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This May Be A Stupid Question...


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But how do we tell which server our site is on? LOL I see ip address, but no "name" or number.


Also, since I'm posting... Rock Sign I transfered to TCH recently because both my sites (on different hosts for different reasons) were having major issues (one site kept going down and all they could say was "we're trying to find the problem on your server", but after a week of not being able to reliably get to my site I gave up; the other changed owners and they lost a lot of other peoples sites, so I transfered soon as I found out and avoided any mess). I was so pleased to find a house that is so intimately involved with their customers, via this forum. It is friendly, very helpful, and seems to be having no problems with my site. I'm very happy. =)

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I just did a DNS lookup on you and found:


Query        : www.lunarmagicdesigns.com


Offical Name = server27.totalchoicehosting.com

Aliases      = www.lunarmagicdesigns.com

Addresses    =


Glad your happy... and thanks for joining the family.

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