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  1. You've got it all wrong -- it's a hot air balloon blower-upper!
  2. Here's some research info on email address obfuscation: Spam Report
  3. Do you have a mailform on your web? my understanding (no personal experience) is that if misconfigured, they can be found by spammers and taken advantage of.
  4. Also, it *might* help if you said *why* you believe you need a dedicated IP -- chances are someone here (not me) has been down the road before and might know a workaround to whatever issue you're facing.
  5. Right on the home page for TCH, there is a link for dedicated hosting. Looks like the dedicated unmanaged plan would suit your needs, at $229/mo. They also have an add-on for 5 IP addresses at $7/mo. I don't know if they will do shared hosting with dedicated IP. Is that what you're looking for??
  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (actually, that's only one corner of my space, and I've only one neighbor) But, thanks for your concern, Ms. Fausey.
  7. Alright, beth -- so is that a "stale" image, or are you 802.11b'd to the internet?
  8. You do realize there is a difference between a dedicated IP (vs. shared with other domains) and a static IP (vs. a dynamic one). With a hosting plan here, you will (without asking) get a static, but shared IP address. Unfortunately, I can't answer whether you can buy a dedicated IP -- though you can certainly buy a dedicated server.
  9. What's that?! You don't have snipes in Arizona? I'd heard rumors, but couldn't believe it. Come out east sometime, and we'll take you on a real snipe hunt -- they're real easy to catch, and delicious cooked on a spit over an open fire.
  10. OK, I see that my stats were generated today, and in fact IP's are now resolved! That's great! It's just what I asked for. Now, what "exciting update" is escaping my (limited) attention?
  11. Just FYI, the picture was (too) big when Lianna posted that comment. Now I guess it's too small. Sigh...
  12. They work fine for me (except I couldn't read the spawn site -- looked like it was in a different language or something! ) Sounds like a dns cachine issue, perhaps??
  13. You might want to post the actual names, or open a helpdesk ticket.
  14. Or, more likely, smtp.earthlink.net Can't say for sure, as I'm not a customer, but it looks and smells like a typo
  15. From an "outsider's" POV, the text you posted looks like advertising blather. It doesn't look like a well thought out, honest, personal opinion. I'm not surprised it was viewed as spam. Take a look at the other msgs in this forum to see what a more acceptable tone looks like.
  16. Egad! Is there a primer on the help site for how to "properly" configure such a thing, if indeed it is possible? I don't have any need for mail stuff on the site today, but who knows...
  17. Is it possible that Eudora is configured to delete the mail from the mailbox (presumably the default), and you've always used Eudora first? Thus leaving no mail around for the other programs to find? Otherwise, perhaps you are unwittingly targeting different accounts with the different packages?
  18. That's all very interesting, but how do you feel about TCH?
  19. Why? You'll (probably) have to do better than this. Frivolous updating is not the general policy here. Remember, this isn't your home PC
  20. Oh I know. I just thought it was ironic that in pointing out FP's long-windedness, you'd choose to use so many redundant words...
  21. Is it redundant, too, in addition to being extra, uneccassry (sic), vast and un-needed? (shutup, Tom, before everyone notices you use FP)
  22. My old host was ok, but when it came to getting support, it was a problem. When I needed to change my nameservers, it took 2 emails, 2 phone msgs and still they didn't respond. I finally had to keep trying them on the phone until I got an answer, which took another day. And that was their *emergency* number!!!
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