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  1. unni is giving "500 Internal Server Error".
  2. While I agree with Bruce that you could uninstall it (Foxit Reader is quite nice), it may be that you really want to keep Acrobat Reader. If that is the case... WinPatrol also has a "Startup Programs" tab. Is there nothing in there? That's typically where I would start with WinPatrol.
  3. Mike, I just tried your Kearney Vac site, and tried out the link and got an error. However, the error seems to be a 403 Forbidden error (that's what shows in the tab on Firefox). The 404 is from trying to access an error document. Do you maybe have your htaccess on your michaelstreeter.com site set up to only allow (or deny) access from certain IP addresses? I found this link that talks about how to allow/deny requests.
  4. RoboForm pro here, too...both the desktop version and a portable version for a flash drive so that I can plug in and be password-ready on any computer. I've been thinking about using the FoxMarks bookmark synchronizer to keep passwords synchronized across computers, but am a bit nervous about trusting something online for the storage of all my passwords, despite assurances (and good reviews) of their good security.
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