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  1. And I appreciate that, I am not at all unhappy with the speed of your reply and I have noted as much here. I am dissapointed overall but I am not going to try to drag you or anyone else into a public debate. As far as I am concerned, I am moving on. Perhaps there is something you and your team have learned from this incident to prevent similar data loss in the future. Regards, Justin
  2. True enough. Technically you're right. I have no legal recourse (nor would I want it for so trivial a matter) as this sort of thing is standard boilerplate stuff for hosting TOS. However, it still troubles me that there was no backup available. Sure, they don't have to provide good backups, but it sure goes a long way in a situation like this to keep my business long term. It's a distinguishing characteristic that was, unfortunately, not displayed today.
  3. Well, I got my response. Quick and to the point, but less than helpful. It seems that an errant script destroyed the mail forwarders for some accounts on my server. They have since taken care of the script but their backups do not contain the missing information. Hard to fathom given that everything was working only yesterday. Strike one!
  4. Another tidbit, a mail filter I added a while back is still there. Only the forwarders and the two default forwarders went AWOL.
  5. How long should I expect for a reply to an urgent ticket?
  6. Thanks for the welcome and the tips. I sure hope my account hasn't been compromised. The default addresses were also mostly messed up. One of the parked domains still had the right default forward but the main domain and the other parked domain were marked as :fail: Strange... I also verified (thankfully) that this is as recent as today. I have mail delivered through TCH yesterday.
  7. Hi, I have been a customer for several months. Really just using this account for parking my domains and forwarding my mail. Well today I realize that I am not getting email for my hosted domain. Mail is being bounced with: PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 10): 550-"The recipient cannot be verified" So I log into CPanel and what do you know? ALL of my forwarders are gone. Bye bye, see ya later. I have opened an urgent ticket (I have (had?) quite a few mail forwarders) but while I am waiting I figured I'd ask if anyone has had this happen to them. Regards, Justin
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