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  1. The forwarder can only redrirect 1 email address at a time... I want something like this me@forward.com goes to you@yoursite.net them@theirsite.org we@oursite.biz etc, etc...i want it to work like that, not just to one person...so that anyone sending e-mail to me@forward.com will in effect be sending it to all addresses listed above and if they responed to me@forward.com the mail will go out to all the persons on the list including themselves. juma
  2. searched for this but couldnt find it... can you make e-mail aliases in capanel...one email tha tgoes to many...? would like to know juma
  3. kewl thanks for the info..i'll now how to proceed juma
  4. Hi TCH family, juma here I have a couple questions: I have a client who wants a website...cool...but he can afford to pay for hosting...not cool...but since he is also my friend I dont mind him piggybacking on my server space cuz right now I'm now using all of it. i was wondering (sorry if this is a dumb question) if TCH allows access to other domains off the same server space with is seeming like it has its own severspace altogether: i.e. so that my original domain name will never appear in the addressbar one the user begins browsing the other site...If so how is it done? I know Cpanel has add on domians but I done really understand the concept and its limitations. All help appreciated thanks juma
  5. Thanks..but suppose I want to change the three months to 6 months or a year after this is up...how do I do that? juma
  6. Ok first of all I'm sure I'm in the wrong place...But I'm really desparate...i want to pay my bill!!!I've been with TCH for the last month I got and invoice for three months earlier on this week and I have the credit card in my hand ready to do the transaction but I don t know where to pay ...I logged into the the modern bill panel but I cant figure out where I have to do the transaction...some help please... juma
  7. juma

    Win A Laptop!

    I title this "There is a method to the madness" You can see the Trinidad Express one of our daily newpapers to the top left corner (the papers always goes there...and it changes every day) my G-Shock watch to the far right...I always take it of when working (it just seems to get tighter when I type). Right below the monitor you can see my K.44 headphones (for shutting out the world). If you can see the sticker on my tower...you'll see it reads Dual Bios (never figured out how to use that). Next to the monitor under some paper you'll notice an external DVD burner...got that last year...(only used it three times). Under the desk you'll notice a mess of cords...a piece of my bag and the unconfortable blue chair that saves space. All of this adds up to equal the "The perfect working environment" and of course...TCH... juma
  8. Just enquiring...How is the choosing process going?... juma
  9. been here for less than a month..all my problems have been solved in a timely manner...and really and truly I have no complaints, all TCH's services have worked well...and thus far I would highly recommend you guys...and My name is Juma Bannister...so now that i revealed who I am...let Mr. Anonymity reveal who he is if his comments are as valid as mine... Keep up the good work fellas Thumbs Up Juma
  10. Thanks alot cloudrm!!! That was it ! I dont know why I didnt think of that before..but before I celebrate too much let me check the other addresses... Juma
  11. I got your mail...the right one lol...but thats really strange...yours comes in fine...but when I send mine...its a no show...I wonder what could be the cause?...Any suggestions?
  12. Ok same problem...sigh* can someone send me a mail from their neomail account to test please? my mail: jumabannister@hotmail.com also send to jaysn@hotmail.com you can just put the subject as "test" Thanks.
  13. Nope...ok lemme try again maybe I'm doing something wrong...
  14. Hi, I dont know if I'm asking this question in the right place...but I think I'll try here before I submit a ticket. Here's the challenge. When i use when I use any cpanel mailer (neomail, horde or squirrel mail) and I send e-mails to my yahoo account it arrives fine...but when I sent it to my hotmail...it never arrives, no error or anything..it just never shows up, even when i send it to both addresses at the same time the hotmail never gets it but the Yahoo does . I asked this question on live chat to Sujit and Aromal but I guess they have been unable to figure it out. It is very important to me that I be able to send e-mails to hotmail because lots of people I deal with use them. Best Regards, Juma Bannister
  15. My friends are all using one web host...and they wanted to give me a reseller deal...I thought let me look around to see if I get some thing better... I signed up with some a host (new at this) last week...luckily I found out that they were crooks and got my money back just in time...they took the entire 24 hours they stipulated to set up which gave me a chance to research them properly...thank goodness their incompetence benefitted me! While I was researching I found TCH... TCH..my goodness you guys said 6-24 hours...and it was up in less than 3!!! Excellent service so far...looking forward to having more of this happen so I can make some reccomendations...The research really paid off! Juma Bannister Trinidad and Tobago
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