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  1. I know I'm not the first, I"M FRUSTRATED WITH FRONTPAGE... In the future, I think I definately would like to get a new web design software. What do you think is the best WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) Editor currently available (or available in the near future). If you think that program is FrontPage, please mention that too. Thanks so much!!
  2. ejh


    Yes that is the same page... After they hit send its supposed to take them back to that page. Don't know if that has anything to with that. What do you think it should be? Thanks so much!!
  3. ejh


    In need of a little help... I am running a campaign website (www.Blazek4OPPD.com) and on the "Volunteer" Page, the form doesn't work! I have no idea what the response means, and I was wondering if anyone could help me out. On the volunteer page on www.Blazek4OPPD.com just click "Submit to John" and you'll see what I mean. What do I do now?!? Thanks in advance!!! Eric
  4. WOW!! The site looks great! I was honored to get to beta test it! I'm even more proud to be a TCHer! Naughty
  6. Phew!! I'm using "GoDaddy." I set it up to forward to the site I want it to go to, do I have this taken care of now? Thanks a bunch!! Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign
  7. Uh oh... So if I have one site, and I want to have two different domain names that bring it up, I can't do that?
  8. ejh

    Good News!

    YAY! I just signed up for a second TCH account!! I'm designing and maintaining the website for a friend who is seeking elected office. I guess I just thought I'd share the great news with the family! As of now, its still going through propagation, but check it out in a day or two... www.Blazek4OPPD.com Wish us luck!
  9. I don't know if anyone tunes into Sean Hannity... but he started out his three hour show by stating that now that his "Hanitazation" tour is over, he has had a change of heart and is now liberal. No longer supported the President... etc... They even went as far as to have someone who did a REALLY good Bill Clinton call up and congratulate Hannity on switching. I was driving home from school and nearly had a heart attack on the road there- speaking of which, after it was over he said that he had gotten a call that someone from Miami had been admitted to the hospital because of heart tremors from the shock of this. It was really scary though! He went on for the first two hours of his show and finally let it out during that last hour. I just worry about those poor people who turned off the show early! LOL
  10. Man oh man... The hour is upon us! Deep breaths, in and out.... <--ME
  11. That's cool! What was your's like? Anything I should know about the LeSabre
  12. Well that narrows it down! Looks like we can watch Head Guru on Fear Factor!
  13. OMG!! That has got to be it... That's FOX and NBC for you all- TUNE IN!
  14. Boy you got that right... I'm kinda worried about falling asleep in it!
  15. So is this countdown thing a surprise?
  16. WHOA!! Check it out! Head Guru is revealing his physical idenity with his avatar! Bill- you're slimmer than I thought you'd be!
  17. LOL With a tractor- I don't doubt that one bit!!
  18. I was at the mall and was carrying a lot of things, I stopped by a Walden Books and asked if I could have a small plastic sack, the manager looked at me, sarcasticlly went "hmm..." and yelled "No!" I couldn't believe it! The dumb sack has got to be cheap and it's free advertising! You don't think it's wise to have someone walking the mall with your logo?!? Not to mention I'm never walking in the store again.
  19. Crash Test Rating probably was pretty good...
  20. I'm having lots of fun hearing about all of your first cars!! This is really neat... No kidding!! I know Head Guru knows but I'm really involved in political campaigns, I'll be able to get tons of yardsigns in that trunk... prolly 75-100! woooot That alone almost had me sold. Oh my gosh! I can't believe that, I just hope nothing like that happens to mine!
  21. woooot WOW! Now that's a car... woooot And you'd expect anything less?!?
  22. Hey everyone... I thought I would just show off my new car to the family! I turn 16 on March 20 so I guess I kind of jumped the gun, but oh well! I love it... It's a 1995 Buick LeSabre with only 64,100 miles on it! The previous owner had it serviced religiously so I swear to you it looks like the closest thing to new. Thumbs Up It's got power windows, locks, and seats, a radio, and plenty of room!! Since it only has 64,000 miles, and is in great shape, the salesman thought it would last me through college (I'm a sophomore right now in High School). woooot Came at less than $6000 USD too (I even talked the price down!! )
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