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  1. I used the auto upgrade yesterday. Took maybe 8-9 minutes but was pretty smooth.
  2. Nope, I went into the chat room and thanks to TCH-Dick, problem was resolved. I guess if anyone searches and has the same problem, I had to deactivate the twitter plug-in which was the source of the problem. Thanks guys!
  3. Site: http://bluviews.moviemansguide.com I also posted this on the Wordpress support site so I'll do a copy and paste as I did do a few updates: |--------------------------------------| Well, last night I had no problem accessing my site yet this morning it would not load. However, I could log into my dashboard fine. The only issue I can think of is last night I had posted a couple items and one of them I had set the timer incorrectly (and then corrected it). What happened was I had set the timer to June 9, 2009 at 2:15am when it should've been for June 10. From the edit posts page, I can see that one did publish. The rest of my site (this is just a part of it) loads fine including a second Wordpress site so I don't know what the issue could be. |--------------------------------------| Well, it was a corrupt file or something. When I deleted the post I had an issue with, the site loaded correctly then. |--------------------------------------| Well, it is now down once again. I have no idea why... I still have access to the dashboard, however, so if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. Edit: Not sure what's going on, but once I removed the last post, site went back online. What is going on here? Edit 2: Alright, when I tried adding another post (just a simple one), again the site will not load. Once I removed it, everything was fine. Any ideas? Is it a corrupt file and if so, how do I fix this? |--------------------------------------| Sorry, last update but just for the record when I post it says "Post published." But then I cannot go to my site and see anything. When I delete this post, the page loads... So that's where I'm at. I cannot post anything new otherwise if I do, the site goes down.
  4. That might be it. I've been using Firefox of late when updating some of my pages, there aren't that many as all my reviews are stored in a database.
  5. I can't open it on my computer (locally). The thing is, before I had been able to open php files from my hard drive into IE but now it won't but it will in Firefox. I only need to just so I can preview the page before publishing it. Not a huge deal as I can just make the file an .html extension and work through that. Is there any reason that a web page can't be html?
  6. I know I was able to do this before, but now I cannot open a php on my local computer (using IE), I get a pop-up saying: "Do you want to open or save this file?" Now, it will open in Firefox fine, just not IE.
  7. Hey, I was wondering if anyone uses Wordpress and has used the layout for other pages and how do you do it? I'm preparing my site to use Wordpress for my index page but I also use a database for DVD reviews and wondered how to use the existing php files to integrate my review pages with the WP coding. I read that I can use the page.php file, but I wanted to know what I can take out.
  8. Got a question: looking at cpanel, I can set up an FTP account for my friend and have it for a directory called bluray so he can add/delete files or images but will not be able to do anything with my other files. Is that correct? I also wanted to know if I bought a domain and redirected it to moviemansguide.com/bluray (or bluray.moviemansguide.com), will that doman name remain in the address bar until someone clicks a link? Would something like that be allowed. Edit: We've decided to use wordpress for this route, but my question still stands for future reference.
  9. Although technically my site already has Blu-ray content and this would more be an off shoot of my own site. Can bluraysubsite.com be redirected to moviemansguide.com/bluray? And would bluraysubsite.com be in the address bar until someone clicks a link? In any case, thanks for replying.
  10. Hi, I have a quick question about sub sites. I run a movie review web site and am considering expanding it with a sub site dealing with Blu-ray reviews and news. Anyway, say I buy a domain called "bluraysubsite.com", how would that work? I could create a folder called bluray which the domain would forward to, but 1. would that domain name still appear in the address bar (although this isn't a major thing) and 2. can I set up another account for a friend to do the work he wants, but only on the blu-ray part? He wouldn't need access to cpanel or anything, just a username and password to upload files Hope that makes sense. I have a feeling, though, I probably would have to set up a new account for this bluraysubsite.com and work with it as a separate entity? Appreciate any help. Thanks
  11. ^ Yeah, unfortunately I haven't found a way to do that with SMF
  12. Yeah, it's up to date. I went on SMF's website and apparently others are getting innodated with spam as well.
  13. Over the past two days my forum as been innodated with spammers. I previously had immediate registration so after cleaning up the posts and banning users (and deleting their accounts), I changed the registration to account activation via e-mail. Well, this morning I found 3 more spam posts and several more who registered but still needed to get their account activated. I've since deleted all those posts/accounts and banned certain e-mail addresses and what not, but what can I do?
