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  1. ejh

    Word Game!

    a big juicy not so ripe LEMON!
  2. ejh

    Word Game!

    bikini hehe Naughty Naughty
  3. Jimuni is British! Go Blair!! Naughty
  4. Every Republicans Dream... A photograph with Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN), the cool part is he is only one of two people to defeat Walter "Fritz" Mondale, the other being- RONALD REAGAN! woooot Bottom line is it was a great event and I had a great time!
  5. Hi! Glad you got your problem fixed!! Welcome though!! I'm kinda new too... Lots of cool people here Kick Me
  6. This especially goes for all you New Hampshirans and Iowans!! woooot REGISTER TO VOTE!! If you don't know I'm Chairman of the Teenage Republicans in Omaha, NE. No matter which party you register with, please register to vote!! You can even register online!! Just click here! If you would like more information on the Republican Party you can see our site or check out the Republican National Committee's (RNC) website. Whether or not you do decide to register, I appreciate that you have taken time to read this and consider this!! You reading all the way down here means a lot to me!! Thanks, Eric PS: If you don't register with the GOP, Head Guru will charge an additional $100... shutup JUST KIDDING!! Goof
  7. ejh

    Word Game!

    Dept. of Homeland Security
  8. ejh

    Breaking News!

    Whew! Thanks!! I got scared there for a little bit. By the way... DICK CHENEY is coming to O M A H A!!!
  9. ejh

    Word Game!

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! No! ANYTHING BUT.... B E E S ! ! ! I don't like bees.
  10. I consider myself someone who keeps up with the news... And I ran accross this! Click here to see the article Head Guru... What do I do?!?
  11. Critical Mass runs the Knife & Blade shop... Critical Mass... not sure which picture you're talking about... Here's a picture of my family... I'm the big one on the far right
  12. Recently I vacationed to the Alabama gulf coast, specifically, Gulf Shores, Alabama. Anyways, shortly after a storm I took this photo. Notice the rainbow in the upper left corner.
  13. ejh

    Word Game!

    Disney movies shutup lol... when I was a kid, I went to my first movie and saw a Disney Movie. That night I had a horrible night mare about it lol...
  14. "AndyB" joined four days after the Nebraska Gubernatorial Inaugural Ball... lol I know that's kinda strechin it... I'm bored though...
  15. 1. Millard West Teenage Republicans 2. Millard West Teenage Republicans 3. www.mwtars.org is the home to the official web page of the Millard West Teenage Republicans. The MWTARs are a club that is run out of Omaha, Nebraska in Millard West High School. The MWTARs now are about one year old and are growing. You can log on to our site to see the latest pictures, news, and events going on with the MWTARs. We also have some the best information on Republican politics! 4. I have a link at the bottom of the home page. Note: Rank Evaluation (Please) Thanks!! Eric J. Hamilton Webmaster MWTARs
  16. Very cool article!! I'm looking forward to the next! Rock Sign
  17. I'm getting worried. I'm trying to use Microsoft FrontPage to get my website on the web. I've been doing everything right... but in the end I don't get anything!! PLEASE HELP!
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