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  1. And the email question will have to be answered by one of our wonderful techs ROCK!
  2. From what I read in your post, it sounds like you want to point a domain name to a subdomain under your hosting plan. From what I know, unless you have the reseller plan you can't. Read under this forum here. It reads: Our hosting is made for ONE domain name, although another can be parked on top of the original one, but both will resolve the same index page. What you are trying to do, and have done, is to host sbmgl.com with us, and then register another name, noob-ownage.tk, and have it pointed to a subdomain on your main site (sbmgl.com/noob). This is a violation of the TOS and AUP, and can cause your account to be suspended, or terminated. You CANNOT host multiple domain names, pointed to subdomins on your main account. *~* In your example, it is being redirected to a non-tch hosting plan not a subdomain and the above is tch's policy.
  3. No, from what I've read in the rules and throughout the forums, you can not point a seperate url to a subdomain. You can have multiple domains pointed to the index.htm in the main folder, but not what it sounds like you want to do. Unless of course you have a reseller account Any of the techs can correct me if I'm wrong
  4. MoonFaery


    Oh wow!! I've been trying to figure out how to do something like that for a while. How do you do that?
  5. Weird thing is that didn't work for me either kweilbacher. I even asked for help through live chat. Like I said, it didn't work until I went and had my cpanel auto set it up(Outlook Express AutoConfig)
  6. Mine was acting weird too. Wouldn't let me do anything if I set it up and it kept refusing my sign in stuff, but if I clicked for my cpanel to auto set up oe, it worked even though it didn't change anything I put in Weird if ya ask me
  7. Thank you for telling us about the site. Gone and signed and told others about it also
  8. Is there a way I have to go about deleting a board or can I just go into the ftp and delete the folder itself?
  9. Thank you for the answers everyone
  10. I created a bulletin board for my site and went into the board. How do I customize it to my domain? Is there a way to do it through the cpanel or do I have to upload the files and mess with em that way? Thanks
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