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What Mobile Device?

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I am a complete gadget freak. When it comes to mobile devices, I will buy just about anything that I can afford.


I am currently using the new Blackberry 9530 Storm. I really like the touch screen device, but some of the software is still quite buggy.


What device are you using?

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I'd prefer the Blackberry Bold, but since I'm on Verizon and hate AT&T, I'll probably end up with the Storm and hope the software improves soon (and it should).


A Bold on Verizon would be my dream. (Verizon should be getting the Curve 8900 mid-year, but that's not quite the bold).


Currently, still using my 8703e.

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I have sprint's HTC Mogul (new rom update gave us win mobile 6, with Telenav) because the blackberries didn't have a big keyboard when I bought.

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Used to be Blackberry Curve, but switched to iPhone 3G, for better or for worse. For the most part, the switch has been great. But some fundamental features are missing: Adding attachments to e-mails (other than photos), not being able to copy and paste.


I am far more addicted to my iPhone than I was to my Curve.

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