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:P Welcome to the family Frederic :dance:



Nice splash page, and site Thumbs Up

I see the favicon after I save your site as a fav

and reloaded it from the favs.


I clicked on the english button,

but it took me to the same page as the french button.

But I like the look of your site.

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In IE...

The favicon.ico file is not shown until you bookmark (add to favorites). Then it is visible in the Favorites list. Clicking on this bookmark will then show the icon in the address bar.

Once the cookie expires, or you blow out the cache, the icon will be gone until you re-add the site to the favorites or resyncrhonize bookmarks (this will typically happen within a few seconds of viewing the bookmarked page).


And the English version is not showing up for me either.

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I'm under OS X with Safari and I still can't see it even with Explorer, but as long as other people can see it it's fine with me!

That's odd. I'm running Safari on Mac OS X and it showed up immediately for me. I didn't have to bookmark the site or anything.


Also works for the Mozilla variants (Mozilla, Camino, Firefox), Netscape, and Opera.


Doesn't work for IE or OmniWeb (at least the version I have, haven't updated that one in awhile). I don't consider IE on the Mac a real browser anymore though.

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