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  1. And, if you care about tiny details the background of the left column arrows is not the same color as background of the cell.
  2. Looks very nice! You might want to use a blue arrow for the no_new_posts.
  3. mail.****** and port 26 should work. Did you check "My SMTP requires authentication" box?
  4. Anybody knows if MS search uses any kind of page rank system like Google?
  5. I have stealth tables too This is really funny tool Why would I if "no of images" is excellent? It says I violate British legal requirements because one page includes <embed> tag for flash, but if I don't use <embed> it will discriminate users of Mozilla. Major dilemma
  6. Many users don't need to 'right click' at all. They can drag and drop images into a folder. So you have to disable left click as well, then Some people do.
  7. A friend of mine is looking for another hosting. He got dedicated Java VM and his own app server now. I don't know what it is but could you tell me if it's possible here?
  8. bell, Direct request means entering the url of an image in your browser, like you copy http//mysite.com/images/mypicture.jpg and paste it to the address bar. Also some browsers view pages using direct requests, so if you disallow it some people [like me] will be unable to see images on your own site. You said you enabled hotlink protection and saw little red x's so I thought you're one of those people [like me] btw, cpanels hotlink protection worked ok for me, never saw it suddenly "stopping working" If hubby wants to use an image as his avatar you should add url of the message board to the 'Urls to Allow Access' box.
  9. The images are visible now. I couldn't see them before just like your publisher. Suggestion: when you enable hotlink protection check 'Allow direct requests' box.
  10. I agree with others about flash transitions. They look nice, but people come to find information and want it quick, so the menu should be available right away. Why wouldn't you split flash files and have separate menu.swf and load it using loadMovie, like on level 2? Menu should be in browser cache then and appear instantly [flash has to be on blue background though] Well, if you have to have it in flash... I personally like help site navigation - very nice
  11. I lost my banner.jpg just couldn't see it - blank browser window and no picture at all. After many attempts of resaving and reuploading it and many wild theories like "there's a bad sector on the server" or "windows update screwed up my computer" I finally realized that I turned on Norton's ad blocking [and forgot about it] So it blocks everything, including my innocent background art
  12. If your pr only updated today you have to wait till google reindex your site and your placement will change. Still there will be a lot of sites ahead of you - who have pr 6 and title "panic attack" [or something like that]. If you just opened you site you can't really expect many visitors from search engines. You have to find and invite them [visitors] Speaking of being listed in google & dmoz directories. Do you ever use them to find something? I never
  13. sts


    There's a nice tool that calculates everything for you http://www.ranks.nl/tools/spider.html [i think the report page will answer your questions]
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