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  1. But MT is a superior blogging platform to WP. MT creates a much cleaner code, and that's probably why they attract so many hits. I don't understand why it would matter what you use for server purposes. As long as you are within the amount of data your package allows.
  2. Thanks Bruce. It just worries me because ALL of my hits appear to be authenticated user logins. All 22K of them. I know that wasn't me the whole time. My site has always been run on blog system, but now I added a shopping cart. Maybe it's because the cart is running on a secure server? Sandra
  3. What are authenticated users? My traffic numbers show the same numbers as the authenticated users numbers. Authenticated users used to be minimal in the past? Is this bad? Sandra
  4. My cart is in a folder called /shop. Do I just add this folder, or do I have to add the php query extension that follows? sandra
  5. My cute little button to sign up for my newsletter is not showing up in my cart. The image needs to be secure. How do I do this? Sandra
  6. I am trying to get all of this SSL business down. I have installed my shopping cart. I want to offer Paypal and some sort of credit card processor. I don't want to be responsible for credit card numbers. I understand I need an SSL, even with a 3rd party company. If I buy an SSL through GoDaddy (they're 19.99/year), can I install it here? My cart is not at the root of my domain. It's in a subdirectory. Is that imortant? Thanks in advance. Sandra
  7. Well I downloaded a nifty lttle FTP program for Mac users (me) called Fetch and it worked like a charm.
  8. This is the message I got when I tried to extract: CartKeeperGoldv1.0e.zip File Type: Zip archive data, at least v2.0 to extract
  9. I'm not sure why it won't extract, but I tried it and it won't extract. I've extracted files before, and this time it won't work. The cart is CKgold. i contacted them about the extraction problem and they said I need to save it to the desktop and FTP the files. This is just the trial version. Wonder if that has something to do with it. I use Firefox as my browser now. I'll try their FTP software. Sandra
  10. I was told by the vendor that I need to ftp the files from my desktop rather than unzip and extract in cPanel. There are a ton of files! any better way to do this than file by file using the cPanel file upload? Thanks. Sandra
  11. I downloaded NVU. Very easy to use. I created a "test" page but I keep getting an 503 authentication error message. I used one of the ftp accounts that is showing on my ftp control panel in cPanel. I hope I am using the correct password. How can I get another welcome email sent to me?
  12. Thanks Bruce. These look great. Do you have any experiece with them? How "clean" is the code?
  13. I am using Netscape's Composer. I know there are better alternatives out there but it's free.
  14. I need a total newbie tutorial on how to FTP web pages using something like Netscape communicator. Thanks! Sandra
  15. well i tired to install from the admin panel in joomla, and I don't see virtuemart. I think I need to install it myself somewhere.
  16. Do you think it would be possible not to have Joomla show up at all, just virtue mart?
  17. Jim, or anyone else, I installed Joomla, and downloaded VirtueMart. Where in earth do I install it though? I' already lost. sigh. Sandra
  18. OSComemrce is easy to install but not very easy to use or modify. I tried it and deleted it. Zen Cart seems a little easier to use, but again, not as user friendly as I would like. I am thinking of trying out Cube Cart. I too need something easy to use as I have all unique items and upload individual descriptions and pics can be very time consuming. Good Luck. Sandra
  19. does Joomla take the place of the the commerce admin panels? Because I have found Zen Cart and OSCommerce very difficult to work with. Their admin panels aren't very user friendly. Sandra
  20. Thanks Bruce and Jim! I'm just trying to find the easiest to use commerce site. Zen Cart has proven to be difficult for me. I'l keep looking. Sandra
  21. I read the news from the Head Guru that Fantastico will include Joomla? Ok, what is it and how will it help me with my e-commerce site? I know VirtueMart is an e-commerce package that works with Joomla. Will we have access to this as well? Thanks. Sandra
  22. Hi. I don't really know anything about Fantastico. but I have been in the market for an ecommerce catalog/cart. I find Zen difficult to use and nearly hung myself with my ethernet cable trying to use OSCommerce. Will the scripts in Fantastico help me create an ecommerce cart? Is cube Cart any better? Sandra
  23. Do I create this file or is it something I need to look for? Because i can't find it . thanks. Sandra
  24. Hi. I have a robot named LinkWalker visiting me. Apparently they are a company that checks for broken links and then offers their services. How do I stop them from spidering my site? Sandra
  25. The UnFair Advantage Book on Winning The Search Engine Wars is EXPENSIVE!! $97.00
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