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  1. I attempted to find details about the changes for the Deluxe Reseller Plan after the upgrade. I browsed through the forums and looked at the home page. This forum looked promising: * TotalChoice Hosting Family Forums * > About TotalChoice Hosting * > Web Hosting With TotalChoice - More Specifics * > Web Hosting Plans However, the most recent posting with description of features and prices is dated 2003. Where should I look to see what will change with my Deluxe Reseller account? I am interested in any increased bandwidth and disk space as well as other new features. Thanks.
  2. While I don't have hundreds or even dozens of clients, I do have hosting accounts through my reseller account with TCH, and several of those folks have contacted me about the constant typing in of the user name and password when using Horde. Some of them are long-time users of Horde with lots of folders and saved emails and they want to continue with Horde, but they don't want to have to sign in everytime they use it. Also, at least one client lost her address book last week. I posted this to TCH Support where the empty address book was verified, but no reason was given. Maybe that is another side effect of the recent changes. In addition, I don't seem to be able have the email contents show in any font other than Courier. I looked through the options for viewing mail and don't see any way to display mail as html. I don't use my Horde account much any more, so I am not sure what features may be gone, but I thought that I had been viewing as html for a while before I stopped accessing my mail through Horde. Change can be positive, and, no doubt, this one has benefits, but it has a downside, too.
  3. Hello, After some long sessions of lost connections via FTP whether moving files with Dreamweaver or with Fetch (Mac), I submitted a Help Desk ticket and asked for help. Two great TCH support folk, Tom and Ryan, both worked on my request. Once they were finished working their magic, my FTP problems disappeared. From start to finish, this adjustment took about three hours, and this was on a Saturday. Great round the clock service from TCH. Thanks. I recommend TCH to anyone who is looking for a web host that provides quality support. Alex PS I believe that the person submitting the Help Desk ticket needs to remember to do a good job of describing the problem. Just saying, "FTP doesn't work." wouldn't have provided the Support folks with much guidance for their troubleshooting efforts. I tried to provides several examples as well as direct quotes from all the error messages. Anyone submitting a Help Desk ticket should do this.
  4. Hello, This upgrade is a good one. Can you tell us how the upgrade affects the semi-dedicated server reseller? Thanks
  5. Check the zen-cart support pages at: http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/index.php You will find topics in the forums about Attributes that discuss discounts. Good luck. ========
  6. Bruce, I get a 0 for the quantity in the right column choices. In the left column choices, the demo defaults to a 1 for quantity. The right column allows me to select an item, change the 0 to a 1 and add the item to the cart. The left column, whether I leave the default value of 1 for the quantity or change it to some other number such as 2 or 3, results in denied access when I click Add to Cart. However, I have been working in Internet Explorer on my Mac. I should have checked some other browsers before I started. Firefox on my Mac works with no problems. Internet Explorer on my Windows machines also works with no problems. It doesn't seem to matter whether I am in the right column or left column, it works as long as I avoid Internet Explorer on the Mac. Maybe someday, IE on the Mac will just be banned from all use on the Internet. This situation has happened to me before when I have been working with CSS documents. I tend to test with IE on the Mac and have problems that go away if I move to Safari or Firefox. On the Windows IE, the problems don't occur as much either. If anyone reading this is working on a mac, please try the cart (address in previous post) with IE and see if you can replicate. Any ideas about what to do? For now, I am just going to continue working on my cart and I will worry about making it work with Mac IE sometime in the future. Thanks for jogging my memory to test in multiple browsers. Alex
  7. I went back and did some more testing. It seems that my cart works from the right column, but not from the left column. Here are some examples: Visiting as Guest, not logged in as registered user Right Column Record Companies HMV Group Add to Cart works Music Genres Jazz Add to Cart works Left Column Hardware HP Printer Add to Cart yields following messages: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /cart/index.php on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Next I tried: DVD Movies Blade Runner Add to cart gives same message as above After this testing, it seems that permissions may not be the issue. Here is the address for the cart in its testing stages: http://mountainmems.com/cart/index.php?main_page=index
  8. Hello, I thought I was making progress. I have my demo cart up and running. I have an idea of how to add categories and sub-categories and all that. This morning I tried to just use the demo a little bit, but I got this message when I clicked on add to cart: You don't have permission to access /cart/index.php on this server. The permissions for this file are set at 644. I can change them to 777 and the error message goes away. I am not sure which files are safe to set to 777 and which should be left a bit more restricted, such as 644. Is there a list anywhere of which files should have which settings? I purchased the eBook, Zen Cart: Building an online store the Zen Way by Watson. It has helped me with a general understanding of the workings of the program. I have been able to do quite a bit of the set up by just reading and following directions. Should I set index.php to 777 or do I have some other problem? Thanks.
