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  1. Oh,I see. Thank you for your reply and sorry for my unclear decription.
  2. I want to point my new domain name(now parking at HKDNR) to one of the section of my site (http://www.alexsky.com/jade/),is it possible?
  3. The Staff replied as follow: Thanks for the fast reply,you've been very helpful,TCH rocks!
  4. Matt(author of IPB) said IPB will always be free...
  5. Hello, I have a domain name parking at HKNDR (a Hong Kong Offical domain name registration Company),is this possible to point that domain name to my site hosting by TCH?
  6. I noticed it is quite different to look at my site in different GAMMA setting, so which GAMMA setting is the most popular?
  7. I need the IPs to point my domain name to TCH.
  8. OK, now I have changed the extension, but how to find which files are giving the 206?
  9. I right-clicked it,but I can only select "open" ,no other choice to open it. P.S. Yes,I'm a Warhammer fan.
  10. I can only rename the file name but not the extension...
  11. How to change the extension from .com to .txt?
  12. I know,but the file inside the zip file is a MS-DOS file,how can I open it with NotePad?
  13. But the file is in ".gz" format. I can't open it with NotePad...
  14. Do you mean this two links? Raw Log File Raw Log Manager
  15. No,I want to try the coming ver 2.0(seems very great).
  16. Start from Version 2.0 XML support is needed to run Invision Power Board...
  17. Yes, my site is in Chinese. However, since the bandwidth of Error 206 is near 20MB it seems the "error" file is not a HTML file.
  18. I can't press the "206"(not alink) to check the error logs.
  19. The web statistics of my site showed the bandwidth of Error code 206 (Partial Content) is 11.37 MB in 2 days. I'm concerned and want to know what's wrong?
  20. Hello, the web statistics of my site showed my site have some HTTP Error codes. I want to know what is mean by "206 Partial Content " and what's the cause of this error? Thank you!
  21. Thanks a million, The concept of "Customer is King" makes TCH greater and greater
  22. This is a great news! However,I'm concerning will the server's performance be affected due to the increased system usage(disk space and bandwidth)?
  23. May be it's just like what Andy said If I want to view the file,it is atuo downloaded to my computer then opened with notepad.
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