average Set Up Time

    Well, I have been set up, my only problem now (I'm not sure why this is happening) is that I am unable to access my cpanel or ftp or anything else. I am using my given IP and I have already changed my DNS pointers with my registrar (which I know usually doesn't take affect in any less than 24 hours) but I should be able to access my cpanel with my IP. It's basically rejecting my user name and password. Any help would be greatly appreciated! -Nick
  4. Average Set Up Time

    I was just wondering, what has the average set up time been lately? I registered at around 8:30 AM EST this morning and my account still hasn't been set up (sorry if I sound impatient, but I have had a really bad experience with my last host and I am excited to finally find a reliable one like TotalChoice). -Nick