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  1. Hi Bruce, Read: By the time 2.0 rolls around we'll have a Fantastico v1.5 ready-to-go. LOL!
  2. Hi Thomas, Any idea as to how long it will be before the stable version is released for Fantastico? I'm champing at the bit to use this new version for my clients, but only want to do so when the upgrade is available via Fantastico. I've been running the 1.5 betas and the full release on my home machines for testing and am excited - however, I've run into problems in the past when I've manually upgraded/updated packages and then later tried to use Fantastico. Thus, I would rather err on the side of caution and not use bleeding edge packages until they are available via Fantastico.
  3. (I'm not responding to my own post - I just didn't get this edit in fast enough - ignore this post in the context of the game...) Bruce: That a great one! My unabridged dictionary says the following: kyte: the paunch; stomach; belly
  4. pagoda

    Scrabble II

    snort =================== Thanks for the kind words and well wishes Bob! I didn't notice your comment earlier. So far the recovery is going well (albeit slow) - except for that oxygen separation machine that I use at night - it's pretty noisy so I am up much earlier than I would prefer and not sleeping so great... It's rather ironic since the doctors told me "Get lots of rest"! It was even worse in the Intensive Care Unit where they say - "You really need to rest and get your strength back to recover"; then they come into your room every 1-2 hours to poke, prod, oxygenate, x-r
  5. TCH-Thomas said: To which I respond: cite
  6. pagoda

    Scrabble II

    stark Hey Bruce! Thanks so much - it feels good to have had my absence noticed and better yet to have my return noticed! (Heck - to even have had a return LOL!)
  7. pagoda

    Scrabble II

    smack Off-topic letter of happiness and joy follows: I am so very, VERY happy (joyful, even) to be back amongst the living. Around the 8th or 9th of January I started to feel... well, "funky". I ended up in the Emergency Room last weekend. I was sent home after about 12 hours with some strong antibiotics and was claimed to have pneumonia. My condition worsened early last week a I ended up back at the Emergency Room on Tuesday. At that point I couldn't breathe and had an oxygen saturation of 50% and was coughing up blood (not very pleasant). Since breathing is a "Good Thing", nee
  8. pagoda

    Scrabble II

    goods (Thanks - Isn't "dodos" no longer in use? LOL!)
  9. pagoda

    Scrabble II

    stood (that is almost your word as seen in a mirror Bruce! Save for the "s" which should be reversed.)
  10. lurk (What I am not doing so much of these days on the TCH forums )
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