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  1. I posted this in the wordpress support and got this reply from another user: So, how can I get this resolved once TCH support corrects the redirection problem? Like I said, I tried this on another blog of mine and it was fine...
  2. I've submitted a support ticket for this, but I wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else and if so, how you got it fixed. This has happened twice now, but since upgrading to Wordpress 3.0, when I publish a page, in this case, Entourage Season 6 Blu-ray Screen Caps (http://moviemansguide.com/main/blu-ray-1080p-hd-screen-captures/entourage-season-6-1080p-hd-screen-caps/), when I go to my home page (http://moviemansguide.com/main), it redirects to that page and I have no idea why as I have not changed any settings at all. This happened on Saturday as well and had to submit a ticket then to get it resolved, but now this is twice and it's going to be annoying to have to this every time I publish a page and have to correct it. Here is the response I got from TCH technical support: I can see that,you have set a redirect in your database to http://moviemansguide.com/main/movies/angels-demons/'>http://moviemansguide.com/main/movies/angels-demons/ so that your domain http://moviemansguide.com is resolving to this. I have just disabled that from the wp_redirection_items in your database. Problem is, I never made a change there, all I did was publish a page. Edit: Ok, so I decided to try publishing a page in another blog I have and it was fine, no redirection on the home page. So I think this has something to do with a plugin I had installed on Saturday called "Custom Post Types UI". Even though that plugin is gone, it seems to have changed something in my direction file. Anyone know how I can resolve this?
  3. Yeah, I've never gotten the auto upgrade to work either, however, I did find a great plugin called "Wordpress Automatic Upgrade" which I've used a few times thus far. It takes you through steps from backing up your files (where you can download them onto your hard drive), downloading latest Wordpress update, putting it into maintenance mode, disabling plugins, etc. Only takes a few minutes and I've never had a problem (*knock on wood*) thus far with it.
  4. Disregard, it seems to be updating now.
  5. And I made another update to Blu-Views and that has not been updated on the RSS feed on my other site (or even on the rss feed I subscribed to on my Google home page)...
  6. I've decided to forgo the center image with the caption, it's nice to have but not necessary.
  7. As for the rss feed, I don't know why but the rss feed icon in the address bar (I'm using Firefox), when I clicked it before, would open up to that RSS address. I'm talking generally in case I wanted to add one for another category (I guess I could just copy the "h*tp://bluviews.moviemansguide.com/?feed=rss2&cat=7" address and replace the category number as needed. However, I still don't understand why the one rss feed (from Blu-Views) did not update with the new post even though it is in that category (news which is category 7), yet the overall feed for Blu-Views that shows all updates/posts shows up fine.
  8. I'm not sure what happened, but I added an RSS feed from one of my other WP sites and the feed shows up fine, however when I added an update under that category, the feed did not update. Now, if I just had a feed of that entire WP, it is there. Here is the site with the RSS feed (on the sidebar): http://moviemansguide.com/main/ Here is the site I updated (the "news" feed): http://bluviews.moviemansguide.com/ Also, before I could click on the RSS icon in the address bar and get the feed URL, but now it takes me to Google to view the feed rather than give me the address. How else can I get a feed address?
  9. Nevermind, got it working. Thanks
  10. I was wondering about the manual way. Reading up, you 1. Backup backup backup, 2. Download the new wordpress update, 3. Copy and Overwrite everything EXCEPT the wp-content folder. Is that correct? Edit: I tried using the auto update plug in but I'm having a brain fart, what is the FTP Host? Also, when I tried updating (via the auto update plugin), I got these errors: Warning: ftp_site() [function.ftp-site]: Could not change perms on /public_html/main: No such file or directory in /home/*removed*/public_html/main/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-automatic-upgrade/wpau_prelimcheck.class.php on line 196
  11. Still no dice: Downloading update from http://wordpress.org/wordpress-2.8.6.zip. Unpacking the update. Verifying the unpacked files Installing the latest version Could not copy file: *removed*/wp-includes/js/codepress/languages/csharp.css Installation Failed ------------ And it's not like other files aren't getting installed/copied over as there were a ton in the upgrade folder that I deleted again. Not sure if I should even try it again or wait for it to be available via Fantastico.
  12. I'm having trouble as well with the automatic upgrade... The latest error I got was: Warning: ftp_mkdir() [function.ftp-mkdir]: PORT command successful in *removed*/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-ftpext.php on line 240 and another from before: Warning: ftp_mkdir() [function.ftp-mkdir]: Could not open data connection to port *****(I removed this as not sure what I should post): Connection refused in *removed*/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-ftpext.php on line 240
  13. Well, discovered it's a bug within Wordpress. The solution is to add the <center></center> tags around the image portion of the html.
  14. Maybe someone can help with this issue: So, with this new theme there is a featured content that I'm having a problem with. I posted this on the developers forum - "I love the featured content slider but one thing I noticed was when I had 3 of them, it would go from 1 to 2 and then stop there. If I click the next post button, it'll go to the third one. And even with 2, it would not cycle through. Not sure, but maybe I'm missing a setting (very possible)? Here is the main page where I have it: http://moviemansguide.com/main" Response: "Not really sure what's going on - I use the featured slider on my test box with 30+ posts and don't run into any problems. Plus the piece of JavaScript I am using is very well known (JQuery Cycle) - I wouldn't expect it to have bugs of this sort. My advice to you would be to try using a featured posts plugin that will help you display this. Maybe there is something about your page that the template doesn't like." Could it be an issue with the javascript and the server?
  15. I noticed that in my current theme, when I have a caption associated with an image, it will not center, it'll stay to the left but when I remove the caption, it centers as planned. Anyone run into this?
  16. No, the header.php. Simple code, but I thought it was for something else.
  17. Hi all, I just installed a new theme but I'm perplexed on how to remove the About link on the menu. I found and edited the header.php file and even was able to add one, but I cannot find the code for that About link to remove. Anyone encounter this? Where could this code be? Here is the site link: http://moviemansguide.com/main/ Thanks in advance EDIT: Nevermind, I found the dang thing.
  18. Ok, that seemed to work. What happened was I was assigning the variable below but not in the header, so that did it. So simple, can't believe I forgot about that, lol.
  19. Hi OJB, Well, unfortunately it didn't work. Page displays fine but still no header. Guess it has something to do with that register_globals, not sure how to get around that (the other pages I have are connected to a database so that's probably why those show right).
  20. Ah, I recently had TCH disable register_globals due to a potential security issue with an Coppermine (I think that's it) image gallery (it gave me a warning). I checked my other pages and those are fine. But I am assigning the type variable, yes. Anyway, when I get a chance, I will try out the code. Thanks for your help.
  21. I'll give that a try, thanks . Still, not sure why it stopped working after so many years. Change in PHP?
  22. Ok, so even though in the past this code has worked for my header, for some reason it's not working now. Here is the code I have: ><?php if ($type == movie) { echo "<TITLE>Movieman's Guide to the Movies >> Review Index >> Movies</TITLE>"; } if ($type == dvd) { echo "<TITLE>Movieman's Guide to the Movies >> Review Index >> DVDs</TITLE>"; } if ($type == hidef) { echo "<TITLE>Movieman's Guide to the Movies >> Review Index >> Hi-Def Titles</TITLE>"; } ?> I have one for the 3 different review indexes on my site: http://www.moviemansguide.com/reviewindex.php?type=dvd http://www.moviemansguide.com/reviewindex.php?type=hidef http://www.moviemansguide.com/reviewindex.php?type=movie And even though each one will grab the correct info, the header is not working anymore. Any ideas of why?
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