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  1. I run a wireless LAN at home: HP Deskjet 6800 Network printer (wired or wireless, currently running wireless) Toshiba Satellite running Mandriva Linux 2007 w/Motorola WN825G Cardbus card Desktop running XP Home w/Belkin wireless pci (BCM4306 chipset) Desktop running Mandriva 2007 w/Belkin wireless pci (BCM4306 chipset) My router (Linksys WRT54G) can do WPA Personal with either TKIP or AES algorithm, WPA2 Personal AES or TKIP+AES algorithm. (It can also do WPA and WPA2 Enterprise, but that apparently requires a RADIUS server...dunno). Anyway, The WPA with TKIP algorithm appears to give my cards a much longer encryption key than AES and longer than WPA2 AES+TKIP. I used a fairly strong passphrase(?) (PSK) of 60 characters each time. I recall reading somewhere that TKIP was susceptible to a weakness in Michael (have no idea what that is), but the longer encryption key it gives my cards makes me think it is more secure. Am I worried over nothing and WPA with TKIP algorithm is ok?
  2. I still suggest converting to SMF, but you say your software is up to date, but I see you are using phpBB 2.0.11 and the current version (as of 9 June 2006) is 2.0.21.
  3. The reason for this is DNS propagation. Once you change the nameservers for your domain, it can take some time for it to propagate across the entire internet. Some DNS servers will update with the correct nameservers before others have. It can take from 24-72 hours (usually within 48 hours, I believe) I hope this make sense.
  4. The two problems might be related. Somehow in your config, you have set your database user as 'nobody' and it needs to be the actual user of your database. This may cause it to not fetch the right info from the database, making $lvotes == 0 (or null). Is this a script you wrote?
  5. I run Linux (which is what TCH Servers run on) at home and I can tell you it is pretty challenging to go from Apache-1.x with PHP 4.x to PHP 5.x. I believe you really need to upgrade to Apache-2.x when you do this (not 100% sure). I think TCH is running Apache-1.x. To change the server software platform to a newer release of Apache can lead to unforeseen difficulties. In other words, though I would love to have PHP 5.x, I leave the decision up to the techs with much more knowledge than I. (I sure would love to have Ruby working, though...hinthint)
  6. Testing this: Seems to work correctly. Unless you are printing the whole form with a php print statement, you need to break into php to put your variable in the there.
  7. If I am understanding correctly, these: databasenameone databasenametwo cpanelname_database
  8. I'll take Bruce's cookies if he doesn't want 'em.
  9. I say go with SMF, also. I love it. If you are going to pay for forum software, I would choose IPB. ht_p://mandrivausers.org/index.php has 15331 registered members and a total of 227825 posts and is running strong. (TCH Hosting Forums looks to me like IPB, but it is not branded.)
  10. I could not possibly disagree more. There are plenty of quality Open Source and free programs of the same quality as many, many commercial applications. I can do everything with The Gimp that I could do with Photoshop and with the same, if not better, quality.
  11. My pleasure. I'm self-taught in PHP, so I have become pretty adept at finding obscure examples of PHP code. Edit: That's odd. If I look at the post times, it looks to me like y'all both actually replied to my post before I made it (even though your posts come after):
  12. On this page is an example script of parsing phpinfo into some arrays: http://terra.di.fct.unl.pt/docs/php/function.phpinfo.php.htm Maybe this helps.
  13. I still disagree, but that's OT
  14. That's a myth about Open Source...the same as "If Linux had as big a user-base as Windows there would be just as many viruses for Linux." Ok, so you read the code and find an exploit...before 20 people have read your blog, it's patched by some other 'hacker'. And, sure, you could write a virus that may wipe out my home directory in Linux, but my OS is safe, unless you know my root password. Also, Linux users are a lot more security-conscious than Windows users. Email attachments don't just execute on their own...you'd have to convince them to chmod +x the file and execute it...not saying email attachments are the only way to send viruses, but a popular one. It would require a little more research into how Linux operates to make claims like that. (Sorry for going OT a little.)
  15. I believe this means: That GD2 is enabled.
  16. What's this "Microsoft" thing everyone is talking about?
  17. Thunderbird vs Incredimail? Thunderbird doesn't contain tons of spyware like Incredimail. Thunderbird doesn't screw up your tcp/ip adapter like Incredimail Thunderbird is, IMHO, incredibly tedious to set up initially, but once configured, it is awesome.
  18. I think it's more how php itself works. When not running as a cgi script, it runs as nobody, therefore any files it creates are owned by nobody. You could probably write a php script to delete or chmod those files.
  19. I thought pointing a subdomain to another server was against TOS or AUP or whatever. What you are suggesting is the opposite, but would a customer still not get in trouble for doing what you suggest?
  20. I forget my byte to kilobyte math, but isn't 20000 less than 23kb? My understanding is that 1 kb == 1024 bytes. Therefore 23 kb == 23552 and 20000 bytes == 19.53 kb which would explain why a 23 kb image can't be uploaded when the limit is 20000. Also remember that if you convert a jpeg to gif format, it gets greatly reduced in size in the conversion, so a 23 kb jpeg becomes a much smaller gif. I created my own upload.html form and upload.php to process uploading png files if you are interested in seeing them: This is upload.html: ><html> <body> <form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="upload.php" method="POST"> <!-- MAX_FILE_SIZE must precede the file input field --> <input type="hidden" name="MAX_FILE_SIZE" value="2200000" /> <!-- Name of input element determines name in $_FILES array --> PNG Image to Convert: <input name="image" type="file" /> <input type="submit" value="Send File" /> </form> </body> </html> Here is upload.php I think my script is pretty secure and of course you can change png to jpg in your case. If you need help in doing that, I can try to help.
  21. I'm glad this was asked again. I was wondering the same thing, but hadn't had the time to search the forums lately.
  22. http://us2.php.net/set_time_limit This will only work if php is not running in safe mode.
  23. Maybe you could use javascript to retrieve it? ><script language="javascript">var thisdomain; thisdomain = window.location.host;</script>
  24. Western (ISO-8859-1) here, too. Not zoomed. Tried all different kinds of font settings (I always try them first because I typically have a minimum font size set, which I know can mess with things...the screenshot is without a minimum font size set).
  25. I got a response telling me basically "Sorry for the delay in getting Ruby Rails installed. We are still having trouble with the installations on the test servers. I cannot tell you at this time what the features of the installations will have."
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