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  1. Seeing as stage 1 entered the Release branch today, there's been a lot of commotion on the cPanel forums, especially from those that didn't realize their servers were set for auto-update. Is TCH testing the Edge branch with the EA3 changes? That looks like the most "fun" A lot of good things in it though.
  2. That's an interesting feature request, but not currently doable (at least in an easy way) with cPanel 10 or cPanel 11 since there are no hooks provided to the email admin handling with cPanel. At this time the easiest way would likely be to use the API2 Framework (http://www.cpanel.net/plugins/devel/) to handle the adding of the forwards/filters This way policy could be defined and applied in a TCH Module, then passed to cPanel upon success, or a message returned to the user upon failure (e.g. "Current AUP does not allow fowarders to send to aol.com, comcast.net ....")
  3. RAR is not a supported archive type for the Extract function. Only ZIP, tar, gz and bz2 are
  4. You can also set it to :blackhole: The difference: :fail: bounces the message with an error :blackhole: simply deletes the message.
  5. Weird characters in web pages can occur due to improper/incorrect character type designations. Especially does this happen when using WYSIWYG type editors. Occasionally I've also noticed it when someone creates or edits a web page on a Linux machine it produces the bizarre characters. The HTML editor in cPanel has been on the agenda to upgrade for a long time, they just have far too many "more important" things to do (like support for Apache 2, 2.x)
  6. ON my board I've taken to banning entire domains (current *.ru) due to their use by spammers. Plus, the possibility of my little board attracting someone from Russia is quite slim
  7. OSCommerce is one of the worst web applications I've encountered. It does everything wrong. Customizing beyond simple color changes or graphic changes are a nightmare because the table layout it uses is horrific and it is embedded within the program logic. Bad, bad, bad. You can use any editor you like, but you'll have to wade though layer after layer of PHP to find the HTML you want to change, in all the places it occurs. You might be interested in ZenCart which is a modified version of OSCommerce that allows you to easily change the color-scheme (but not much else). If you search the web, you'll find people and companies that have templates for OSCommerce. Most are for-pay.
  8. What is this bug? Has it been reported to cPanel (http://bugzilla.cpanel.net or http://support.cpanel.net) ?
  9. Read the PHP manual section on Sessions for better info. By default, PHPs session handling will use cookies to store the session info. If the cookie is not accept PHP will store the session info server side. As long as your PHP version is newer than 4.1.2, transparent IDs are used by default. It's almost as if the transparent ID functionality is not working on initial visit. Strange. The behavior is harmless, for the most part.
  10. It looks like a name server problem. Could be caused by a timeout at sbc/att's side, the packets getting "lost" or something causing problems with the server hosting the DNS records for the domain.
  11. Rather odd. That is the unique Session key PHP creates with start_session() and the like. Usually one never sees it if transparent-ids are enabled (the default for a long time now). Is your session handling configured to set a cookie? Maybe the cookie isn't being accepted on the first visit.
  12. As click said, something like this will work: >foreach($_GET as $key=>$value){ //... } That gives you both the variable name and the value. Don't forget to validate and sanitize both the data and variable names before using them.
  13. ADODB is a very nicely designed database abstraction layer for PHP. It simplifies supporting disparate databases and provides a common featureset for all supported databases. Installation is simple: 1. Unzip the adodb.zip file to a directory in your account. 2. Within your PHP Project, inlcude the adodb.inc.php file That's it. Nice, simple and easy. Makes it easy to upgrade to when the need arises. It has an excellent track record. I've used it for years and do not recall any exploits or security vulnerabilities for it.
  14. And the answer for you really depends upon your requirements. For example, if you want easily modify the appearance, beyond simple color changes, then stay away from osCommerce as it does not support more than simple color changes (without doing some serious code hacking). As stevevan said, the best is to use each for a period of time to see which fits your requirements closest.
  15. When you unzip/upload osCommerce to your site, don't put it directly within public_html. Create a new folder, say 'test', and unzip/upload the osCommerce files to that folder. Thus public_html/test would contain the osCommerce files. The website address would then be http://example.com/test/ where example.com = your domain name. The installation of osCommerce is easy. Patching it and installing user mods/plugins are not. The documentation for osCommerce should suffice for installation, but feel free to ask for more guidance. Additionally, if you want to keep the site totally private, password protect the 'test' folder. Once you are ready to unleash your osCommerce site upon the world, simply remove the password protection. If you change the location of osCommerce once you want everyone to access it, you'll also need to update the configuration within osCommerce. In other words, if you put osCommmerce into public_html/test and then wanted it in public_html/store you would need to change the configuration of osCommerce. It is simpler to put it where you want it always to reside and simply password protect it while it's under development.
  16. According to this MySQL does not support negative UNIX timestamps (as already noted). From your original question, I take it you are already storing values as a UNIX timestamp? If so then you will have to handle the timestamp to date conversion at the application level (in the application code) rather than in the database. Are you trying to write a query to retrieve data from an already developed data model? Or are you still in the process of defining your data model?
  17. Weird. If it didn't do anything to your website I would call it a bug in the FTPd server software.
  18. telcor


    When I find myself frustrated by HTML and CSS errors, no matter how long I've searched and searched to find them, the CSS Validator is always there to keep my hair intact. It finds those silly little errors that my eyes gloss over.
  19. As mike noted, the latest Stable build is 10.9.0-S35 for all platforms (check http://layer1.cpanel.net/) The exploit referenced in the first post can be fixed without performing a /scripts/upcp (Update cPanel). No doubt the TCH techs have already taken steps this past weekend to handle this. Thanks guys/gals!
  20. What you might do is coordinate with a friend who has different connection to the Internet. Replicate your file-transfer problem. When you have site access issues, have your friend attempt to access your website. If the site is slow for your friend, likely the problem is server side. If it is not slow, the problem likely is with your ISP and/or connection. Problems like this are annoying because they can be quite difficult to narrow to the actual cause.
  21. yeah. robots.txt relies upon politeness, which is seriously lacking thanks to spammers and other like ilk. There are other, trickier, methods of blocking bots, but requiring registration and moderator approval is the only solution that truly works.
  22. I've never used the "Easy" mode, or whatever it's called, but cron will let you run the same job on multiple days. When entered by hand you separate the days with a comma. If you want it to run everyday, then an astrisk (*) suffices. Thus, in the "Easy" mode which presents a list of days, if it is from a scrollable select list, rather than buttons, then CTRL+Click will work on Windows and Linux, while CMD+Click will work on Mac OS to select multiple days.
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