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  1. I believe I am having a similar problem. Trying to upload an image and I get this message... The uploaded file could not be moved to /home/*****/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2009/09. Permissions show that User has read, write and execute. Thanks, MB
  2. I had the file manager reset and uploaded all the files like I did in my first blog and I am still unable to install Wordpress. Double checked dbname, username, password, if anybody is up to helping me with this one I would appreciate it. Can't figure it out. Much appreciated, MB
  3. I think it is a problem because if you go to the URL it is pointing back to the old site My linkwhich is hosted at Yahoo, the domain is also registered there. This is what Yahoo says on their Domain Management page... "You can create up to four nameserver entries. Enter new nameserver addresses or edit the existing nameserver addresses below. Yahoo!'s name servers must be listed as Primary and Secondary in order for Yahoo! to host your domain services properly. If you add to or replace Yahoo!'s default nameservers, you will disrupt the services that Yahoo! provides." Type: Nameserver Hostname: 1. Primary 2. Secondary 3. Additional 4. Additional So I have my total choice nameservers listed as 3 & 4, and Yahoo's as primary and secondary. That doesn't seem right. Thanks, MB
  4. that's what i thought but when i looked at the cpanel of the other wordpress blog i have setup they were all in www, and that blog works fine.
  5. i checked the file manager in the cpanel and the files did not upload to the www folder. i used filezilla which i never used before and it confused me. is there anyway to get the file manager reset back to how it was before i uploaded anything? it is a mess right now.
  6. The DNS was changed yesterday afternoon, you are probably still seeing the old site.
  7. I also get this message when I go to the URL, this may give a clue as to what is going on... http://balancedtherapies.com/
  8. Hi Thomas, I agree it does sound that way, but I rechecked everything numerous times and it still would not work. I'll check it again tonight after work. Maybe I'll find the error after I've been away from it for a while. Thanks, MB
  9. sorry i am actually using this link and still not working. have doubled checked db name, user name and password.
  10. Hi, I'm setting up another blog and thought I had this wordpress installation figured out but still won't work for me. This is the url I am using My link Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! MB
  11. ok, i get it now, forgot that was my username.
  12. Thanks, Bruce, I did figure that out. What is the ~cPanel_user part of the URL? MB
  13. Alex, Do you think you or somebody could get me back to the admin login screen? Thanks, MB NEVER MIND I GOT IT, THANKS!
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