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  1. I'm looking for a GPLed suite of programs to help organize our festival. I need something that has built in webmail that uses a shared contact list... hopefully will also manage mailing lists and calendars. The newest Horde is perfect, but due to (understandable) limitations at TCH I am unable to install a current version.
  2. Would it be possible get someone at TCH to install the newest version on my account? Say, under a horde directory in my public_html directory? I can supply the archives. I totally understand the security reasons behind not offering shell accounts, but this is something that I could do with my eyes closed with it - so I'm left to beg and plead here in the forums for some assistance! hehehehehehe I understand if this isn't possible! Thanks for any help, Vincent
  3. http://www.bluevertigo.com.ar/bluevertigo.htm Lots and lots and lots and lots of cool stuff. Vincent
  4. My only suggestion: Update horde! For reelidentities we're looking for a good groupware platform, and horde seems to have everything we need - except the version that TCH is running doesn't have a lot of the features touted on the website as being in their new versions. We really need to be able to send invites to different events (instead of using evite.com, I'd rather keep it all local on the site.) Also the new version allows shared contacts, shared calendars, and many more modules are now available. I've only realised this this morning, so I have never asked about it in the past. I've been trying to install it myself, but it appears that some sort of shell access is needed to install some librairies. (which of course, is not available at TCH.) Does this seem doable? I can't see the version of Horde you are currently running, but I would guess it's kind of old. (The latest version of Horde is from september... the calendar (kronolith) was updated in January. Many thanks! I hope you consider this! Vincent
  5. Trying to get a script workiing that will post stories via e-mail to my drupal site (nolagay.com) The way the script is configured, I get the following error when I check my pop3 account: >warning: imap_open(): Couldn't open stream {mail.nolagay.com/pop3 110}INBOX in /home/nolagay/public_html/drupal/modules/mailhandler.module on line 14. I know I have a space before /pop3 and 110 when there should be a colon - but if I put the colon in, it just locks up and sits there indefinately. This was mainly to get a message so I'd know it was doing SOMETHING. This is the code in the source: >function mailhandler_retrieve($mailbox) { if($mailbox["domain"]){ if($mailbox["imap"] == 1) { $box = "{". $mailbox["domain"] .":". $mailbox["port"] ."}". $mailbox["folder"]; } else { $box = "{". $mailbox["domain"] ."/pop3 ". $mailbox["port"] ."}". $mailbox["folder"];$mailbox["folder"]; } $result = imap_open($box, $mailbox["name"], $mailbox["pass"]); $err = "domain"; } else { $box = $mailbox["folder"]; $result = imap_open($box, "", ""); } I tried adding /notls after /pop3, but that didnt work either. woooot Any ideas? I'm stumped. Vincent
  6. I have a diff file in public_html/drupal that I need to run - Is there another way to do this?
  7. Same here. Im trying to find a good free news server (no binaries needed) that allows posting. Any ideas?
  8. I believe it was already done, but I must have deleted the email that told me the address! Vincent
  9. What e-mail address should I send a paypal payment to for reelidentities.org and nolagay.com?
  10. Oh, forgot to thank you guys for helping me so quickly! Rock Sign
  11. I am not able to access my cpanel either, but I think it's because I can't remember my password. (It's been a few weeks since I logged in) I can't even submit a trouble ticket because the password is wrong. (I'm using the password from the original e-mail) This is for my nolagay.com account. Can someone help me out and reset my password? But, anyhoo.. I get this when I try to access that link:
  12. I'm actually annoyed and angry right now. lol I've been looking on the net for almost an hour trying to find the code for what is probably very easy to do. I don't know if I'm not searching for the right strings, or if the planets are aligned just so and I'm not allowed to have this information. I'm hoping one of you can help me. Basically, i want to do this: ><?php if (user_agent == "Windows CE" || "Palm OS") { echo "this is the menu for the palmtops"; } else { echo "this is the menu for every one else"; } ?> The closest I've come across is using javascript to redirect to a different page, but that's not what I want to do: ><script> if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Windows CE") != -1) {window.location='splash-pc.html'} </script> Helllp! Please! Vincent
  13. I loved that comparison site. I didn't realise there were so many blogs out there. As for a patchy feel, I don't get that feeling at all with MT. Postnuke and PHPNuke feel very convaluted and patchy to me, however. I find MT is extremely flexable and well written. The tags are a bit confusing, but I've gotten used to them for the most part. The Plugins work better (for the most part) than anything I used for *nuke. I cant wait to see what Rayners comes up with.. I'm a big fan of his MT work. Vincent
  14. Great site! I didn't know there was so many blogging tools out there. Just wondering, what don't you like about MT? I think it's incredible.