  14. I should mention that when I did try, I got a 404 error.
  15. Well, I gave it a try and it didn't work. I have a few htaccess files (one on the main and another in the "reviews" folder. Tried for both and it didn't work. Thanks for helping, though.
  16. Thanks for the help. I'll give it a try later on
  17. I didn't know how to quite describe my question in the topic, but I believe it has to with scripting, so I hope this is in the right section. Looking around the Net, I notice some sites have URLs to pages like this: www.somesite.com/folder/page How do they do this without an extension? I'd like to do the same thing or somethign similar. For instance my review of "The Closer": www.moviemansguide.com/reviews/DVD/read.php?id=closer-season3 Is there a way to make it: www.moviemansguide.com/reviews/DVD/closer-season3 or closer-season3.html?
  18. Haha, tell me about it. Was going to grill tomorrow.
  19. I got one of these recently. It was with my photo gallery (installed via fantastico). I knew there was something wrong not only with that but my message board (also via fantastico). I even opened a ticket, described the problem but they didn't find anything. I had already removed the message board but forgot about the photo gallery. Anyway, that's been removed as well. The site itself is fine, however.
  20. Yeah, I noticed that, but that was put in there after all this. I did find the solution for the bullets alignment issue. I put in "list-style-position:inside;" and that fixed it. I'm still going to go through the code and fix it.
  21. Well, I did and I can't discipher what's going on. It makes no sense to me. I even started over from scratch and have the basic code and it's still doing that with the bullets. And I know that I have no open ended TDs or TRs since other than that section (the ratings table and movie info sections), I didn't use a table. All the rest of the stuff are just divs. Also, even looking through the 150+ errors, one of them says: "end tag for element "td" which is not open". Well, I looked and there is a corresponding <td> with a </td>. It's not out of order and looking above, in case that's where the error was, everything was proper, so I have no idea why this one is coming up. The whole is frustrating. I might give it a break for a while. Yeah, it doesn't look good in FF but with 90%+ of my users still using IE, I have to move on. Thanks for the help anyway
  22. I tried posting an update, I removed a couple li's from the technical info, but still didn't change anything. Also, I wanted to post some screen caps. Anyway, I get an error trying to post. "This program cannot read this webpage format" I even just tried adding the image link. No luck.