  9. Rob, Thank you. I used the editor in cPanel, too. It worked just fine. Once I created the .htaccess file and pasted in the suggested code, the warning disappeared. I'm moving on to further adventures with Zen Cart.
  10. I'm installing Zen Cart for the first time. I've read much of the info in the forums, printed and read the docs that come with the program and charged ahead. I have a warning about php globals. Apparently, the default is that the globals are ON and Zen Cart recommends that they be turned OFF. The suggested solution is to add some code provided by Zen Cart to an .htaccess file. I did this. When I view the contents of the file, two lines from the example that are inside of the html tag marker, < and >, don't show. When I edit the file, the lines are there. Guess I don't understand something about the contents of the .htaccess file. Here are the two lines which don't show when I view: <Files ".ht*"> and </Files> Is this going to make any difference? Thanks.
  11. Once used Eudora, but switched to Entourage when I finally abandoned AppleWorks and moved to MS Office for the Mac. Entourage is packaged with Office for the Mac.
  12. I logged in tonight to see if anyone is discussing an increase in SPAM that is getting past Spam Assassin. I am getting pharmeceutical ads, adult ads, and mortgage ads that had been caught by Spam Assassin earlier. They all seem to include a paragraph of nonsense. Maybe that paragraph somehow keeps the score low. Many of the spams show a score below 2. Hopefully, the Spam Assassin team will study these newer forms of spam and find a way to combat them.
  13. Rob, I know your post in this forum is old, but I tried your link, knifeandblade.com/test and got a 404 not found. I took test off the URL and got an access denied. Do you still have test osCommerce page somewhere that I could look at? I have been reading through the forums trying to determine which shopping cart to implement. Thanks.
  14. I just posted on the ratings site at 4:42 on April 4
  15. This is a follow-up to my earlier posting. I finally determined that I needed to put information in the Host Directory field on the Remote settings page for DreamWeaver. Usually, I just leave this blank and all works as expected. This time it didn't work out that way. The directions in DreamWeaver help suggest that one leave the field blank and see if it works. By adding the root folder /web/ on the Remote Info page, my main user can now log in and post to the correct set of folders so that the pages are visible via http and a browser. However, we still haven't determined what to do about the second user who owns a folder inside the main site. Our attempts to ftp to that account all go to a folder inside the /users path instead of out at the root level and into the /web path. I have had several emails and a phone conversation with the tech support people at the client's host. They are working on it since it appears that the rights for the subordinate account weren't set up as we had anticipated. For part of the solution, though, that Host Directory field in DreamWeaver provided the fix. Hope this is helpful to someone else.
  16. Hello, I am working for a web site client that I hope to convert to a hosting client as well. However, right now I need to solve a dilemma with the current host. The client had a hosting set up which allowed only one ftp account. In order to have multiple ftp accounts, the host moved the client to a different server and changed the DNS. Everything seemed to work. After a few days, we noticed some anomalies in that pages we posted via ftp in DreamWeaver were not showing up in Explorer. We dug a little using Fetch and discovered the following: If we ftp into example.com with the login joe and password go, our destination path is this: /.users/32/joe/web/ If we http with my browser and go to **** or to www.****, our destination path is this: /web /web is at the same level as /users which is several layers about /joe/web/ My question is this. Are there separate DNS settings for http and ftp? Could the hosting company have reset DNS for one protocol but not the other? If that is not possible, any ideas on what might be causing this to occur? We set up several accounts so that different departments could edit their own web pages without having access to other department's pages.
  17. This freezing of the cursor, corrected by unplugging and replugging the USB cable or by restarting the G4 has been part of my life for at least three of the four years I have had this machine. I have had four different keyboards and three or four different mice. I tried both Mac and third party like Kensington. About three weeks ago I switched to a Microsoft wireless USB mouse that has its own battery power. I don't want to jinx myself, but the cursor has not frozen since. I have about decided that the USB ports don't have enough power to run the keyboard and the mouse.
  18. I hope that no one at TCH decides not to maintain the forums due to a few impatient participants. Given the number of clients hosted at TCH even this announcement about keeping scripts up to date doesn't seem to be much of a problem. A scant half-dozen people seem to have gotten agitated. That leaves several thousands who understand that the process of updating a script is important. What this whole exchange really illustrates is that written communications are sometimes misunderstood. Writing a message under the pressure of trying to get serious performance issues rectified isn't a trivial task. Stress causes the author to send what seems like a clear and temperate message but might really be a message that is slightly ambiguous or even strict in tone. Recipients, who often see the world only through their own monitors, read the message and react without considering what might have motivated it. Anyway, everyone should be glad that we were notified, that TCH is trying to get fixed, and that we were asked to help by updating our scripts, not told to remove our scripts. I had a host who would not allow me to install any scripts at all. I don't want to have those conditions here at TCH. This more recent notice here in the forums that the staff is preparing a list of scripts which will be posted is a step in the right direction. If time had allowed for that statement to be part of the original message maybe fewer people would have been upset.
