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  1. In Add/Remove find MS Office. Do you have a "Change" button? Select that and then you can add or remove features from there. At least that is how mine is.
  2. Win XP because of City of Heroes. Taking all my time lately.
  3. Still is not free. It might not hit your pocketbook but you will end up paying for it somehow.
  4. Nope, As long as they have not gained access to your site, there is nothing you can do to stop them. I can put anything I want in my return address and it will look like it comes from there. The headers give the real story though so as long as the headers do not match your site then you are safe even though it "looks" like it is coming from you.
  5. Thanks Thomas, I needed a laugh.
  6. I would get the name first and then hosting. I have seen it the other way around and for some reason the name that hosting was registered with became unavailable.
  7. Thats normal for most systems unless you have it turned off in the bios. Mine do it. If the computer would not boot after the beep then it would be a problem worth looking in to.
  8. The number of sites is accurate, maybe more now but remember that many of us have more than one site here.
  9. I suppose Steve but I will still use them for eating and not eat them. Sushi is ok, just depends on your tastes, I prefer tuna over salmon though.
  10. I can agree with that Mike, no stickey, no chopsitckey. Bruce, Sake the name of the place? I cant see drinking sake with chopsticks.
  11. It isn't the getting them down that is the problem. It is the chewing them that is the hard part.
  12. Hey, somewhere between eating right and using chopsticks I have removed almost 60 pounds so it has worked for me.
  13. Heck, I eat with them as often as I can. I am not real adept with them so it takes me longer to eat all of my food. Slower eating means less overeating for me as I feel full with less food.
  14. Thanks Thomas, though I do doubt that anything can sort out my confusion. It is me afterall.
  15. Sorry, I believe it is now Dodos mail and not Dada.
  16. I found these scripts at hotscripts.com. You might be able to find one there that suits your needs. I have never used one but others here may have ideas as well.
  17. I would not use that as it is not secure, you may want to look in to dada mail as it is a more secure script. I am sure that there are others that can advise on other scripts as well.
  18. Yes, you need a domain name and yes, those prices are correct. If you are referring to a board like this, then yes. There are some like it, though not this one in it. SMF, the board included, does suppoort Thai.
  19. Glad to see you are in business again. Sorry if I confused you further but all should be now. Keep us posted if you have more questions.
  20. Hockey? Is that that game played on ice?
  21. If you are hosting here why would you change your cPanel login? It would still be yourTCHdomain.com/cpanel. If you cant even see your domain when you type it into your browser then you need to change your name servers at your registrar to those in your welcome letter sent to you when you bought your hosting account here. You do not change anything here when changing your registrar, you make a change there if necessary.
  22. You up and running now? Outstanding! Now the real fun begins.
  23. It's always the little things that hang me up too. Let us know if you have further questions.
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