  23. Ok, I'm having a browser compatibility issue again. On my review page, I have a list (<li>) to display certain info about the DVD (special features, technical info, etc). Well, even though the other text displays in the right place on both browsers, for some reason the bullets are further over on FF bleeding into a table I have set up. Compare in both IE and FF: http://www.moviemansguide.com/reviews/DVD/...=untraceable-bd Here's the code: > <TR> <TD> <TABLE WIDTH="100%" BORDER="0"> <TR> <TD WIDTH="150" VALIGN="top"> <TABLE WIDTH="100%" class="frameborder"> <TR> <TD ALIGN="center" class="ratingsblock"> <img src="../../files/transparent.gif" height="5"><BR> <?php $safequery7 = sprintf("SELECT amazon, dvd_cover, rating_film, rating_features, rating_audiovideo, rating_overall, rating_video, rating_audio FROM dvd_reviews WHERE id='%s'", mysql_real_escape_string($id)); $ratings = @mysql_query($safequery7); while ($ratingtbl = mysql_fetch_array($ratings)) { $amazon = $ratingtbl['amazon']; $cover = $ratingtbl['dvd_cover']; $film = $ratingtbl['rating_film']; $features = $ratingtbl['rating_features']; $av = $ratingtbl['rating_audiovideo']; $display_av = ($av)?"<span class='ratingheads'>A U D I O &<BR>.:: V I D E O ::.</span><BR><img src='../../images/stars/set03/$av.gif' border='0'><BR><HR COLOR='gray'>":""; $video = $ratingtbl['rating_video']; $display_video = ($video)?"<span class='ratingheads'>.:: V I D E O ::.</span><BR><img src='../../images/stars/set03/$video.gif' border='0'><BR><HR COLOR='gray'>":""; $audio = $ratingtbl['rating_audio']; $display_audio = ($audio)?"<span class='ratingheads'>.:: A U D I O ::.</span></font><BR><img src='../../images/stars/set03/$audio.gif' border='0'><BR><HR COLOR='gray'>":""; $overall = $ratingtbl['rating_overall']; echo " <A HREF='http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/$amazon/moviemsguidet-20' class='inframe2' target='_blank'><img src='../../images/posters/dvd/dvdcover_$cover.jpg' border='1' width='130' alt='Buy this DVD from Amazon.com!'></a><BR> <span class='ratingheads'>.:: F I L M ::.</span><BR> <img src='../../images/stars/set03/$film.gif' border='0'><BR> <HR COLOR='gray'> <span class='ratingheads'>S P E C I A L<BR>.: F E A T U R E S :.</span><BR> <img src='../../images/stars/set03/$features.gif' border='0'><BR> <HR COLOR='gray'> $display_av $display_video $display_audio <span class='ratingheads'>.:: O V E R A L L ::.</span><BR> <img src='../../images/stars/set03/$overall.gif' border='0'><BR>"; } ?> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> <TD WIDTH="410" VALIGN="top"> <TABLE WIDTH="100%" BORDER="0"> <TR> <TD CLASS="crewinfo"> <center><strong><font size="4">.::MOVIE INFORMATION::.</font></strong> <HR COLOR="gray" WIDTH="90%"></center> <?php $safequery8 = sprintf("SELECT director, writer, cast, theater_releasedate, supplemental_features, discs, chapters, screenformat, audio_english, subtitles FROM dvd_reviews WHERE id='%s'", mysql_real_escape_string($id)); $crewdvdinfo = @mysql_query($safequery8); while ($movietech = mysql_fetch_array($crewdvdinfo)) { $director = htmlspecialchars($movietech['director']); $writer = htmlspecialchars($movietech['writer']); $cast = htmlspecialchars($movietech['cast']); $theaterdate = htmlspecialchars($movietech['theater_releasedate']); $specialfeatures = $movietech['supplemental_features']; $discs = $movietech['discs']; $chapters = $movietech['chapters']; $format = htmlspecialchars($movietech['screenformat']); $audio_english = htmlspecialchars($movietech['audio_english']); $subtitles = htmlspecialchars($movietech['subtitles']); echo " <strong>Director:</strong> $director<br /> <strong>Writer(s):</strong> $writer<br /> <strong>Cast:</strong> $cast<br /><br /> <strong>Theatrical Release Date:</strong> $theaterdate<br /><br /> <center><strong><font size='4'>.::DVD INFORMATION::.</font></strong> <HR COLOR='gray' WIDTH='90%'></center> <strong>Supplemental Material:</strong> $specialfeatures<br /><br /> <strong>Technical Information:</strong> <ul><li>Number of Discs: $discs</li><li>$format</li><li>$audio_english</li><li>Subtitles: $subtitles</li></ul>"; } ?> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> It's your basic split columns with one column having a table inside and the other just displaying info. Probably something simple, but a fresh pair of eyes would help
  24. Well, I tried doing the drop down on a few of them but for some reason when I tried changing it, they wouldn't post the new one (ie the star ratings). This was a long, long time ago so I might take another look at it once I get some free time but right now I've got a ton of DVDs to review.
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