  19. I was recently asked to add a passworded folder to an existing site for a school district with two schools. One person had been doing all of the posting and a second person in the other school wanted to be able to post independently. The first person didn't want the second to have access to the entire site, but just to a folder for school two. I read through the entries in this forum and found this thread. What was posted here helped immensely. I did have some trial and error. The secret to most of this stuff is to never give up. Just keep trying, but write down what you do each time so that when it does work, you can do it again without all the trial and error. Here is a summary of what worked for me: Setting Up a Passworded Folder within a Site Before we can set up a folder with its own passworded access within an existing web site, we need to create an FTP user and give that user access to the web site. I did this with cPanel. A folder with the name of the user needs to be created and placed on the web site. I did this with Dreamweaver while logged in with an already existing user name for the whole site. On ****, the entire web site lives inside a folder named public_html. For the your web site, the site may live in a folder with the same name, or some different name. We need to know the name of that folder. For this exercise, I created an FTP account named krazy with the password kz1234. Inside the public_html folder, I created a folder named krazy to match the account name. In DreamWeaver, under New Site, I created a local site which resides on my hard drive in the folder named "Greta:Fetch 3.0.3 Folder:mydomain:krazy:" There is a browse button that lets us establish the local path. This is done under Local Info in Site Definition. Then, in Remote Info, I used the dropdown menu to choose FTP. For host I used **** I left Directory: blank For login, I used krazy (because that is the FTP account name), but I had to add @**** to the krazy. An early post says to do it this way. I tried just krazy and it didn't work. In password, I put the FTP password for the krazy account, kz1234 I left the Passive FTP, Use Firewall and other boxes unchecked. Then, I clicked OK and then Done. You should be able to log in with DreamWeaver and add pages or make changes to the existing page without being able to get to any other folders on the **** site.
  20. Here is my cPanel info: Cpanel Version/Build 10.0.0-EDGE Build 49 Is that the new one?
  21. I'm on Server 47, not 23. Does changing cPanel change Horde, too?
  22. I doubt that I am the only one who received a new Horde layout today. One of our clients called and asked how to use the new format. That was our first indication that Horde had changed. I realize that Horde is an open source project and that perhaps no one there gave TCH a heads up before installing their new stuff. I did expect to find a thread here about the new Horde by now, though. One improvement is that we can now view HTML emails. They even print properly. I've noticed some minor tweaking during the day, too. Guess they don't quite have it finished yet. I viewed it in Mac IE, Safari and Firefox. It looks a little different on each one. Mac IE does the poorest job of rendering the pages as usual. In Firefox, it seems to look the best. In Mac IE, the small window at the top left shows less than half of the top of the link to Logout. In Firefox, the whole word is clearly visible and the window has a nicely rounded bottom right corner. Only Firefox shows the rounded corner. On Windows XP with IE, all of the Logout link is visible, too. Haven't had an opportunity to do much more with it yet. Hope someone writes up a "What's New in Horde" article and posts it here.
  23. I had several forwarded addresses that went to AOL members. Based on what I have read here recently, I decided to set up a mail list in cPanel with Mailman. I had the recipient email addresses in an Excel file, so I saved it as text and used the Mass Subscription option to Browse for the file. This was a list of less than twenty addressees. I completed all the steps and everything worked fine. Then, it occurred to me that I should remove all the forwarding addresses in cPanel as I thought these people might get duplicate emails based on membership in Mailman and being listed in cPanel. However, when I went to cPanel, all of the forwards were gone. I had used the same name for the mail list that I had used for the forwarding address. My question is this: If cPanel is clever enough to recognize what I did and automatically take care of removing the forwarding addresses for me, will that tight integration of services affect the AOL accounts when TCH filters the forwarded addresses in cPanel? Will my AOL people on the mail list get their mail? Thanks.
  24. The page opens in New Jersey, but only with placeholders. Patience is a wonderful attribute to develop when working with technology and especially on the web. It will eventually propagate.
  25. This problem almost invariably occurs when I am sitting at the machine using the mouse and keyboard trying to get some work accomplished. I make a conscious effort to avoid static shocks; I don't think the problem stems from shocks, but who knows? I also use a Titanium G4 laptop with almost identical software, the same OS version and the same amount of RAM. Loss of the cursor, freezing of the mouse doesn't occur on that machine.
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