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  1. doc

    Phrase Game

    Sanford & Son Did I do that?
  2. Hahahahahah..... Whew.... You got me with that potato chip one.. almost made tea come out my nose...
  3. Hmmmm.....me doth suspect a rivalry.... woooot
  4. doc


    Cookie...cookie...who has the cookie?
  5. doc

    Word Game!

    scratchy (Simpson fans anyone?)
  6. doc

    Phrase Game

    Batman! I knoooooow nothink.........
  7. Way to go Digirunt! Thumbs Up
  8. Mustang Sally..... Girl you better slow......your mustang down... dadedadedadeda This is how I cruise around every day.. woo hoo.....
  9. doc


    Stupid questions aren't allowed here? Man, am I ever in trouble... Whip
  10. Hey Lianna..... don't you know that, like me, he is a man pig? Tami tells me that all the time... I used to think she was joking, but now....
  11. doc


    Oh yes, I'm sure you will find all sorts of new clubs to use. I wish I had more time to devote to my game, but I just never seem to be able to get to the course more than once or twice a month. Maybe I'll head down to the driving range this evening...... woooot Naahhh....
  12. I tell her maybe it's time to upgrade to wife ver. 3 , and she throws something at me. We have a strange and wonderful relationship....I'm strange, and she's wonderful! Dance
  13. doc


    Yes, I guess that would be easy to find. The courses we played on were extremely well lit. Plus, we're not exactly what you would call "serious" golfers. If we hit a ball too far off the fairway....ummm.... we just drop a new ball..
  14. Here is a little sample of my organizer ..... Tami Ver 1.3 She says: "Doc, what are you looking for in the closet"? I say: "Nothing" She says: "Well, it's not in there.....look in the chest in the spare bedroom"! Now that's having an intuitive program.....
  15. doc


    Ummmmm.....actually, there are quite a few "night" courses spread around the US. We used to use them quite a bit because of the schedule we kept.
  16. hahahahah....Turtle... you are too funny..... Archive the Internet... hahahahahah......
  17. I had somebody throw a phone at me one time, but they missed...
  18. I had a list one time of all the things I needed to get organized........ wish I could find that list....
  19. doc


    I don't know what the problem is... I get up at the crack of noon every day, and by the time I get my coffee, read the paper and check my e-mail... my friend the darkness has arrived... Dark good.....sun bad.....
  20. Organize? Hmmmm..I've heard of that.....
  21. Umm...my official ™belated well wishes.. ©ImaD
  22. And the hits just keep on comin' Rock Sign
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