  15. That's what I thought - but lstover said However, from my perspective, you cannot setup a "host IRC server" on your account. which implies that it is not possible, as apposed to may not setup a "host IRC server" which would imply you are not allowed to. Simple misunderstanding on my point - I read it too literally. My point, however, was that the quoted Acceptable Use Policy excerpt states may not use IRC scripts or programs that interfere with or deny service to other users on any other server, host, network or channel. It sounded kind of vague to me too in that it definately says no scripts, but I would have asked about the server as well (if I didn't already know that almost no host would allow it.) No biggie. Agreed. TCH Rocks Vincent
  16. Horde actually "hides" mail after a certain amount of days. . There's a setting somewhere what lets you see hidden/read messages.
  17. Not neccisarily true. I've run an IRC daemon before on a previous host (they wanted me to after I asked, so they could see how it would impact their servers - I think they even had to make a few changes to the server's config before I could run it correctly.) It does however take some know how and some configuring. I also used to run an undernet server that only I had access to back in '93 on my old University VAX account . (I don't remember why I needed it, but I had admin help in setting it up then too.) But yeah, it's possible - but it takes some server config file tweaking if I remember. Vincent
  18. I see his reason for confusion. It's says that IRC Bots are prohibited and that "You may not use IRC scripts or programs that interfere with or deny service to other users on any other server, host, network or channel." but does an IRC daemon fall within this verbage? To me it doesn't. (I would like to point out that I'm not disagreeing with your policy in the least - I've never hosted with anyone that allowed IRC daemons to be run, and I understand why you woudn't want them.) The way it reads to me, the (quoted) policy specifically prohibits bots and scripts, but doesn't say anything about running the ircii daemon itself. I could have missing something since I didn't follow the link to read the rest, but thought you may need to clarify that so it wont come up in the future. TCH Rocks Vincent
  19. I use (and love) MT on noleftturns.com and reelidentities.org (as well as a few others that arn't public right now) It may be considered bloated for those that want a simple blog, but I think as you think of more things you want to be able to do on your site, you won't see it as "bloat" anymore, but as flexibility. My $00.02 Vincent
  20. I just came across this application for creating and administrating forms online... thought I'd share it with the family. http://phpformgen.sourceforge.net/
  21. I downloaded it from the ibplanet.com site, from the 1.1 download section. How can I tell if it's truly 1.1 compatible? Vincent
  22. I've been trying to install a theme into InvisionBoard for the last 10 minutes. It keeps telling me that it can't write into the archive_in directory (even though it seems to be doing that: >[color=blue][SIZE=14]An Error Occured... [/SIZE][/color] The error message returned is displayed below. Directory creation failed, cannot import skin set. Please check the permission in 'archive_in' permissions say 777 in filemanager list, but if I click on "Change Permissions" it says it set to 770 Then, if I try it again, I get this: >Warning: mkdir(/home/reelide/public_html/forum/archive_in/set-IPB Lite) [function.mkdir]: File exists in /home/reelide/public_html/forum/sources/Admin/ad_skin_import.php on line 207 At the very top of the page. (Meaning, it was able to create the directory before!) and the same message as before directly after it. So, I delete the directory and try again.. and I get the first message again. Anyone have this happen before? I upgraded to 1.1 two nights ago.
  23. I added a line similar to that that allows *.html pages to be parsed with PHP since I wanted to use php on a few of my pages, but didn't want to break any bookmarks or anything. My other choice was to figure out a mod_rewrite way of doing it - but that made my head hurt. Vincent
  24. I've imported several new skins into my Invisionboard successfully. How do I actually switch the board over to them? I can;t find any way to "Use suchandsuch skin/theme" They're all listed when I go to "Manage Skins" but how do I use them? Can I make of of my new ones my default?
  25. Typically me indeed. When I copied it from my local machine to the server I didn't change "reelidentities.org" to localhost. If it were a snake it would have bit me.
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