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I have ALWAYS hated winamp, it has always been a bloated resource hog, winamp 3 was the worst!!! But, I downloaded Winamp 5 just because I had been hearing good things about it and so far I'm impressed. I listen to music all day when I'm at my PC, most times I have 4 pages open for work on one browser, live chat, another browser open with 4-5 tabs open to sites I frequent, Trillian, an SSH client and e-mail open...add an mp3 player to that and you've got a lot going on. I couldnt run winamp 3 with that stuff open, but I'm running winamp 5 fine.

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I jumped to WA3 and didn't have too many problems with it.


I'm now on WA5 and love it. There's only a couple beefs I have though...


1) Sometimes my MP3 playback has blips in it. Didn't happen in WA2/3.

2) WA3 had "Enqueue" in it. WA5 is missing this. I used it. I have a master playlist that has everything in it and I just stick it on random. Having the Enqueue allowed me to keep it random but play a sequence of songs at the same time.


Geh. Oh well. I like it. I actually use the media library now, I didn't w/WA3.

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Version 3 was very very bad :(

I used to have Winamp 2 playing all the time and I noticed absolutely nothing. Never quite understood why some people complain it's a resource hog :(


Anyway, Nullsoft knew that 3 was way below the expectations and so, they decided to join the great features of WA2 and WA3 and so, 2 + 3 = 5 ;)


I haven't tried it so I can't tell from experience but everyone says it's great.


I think I'll stick with XMMS, anyway :(

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