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  1. How do I correct this? When I view my site with IE, it looks fine but when I look at it in Netscape (or other like browsers) it shows a gray border. Here's a link to look at: http://www.moviemansguide.com/home.html Here's the link to my external style sheet: http://www.moviemansguide.com/style.css Am I using css coding that's just not supported by Netscape and if so, what correction(s) can I make? Thanks, Brian
  2. Oh well, thought I'd ask. I have a regular redirect to my home page. That'll do. I'll hopefully have the majority of the link changed anyways. Thanks.
  3. Can anyone expand on this? I don't know how to code this permanent redirection or if it'll even work on my old "server" (Homestead). I want to do the same thing so that in case there are any links out there, the person will automatically be redirected to the page they wanted. Thanks, Brian
  4. Well, after talking with the help desk, figured out it was my Norton Internet Security. What I did was, I checked my graphics using my laptop and it did the same thing (on other pages on the server, as well). I then disabled my Internet Security, reloaded the page and the images appeared (I could not, however, duplicate this on my PC). So for now, I'm just going to disable the hotlink protection until I can figure out what to do. Has anyone else had this problem? Right now, it's not a big problem since I still need to upload the rest of my site. I honestly don't think hotlinking will be (or has been) a problem on my site *knock on wood*.
  5. Both http://moviemansguide.com and http://www.moviemansguide.com are listed (which is where my phpBB is located (per instructions).
  6. I hope someone knows how to fix this. I had recently created a message board (with phpBB) for my critics (I run a movie review site) to communicate in. Earlier today it was working fine but just now, all the images are not showing. I had been rumaging around cpanel and putting on restrictions but I don't think I touched anything related to the board. Is this a system-wide problem? EDIT: I figured out the problem. I had activated the hotlink protection which blocked those images. So, now my question is, how do enable it yet still get those images? Brian O. aka The Movieman
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