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  1. Yeah, if the rats like them, they must be good!
  2. Very interesting! I also noticed before with percentage (NN/Moz) that if you resize the browser width (dramatically - like 50%), the indent class starts to 'kick-in', but at different amounts. From what I understand, the percentage should be based on the containing block (the <div> above?), so I really couldn't figure out why the lines weren't calculating that width the same. Also read an old blerb in a css text about Netscape having trouble with padding as % when using it with float, but it seemed outdated. I couldn't find anything on Netscape's site and didn't test it for myself. Anyway, the page looks great now!
  3. I have two Japanese windows os' in the house and just know the locations in the menu... Don't know what they show for run??
  4. It's just a start, but 'pixels' seems to be working in both Firefox and IE (rather than percentage). I set your indent padding to 15px, and it works fine. That may be a little rigid for you, but i haven't figured out why percentage is acting buggy...
  5. I see the indent problem too(firefox/NN), but could not duplicate the IE choppiness in IE6 or IE5.5 on winxp. I can't get the menu to scroll of the screen though because my display is at 1280 x 1024. Maybe that's why I don't see it... EDIT: Okay, yeah, when I change my resolution 800 x 600, I see the choppiness on the right side of the large box, but only if I grab the scrollbar.
  6. Yeah, I'm on server 50. That peak on the chart is probably from when I linked my home office pic from my site to the forums (wow, the hits!!).
  7. try start menu>run, then type command. See if that works... EDIT: I think Win9x/ME use command, Win2K uses cmd, Winxp uses cmd but command also works... I THINK
  8. StrangerStranger, Good Luck to you on whichever host you do choose, but if you're having doubts, and have some time, by all means, linger in the forums for a while and see the kind of feedback being posted here. Also, I believe there's still a 30-day money back guarantee... I sound like a salesman
  9. Just edited my post to an attachment. What a peek in bandwidth usage! I should have thought ahead...
  10. krieser


    It works for me in Firefox too. Opera 7.23 works as well (both on winxp). Very cool style on your site! Thumbs Up
  11. krieser


    Favicon works fine for me in the public_html directory or any of my subdomain site directories. Mine's saved as favicon.ico and works great. Do you have a url for what's not working? Good Luck!
  12. Do we post the picture here? Here's mine... Kris
  13. Thanks for the link btrfld!! The Faux Columns is an interesting solution. I had never been to A List Apart, and found their article on png files interesting. I'll have to experiment with that next. Too bad IE doesn't play nice with anything!!! Anyway, off topic, but Thanks!
  14. Thanks TCH-Mike!!! Thumbs Up I did read this, but have not had a chance to try it. I wanted to backup some data first (which I haven't done it like 8 months). I'm getting CHKDSK running every boot on a partition on my second hard disk. Kind of weird when there's nothing on it except the files winxp put there during partitioning...
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