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  1. Here is the only known mac virus! I always have a clean backup around. Unplugging the keyboards is the best anti-virus against that threat. Cheerio Frederic Rock Sign
  2. 1. www.mozaik.tv 2. Mozaik Media. 3. post-production, video production, graphic design, broadcast design 4. I put the link twice, one in the french and the other in the english version in the contact us section. Rank Evaluation (please) Thanks a lot! You have no idea how I appreciate my experience here! Frederic Beaulieu mozaik media www.mozaik.tv
  3. Frederic


    it is finally working! I just "reinitialized" Safari and my favicon is now appearing! As for Mac version of IE the favicon are not support at all. Thanks Frederic www.mozaik.tv
  4. Frederic


    Thanks a lot all of you! The english version of my site will be up soon.. have to translate it. I'm under OS X with Safari and I still can't see it even with Explorer, but as long as other people can see it it's fine with me! Frederic
  5. Frederic


    My URL is http://www.mozaik.tv I also put mine in /public_html/ I cant see it either with Safari, Explorer or Opera. I followed each and every steps mentionned in ths tutorial about creating and installing favicon here: http://www.golivein24.com/tips/favicon/ Thanks for your help Frederic
  6. Frederic


    Is favicon is support for my web site? I've tried my old favicon from a previous site with not result. I saved a 16x16 .ico file and put it in the root of my site and nothing appear even if a trash my browser cache! Any help would be welcome. Thanks Frederic
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