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  1. I've been ironing out the wrinkles that I have.. I keep running into this error... Any ideas? 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-20, 20' at line 1 select o.orders_id, o.customers_name, o.payment_method, o.date_purchased, o.last_modified, o.currency, o.currency_value, s.orders_status_name, ot.text as order_total from orders o left join orders_total ot on (o.orders_id = ot.orders_id), orders_status s where o.orders_status = s.orders_status_id and s.language_id = '1' and ot.class = 'ot_total' order by o.orders_id DESC limit -20, 20 [TEP STOP] So far so good, but now this is more than confusing to me
  2. I know this isn't a script, but Bravenet offers free newsletter services
  3. Thank you I figured after I had posted I would *of course* find it myself
  4. I have been messing around with osCommerce for the last day or so. I'm not highly skilled in .php, but I have managed to get around and customize myself. I am having trouble trying to find a spot that I know I've probably seen while going through the files, so I figured I'd ask here. All I want is the file that it would be in, not how to do it After I have clicked on a link in "Categories" it pulls up the items for that "Category" and at the top of the items is: "Let's See What We Have Here" Where is that so I can edit it? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thank you very much Don and Jim A related question.. Say I create spam@**** and I don't go into the account and it accumalates spam. Wouldn't all that affect how much space I am using for hosting? I mean, I know most emails don't amount to anything more than 5k, but anybody that had a hotmail account or anything with a small limit knows quite well eventually even a 250mg box can get filled
  6. No, this is all through my gmail account thankfully. This person just out of the blue emailed me at my gmail address with that. I mean, I know it is possible.. I've done it to test before (not that the spammers are using outlook express), but you can change the from address to anything@youwish.com and the receiving person will see that it is coming from anything@youwish.com even though it really came from nobody@anywhere.org
  7. I read over some of the previous threads about spam, but I wasn't able to find the answer so hopefully I am just not repeating myself I have a gmail account in case and so I don't have to list my domain(s) email address. I went to check it for any important emails and got an email from someone unknown saying that if they get anymore spam from me that they will report me as spamming. I have no clue who this person is. Is this something I should be worried about? I mean, I know it is pretty easy to change the address from where you are sending. But there are still a lot of ummm computer illiterate people out there that don't know something like that
  8. Weird.. I checked that last night and it was the right permissions. I checked it again and they are all set to 777. I checked via ftp and the file manager through the cpanel Updated: I went into .users and changed EVERYTHING to 777 and it seems to have worked. I am willing to change some stuff over to 777, but I wanted to make sure that changing everything like that in .users won't hurt me any. Thank you for the help David
  9. I'm getting an error that I have no clue how I got. I've been using it without any problems and was going to go check something and this came up: Error: Your Userfile is not writeable I'm ususally pretty good with being able to change the permissions to get something to work, but I'm lost with this one seeing as it was just working earlier today. http://www.moonlitrealm.org/photos/ Anybody have any ideas?
  10. That's true, unfortunately. I just use outlook express so I definitely know it is possible with that. But it is probably some mass email producing program. I can tell it isn't from me from the details of the original email.
  11. Unfortunately, it is really easy to change the 'from' email address in outlook express. I could go into one of my accounts and have an email come from whateveriwant@anywhere.com if I put that as the reply address. I've been getting bounced emails saying that I have been trying to send virus spams from my email address and I know they probably originated from the technique above. It is a pity there is people out there that waste their time making virus' and doing spam.
  12. I love my Kodak EasyShare CX7430 for all those features, I have the options for portrait, sport, night, landscape, closeups and videos Now these days there are so many options you have to choose from and there are quite a few out there that are great.
  13. I have the album folders correct at 777, but it is saying something about my album.dat.lock file not being the correct permissions. Does anyone know what it should be?
  14. I could never find anything I liked so I messed with it and came up with something on my own
  15. Also, when I am uploading the pictures, when it is giving the information on resizing and such: Warning: fopen(/home/moonlit/public_html/photos/albums/trinity/album.dat.lock): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/moonlit/public_html/photos/platform/fs_unix.php on line 55 Error: Could not open lock file (/home/moonlit/public_html/photos/albums/trinity/album.dat.lock)!
  16. So I take it if I submit a trouble ticket, that should help? It is weird, the permissions are set and when I first go into the album(s), it shows the error, but when I refresh it goes away.
  17. There are a lot of good digital cams out there. I personally love the Kodak cameras and will always have one around. If you just want to post pictures on the net, I'd think you wouldn't need something too fancy. Nothing more than a 3 megapixel at the most, but that is just me. Try going to an electronics store and looking around also if you are unsure of a few types
  18. I remember, it is a yahoo messenger emoticon You can look at all of them at http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mesg/use/use-44.html
  19. Thank you so much Raul!!! It works now Rock Sign
  20. Gosh, ummm, I'm not sure kaseytraeger. I "think" it is from one of the instant messaging programs...hehe Rock Sign
  21. I swear I keep running into problems with my gallery... I now get this error: Warning: fopen(/home/moonlit/public_html/photos/albums/albumdb.dat.lock): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/moonlit/public_html/photos/platform/fs_unix.php on line 55 Error: Could not open lock file (/home/moonlit/public_html/photos/albums/albumdb.dat.lock)! And can no longer create new albums. Argh! Does anyone use Coppermine? Is it recommended? I am using the gallery that you can get at sourceforge.net.
  22. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! I tried and tried to figure it out. After I posted this, I figured I'd try somemore since I didn't think I would get a quick response this early in the morning and I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!! Please ignore this thread
  23. Well, there is a space around the date and the post more or less. I'd like it set up like that, but I guess it is late and I can't seem to figure it out.
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