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  1. Hello again, I just posted my recommendations for truly amazing programs. One of them was WYSIWYG Web Builder. Although it's really excellent piece of software, I'm also trying to find out, if anybody have ever used Web Studio 4 by Back To The Beach software and Serif WebPlus 11 ? I'm trying now WYSIWYG Web Builder. Extremely easy and amazing features. Does anybody use one of these three programs ? Thanks!
  2. After I posted back in April about Kana Reminder, I've discovered a variety of more wonderful and awesome programs. First, I stopped using kana Reminder, since it doesn't have an option to stop alarms during night. Because, when you start in the morning, they start poping-up. So I found two: Kirby Alarm and Chaos Manager. Kirby Alarm has all possible options you can imagine, plus an option not to have alarms between certain hours. Free. Chaos Manager is like a mini Outlook, with a calendar, notes, appointments and other cool and neat features. Free. RSS reader - Snarfer. Fast, easy and simple. Now people, if you don't use Opera, then you miss a totally awesome browser. Really, it's the best browser - fast, very pleasant design, a very excellent email client with spam filter. Try it, you'll never want to use nor FF nor IE. If you have a lot of mp3 music and pictures, MediaMonkey is a great tool. It catalogues all your stuff according to artists, a song...etc. Plus you can burn a CD there. Free. Now to the best of all discoveries. If you are looking for a very rich WYSIWYG to build websites, I found this one: WYSIWYG Web Builder. It's not free, but it's worth all $30 the creator wants. tons of superb features, java scripts ready to use, etc. It's by www.PabloSoftwareSolutions.com He also has another excellent free tool - Pablo Kommander. It's like Total Commander or Free Commander. Nice, clean interface. That's all for now. If somebody is looking for anything, ask here. I'll try to help.
  3. ZenCart's website has some kind of instructions, but not a tutorial. Can anybody suggest a good tutorial ? Thanks!
  4. That's why I'm asking, if TCH will be interested to post the copy of the tutorial ?
  5. Just wanted to offer a tutorial for ZenCart, which I found on another hosting company website. Looks very clear and nice, with pictures. Can I mention the website ? Maybe the chief can get their permission to post the guide here ?
  6. Thank you Bruce, If I have to remove Paypal, then it's a huge hassle. Would be great, if there is no need to remove...I hope;-)
  7. I'm using PayPal on my website. Now I'm thinking to add OSCommerce. Since OSC has a PayPal option, should I remove PayPal before installing OSC If I understand correctly, when installing OSC, it becomes the main shopping cart, and PayPal is just an option ? Thanks!
  8. Jayson, according to Sandra, it's not easy to configure. If you're familiar with paypal, is it the same thing or involves more stuff ? I did Dansie, which is almost the as easy as Paypal, but it has all possible options and features, therefore needs more time to configure. But the process is well explained and easy. Sandra, you might check out Dansie. He doesn't have a forum, but provides fast support. I had this cart as free with my previous host. PayPal is also quite good and easy. TCH-Rob, I'm not looking to remove paypal. Just wanted to know how to have two carts ? I have PayPal buttons under every piece of my jewelry. So, how it works when installing OSC ? Thanks!
  9. I use Kana Reminder to remind myself all kinds of things to do - today, tomorrow, next week, next months,once a week,... For example forbid G-D not to miss the best action show on earth, "24", every Monday at 9pm - I have a reminder pops up about 40 minutes before the show. the same with AmazingRace. (the rest stuff on TV is total crap). O yes, forgot to mention The American inventor. Delight to watch! Another very useful program is MagicMap. I need to know the address of something, just fill in the phone number and voila, the map and the address. WeatherWatcher gives all the time very accurate weather info and forecast. Light weight. DeKnop - makes nice looking buttons.
  10. There is a good one , stand alone - UK Calendar. I tried them all, the free ones over the last 10 years. UK Calendar IMHO, is the Best. Web based - Google of course.
  11. Yea..Dansie is $150. I'll get it one day... is it easy to install OSC ? Should I uninstall PayPal before installing OSC ? Thanks!
  12. I want to suggest and recommend to include Dansie shopping cart. It's a very capable cart, with many many options and easy to setup. Dansie is highly rated everywhere with very favorable opinions. I used it with another host, which had it included in their services. The website:Dansie Thanks!
  13. I have PayPal on my website for at least a year now, but now would like to offer visitors another option as well. PayPal was super easy to setup. I don't know how easy or hard will be to setup OSCommerce, CubeCart or ZenCart. I also used Dansie cart, which has been provided by my previous host. It was also very easy and btw, this cart is Super. Maybe management would look into it...;-) Any suggestions or recommendations for an easy cart ? I don't need many options, like "size", "colors"...etc. My website is jewelry, without rings. THANKS!
  14. WOW! So, I was actually right... ...I guessed about a new shopping cart and blogging platforms...he..he.. I wish we had a bet for a thousand bananas.. Now, I have a question: since we'll be able to add galleries, does it mean that there will be an eBay linking option ? Regardless - can we host here images for eBay ? thanks
  15. so, announcement is tomorrow, I just saw it. My guess it has something to do with a better shopping cart option, than what we have now ? I think many of us wish it happens Second guess - the hottest web publishing today - blogging ? some tools and blog hosting ? third guess - again shopping cart... what about Dansie... most versatile cart! 4th guess - if it's a "major" announcement, then maybe it's a business deal with Billy from MS
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