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  1. I think what I need to be able to do is set an NS record to get a subdomain to point to a different host, but I don't see NS record as an option in the cPanel Zone Editor (though cPanel docs suggest it should be there). Here is my setup.... Domain purchased through third-party (Namecheap in this case). There I have the nameservers set to NS1.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM and NS2.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM At TCH I have the main domain web hosting and several sub-domains that all work fine. I also have a need to add a subdomain on a different host (Digital Ocean "droplet" in this case, as well as a future in-house automation server) and need to get name server to serve up the non-static IP address for them. In this case I need drop1.<mydomain>.com to get looked up by ns1.digitalocean.com (and ns2. as backup). How do I do this in cPanel? Thanks!
  2. That. $115/yr doesn't work for those here who aren't businesses. And shared SSL has downsides too - like loss of your domain name in the address bar. I am in the camp that would like to see Let's Encrypt added to TCH shared hosting. I'd be willing to pay a small (<$50) one-time setup fee. There are tools available to handle the automated cert renewals, so that should mitigate concerns about ongoing maintenance. TCH has some great features over other providers. Please don't fall behind the times. SSL is important for all.
  3. Has TCH ever considered a private GIT server setup for clients? I love using GIT, but can't use the free GitHub service to host private repositories (without paying). Wouldn't it be great to have a GIT repository for my site development at the hosting company that I already pay for hosting services? I'd be willing to pay a little more per month for this capability. Thoughts?
  4. I have been unhappy with GoDaddy affiliated domain registrars due to ICANN violations with a couple of my domains. Since my websites are hosted here I thought I would transfer my domains to TCH. Alas, TCH uses securepaynet.com (a GoDaddy company) to process domains registrations. Any thoughts on cheap .ORG registrations that don't use GoDaddy companies for their registration/payment processing? Thanks, Brian
  5. I am having an issue with a particular subdomain (server is jarjar, if it matters) I created sub1(dot)mydomain(dot)com and it points to /www/sub1/ directory on my virtual host However, I can't seem to access it via http://sub1.**** yet accessing via http://www.sub1.****/ seems to work. I have never had this problem with any other subdomains on my site (always able to access without the www prefix). This is a problem as I have marketing materials already in print and campaign signs already in transit with QR codes to go directly to the subdomain without the www prefix. Here are the two DNS records in cPanel: Domain TTL Class Type Record sub1(dot)mydomain(dot)com 14400 IN A www(dot)sub1(dot)mydomain(dot)com 14400 IN A Any ideas?
  6. Not for $50/user/year! Plus, I think Google already knows way too much about me to be trusted with my email and cloud data. Polarismail is looking promising, and cheap enough to test drive for a while too.
  7. So as of yesterday (2-APR-2013) server jarjar is being "blacklisted" by some email recipient servers (frontiernet.net in my situation). I was told in the helpdesk ticket that "there is nothing TCH can do about it". As a paying, AUP-compliant customer (with 3 separate accounts, no less), I think that is a bad answer. I would like to know what TCH plans to do to improve customer service in this area. (Is Head Guru listening?) For instance, why can't TCH, after dealing with the abusing customer, change the IP address of the server and update DNS? Why doesn't TCH have a few IP addresses in reserve for a rotation program to support this? I understand there are going to be customers who come in and violate the AUP, but come on, why should my enterprises be punished for that with no recourse? Bill?
  8. I am wondering what people's opinions are on the best 3rd-party email providers. I am a TCH subscriber for web hosting, but frankly the webmail clients are horrible (squirellmail, horde, etc). I like the look and feel of secureserver.net email (a colleague uses them), but, well, they are run by GoDaddy, so no thanks. Has anyone used 1+1? Others? Thanks, Brian
  9. Apparently TCH decided to remove the "common" sqmail installation from Server46 without notifying customers of that server in advance. I had a redirect from webmail.mysite.com to www.mysite.com/sqmail/login.php, where the /sqmail was the server-common installation. Worked yesterday, gone today. WOuld have been nice to receive an advance notice about that (and it is not even in the server46 forum). I found out when I got phone calls this evening from my users. Second - since I had a local installation that had been customized on my webmail2.mysite.com subdomain, I tried that. This is installed in a subfolder of my public_html root. Guess what - TCH decided to change the perms on the files in the /home/mysite/.sqmail/data folder so that my local copy couldn't access the files. I had to go and manually fix all the perms. And, no, I cannot use the mysite.com:2095/sqmail redirect, as 2095 gets blocked by the firewall at the large company where I work. Plus, I don't need users being confused by choices on a CpanelX intermediate screen. Too bad my account just got auto-renewed for a year. I am stuck. Is it me, or do others feel that service at TCH has declined since 5 years ago? -Brian
  10. Are all of the TCH servers ready to handle the change in dates for DST start/end? I have several applications that are EST/EDT time sensitive and need to make sure the switch happens correctly given that the dates for changeover have changed. Thanks, Brian
  11. Just curious who thought that cPanel needed to do away with the nice organized list and replace it with a bunch of disorganized icons, most of which you cannot figure out by lloking at the icon what it is supposed to be, so you have to read through all the text to figure out how to do what you want? (Yes the question needs to be that long). You have done nothing but significantly reduce the usability of a once usabe tool. Furthermore, some things (like phpMyAdmin) which used to be at the top page are now buried in other secondary or tertiary pages. For all the pat-yourselves-on-the-back that TCH does, this one deserves a bone-head-of-the-year award! Up to this point I have been very pleased with service here. I don't use cPanel all that often, but when I do I want to be able to do things quickly, not stumble through a bunch of useless graphics icons (I can read English just fine thank you). Is it possible for users to be able to choose a view that works best for them or is this just cPanel following the "dumb-down and pretty-up" the interface for webmaster wannabe's? -End Rant-
  12. I received the email this evening. Since I did a lot of customizing to the code, I would like to replace just the supporting files that are at issue. Can someone provide more explanation other than just "there is a problem" ? Thanks.
  13. With DST coming up, I am wondering how that is handled (esp with regards to server number 46). I have a website that accepts picks for a Nascar pool from my players, and it uses the server time to determine entry deadline and close the picks process at a predetermined time. Just want to make sure it is going to work ok. Thanks, Brian
  14. Ok. SO temporarily making the directory writable by everyone I can copy and modify those copied files. Since I really don't want that directory to be wide open like that, is there any way to do a "chown" to user '99' on those files/directory so that only user needs r/w/e priveleges and not world? I am not a *nix expert and know next to nothing about Apache. Thanks. -Brian
  15. I am having a problem trying to setup a php script that needs to do simple file copy/edit/delete in a sub-directory on one of my sub-domains. When I look at the owner of the directory it shows as the top-level username of my account instead of "nobody" which I would expect. So, what name does Apache http run under (I assumed it was "nobody") and how can I specify (using /.htaccess) that threads executing under that process have the ability to modify/create/delete files in that directory? Thanks! -Brian
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