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Which Cart ?

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I have PayPal on my website for at least a year now, but now would like to offer visitors another option as well.

PayPal was super easy to setup. I don't know how easy or hard will be to setup OSCommerce, CubeCart or ZenCart.

I also used Dansie cart, which has been provided by my previous host. It was also very easy and btw, this cart is Super. Maybe management would look into it...;-)


Any suggestions or recommendations for an easy cart ?

I don't need many options, like "size", "colors"...etc. My website is jewelry, without rings.


THANKS! :lol:

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OSComemrce is easy to install but not very easy to use or modify. I tried it and deleted it. Zen Cart seems a little easier to use, but again, not as user friendly as I would like. I am thinking of trying out Cube Cart. I too need something easy to use as I have all unique items and upload individual descriptions and pics can be very time consuming.


Good Luck.


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Jayson, according to Sandra, it's not easy to configure.

If you're familiar with paypal, is it the same thing or involves more stuff ?


I did Dansie, which is almost the as easy as Paypal, but it has all possible options and features, therefore needs more time to configure. But the process is well explained and easy.


Sandra, you might check out Dansie. He doesn't have a forum, but provides fast support. I had this cart as free with my previous host.

PayPal is also quite good and easy.


TCH-Rob, I'm not looking to remove paypal. Just wanted to know how to have two carts ? I have PayPal buttons under every piece of my jewelry.

So, how it works when installing OSC ?



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I use CubeCart and I love it. It is sooo much easier to use than either oscommerce or zen cart. The admin center is not confusing and very simple to understand all the links make "logical" sense. And you don't have that annoying triangle links and the layout of both oscommerce and zen cart.The skins can be easily customized via css and html. I would highly recommend it. The support forum itself is very friendly and there are tons of mods for it that you will find useful.


Install it and try it (its in fantastico)... i guarantee you'll love it.


BTW, a comment about paypal. One of the reasons I hate using their "shopping cart" software creator thing is that they do not provide static links, but instead make you insert a bunch of code for a "Add to Cart" button or "View Cart". I found that the code messed with my CSS styles and website and made it harder to design my website since I couldn't customize it as much. Instead, I can recomment 2Checkout.com which lets you make anything an "Add to Cart" or "View Cart" button because they actually use static/real links.

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Personally I use Joomla! (CMS) with the Virtuemart plugin. I found them very easy to configure!


Both Joomla! and Virtuemart have wonderful support in their forums (the support rivals TCH!)


It's a little more work to setup since you are using a CMS, but it is so easy to configure the store, payment methods, shipping rates, add/remove products, etc...


Also, the admin side is super easy to navigate!

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I use Zencart for several sites, and it works well and is easy to install, but has a very steep learning curve when it comes to configuration and modification. Support is OK (done through a forum) but not up to TCH standards, and docs are few, mostly written by users. It can't be used with Paypal's merchant account system, as it has no provision for express checkout (you must create an account before you can buy anything). I'm still using it mostly because I've taken the time to figure it out. I'm going to try Joomla/Virtuemart next. Zencart, BTW, is a fork of oscommerce.



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