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  1. The problem with a workstation that clean is it doesn't look like a human workstation at all but rather a demo set-up at Office Depot to get you to buy that new desk. - todd
  2. I know this isnt contest material but had to post it.
  3. I read all the contest info and there isnt any information about what is being judged. How does one win the contest? Is it the coolest work space? The biggest? Most gadgets? Best photo? Most Original? Would love to know. - todd
  4. Hey Bill, what kind of Mac was that? - todd
  5. Thats a shame cuz OSX runs circles around anything from Microsoft. Give it a chance - it might surprise you. And unlike most people who try to argue their point with no basis of experience, I speak from over a decade of experience in both OS camps. - todd
  6. I run http://www.realeyz.com and http://www.idvdtheme.com from here: 100 hours in a week is a slow week for me. Lots of fun gadgets and software for animation, DVD production (cept for older DVD burner which needs replacement ) video editing, motion graphics, movie viewing, game playing etc etc - your basic Disneyland at home sort of scenario. Its been great seeing so many others workstations and places where you all live on the Net from. Thanx to everyone who has been sharing. - todd
  7. I need to set up a mailing list that functions only as a means of sending out anouncements to subscribers of new products, but does not allow anyone except me to post or send e-mails to all subscribers. I also need it to be easy for someone to put their name and e-mail into a form on a web page to subscribe. Seems like the mail list software in cPanel is overkill for this. How would I set this up? Thanx
  8. Is it possible to add an additional domain with completely seperate account directory folder, web page etc. and cPanel settings to an existing account so I get charged for both domain hostings on the same account? I realize I will have to log into each one seperately of course, but I just want to keep both domains on a single financial accounting with one bill. If so let me know how and I will have it transferred. Thanx - todd
  9. I have to do this same thing and I submitted a help desk ticket for it but I have a complaint: I had to create and additional account to post on this board from my web hosting account and then I had to create a third account for the help desk ticket submission. Isnt this a bit redundant? If I have to fill out one more form with my name PW etc etc I am gonna pull my hair out. Thanx - todd
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