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  1. Lstover - I am faster than you!
  2. It isnt that we do not like Fantastico, I think Bill is simply looking at all his options.
  3. Fantastico = http://www.cpanelthemes.com/fantastico.php
  4. The issue with frylocks workaround would be the cert warning that the users browser would display. Bottom line is this. If your going to do e-commerce over the internet buy your own SSL. Visitors will not trust things and will not order once they get the warning. I am with lstover on this one. Buy the cert and make it 100%
  5. Ditto on lstovers comments. Reading this it looks like we are considering adding features to the control panel. But I can promise you it wont be fanstico. I have had personal conversations with the General Manager and he in no way intends on bringing fantisco on board. Take a read here for his comments on the addons http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...?showtopic=3733
  6. Ok Where do I start. Well first of all my origins are from Pakistan. So this kinda hits home for me. I truly understand the need to block certain users. But please remember, not everyone living in a certain country is bad. This post in no way represents the ideas or thoughts of Total Choice Web Hosting. Its just my ramblings! On with the good stuff. Easiest way to do this is using .htaccess Here is how with .htaccess <Limit GET> order allow,deny allow from all deny from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx deny from xxx. </LIMIT> Simply replace the xxx.xxx.xxx.xx
  7. There is a new feature in cPanel called "SpamBox". Simply enable that option from the main Spam Assasin menu and you 'marked' email will be forwarded to a special mailbox called spam. You must use imap or Horde/IMP to check mail that goes to this box! Its that easy! (boy i miss the ***** days, when I could say "It's that Simple!"
  8. Wow a True SEO guy. Total Choice Web Hosting has a SEO guy for hire. I leave for a while and every thing gets better. Hmm, so much for the "I cant be replaced" thinking.
  9. Ok sit back and read. If you purchase a domain and you wanted it parked at your current web space we can do it for free. What you would need to do is simply set the nameservers to the same as your original domain, then open a help desk ticket and ask that the new domain be parked on top of the old domain. What will happen is we will create a DNS zone file for the new domain name and point it to your current web space. Thus all email for the new domain name will forward to your old domain name. I understand that our domain partner offers this for a fee, but just between us (lol
  10. As stated in the original thread (posted by tony) ****there is a chance that all parked and pointed domains will need to be re-done**** Copied and pasted from this thread http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...=ST&f=31&t=1390 Just drop in a help desk ticket, and I will getit fixed straight away for you my friend.
  11. Why would you even consider that TCH is in trouble. It takes money to build new servers. If we were in trouble, we would do like many others and just keep selling the heck out of a server. Think about that. We stopped selling a server because we dont want the servers to get overloaded. If we were broke why would we do that. If your hosting company and your in trouble what do you do? You for sure dont spend tens of thousands of dollars on new hardware, new web design, new features, new support staff and so on. In fact you suck it all back in, support goes down first, then server and s
  12. Yes you can use Horde or if you like you can use Neomail under your domain name. Each account has access to both. Just remember that if your company is behind a firewall, you may be blocked from accessing certain ports. Webmail could be one of them. We dont treat FP refugees any different than any other client, I do feel your pain if that helps any.
  13. Maybe musicfrisk should read the free email based services TOS - By the way yahoo does not provide FREE SMTP & POP3 email accounts. Here are some quotes from yahoo's TOS - 11. GENERAL PRACTICES REGARDING USE AND STORAGE You acknowledge that Yahoo may establish general practices and limits concerning use of the Service, including without limitation the maximum number of days that email messages, message board postings or other uploaded Content will be retained by the Service, the maximum number of email messages that may be sent from or received by an account on the Serv
  14. server16 has been removed from the test.
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