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  1. Way to go Dave and mommy. Welcome to the family little one.
  2. Great, the crazy one is bringing more crazies here. Just what we need. Keep us posted!
  3. You people change time? What a strange concept.
  4. I am happy to hear it is working now. Welcome to the forums by the way.
  5. Better instructions for you to double check from my good friend Don. Be sure that in MySql you 1 - created the database 2 - created a user 3 -added the user to the database (go back to MySql and find the Add user select the user and database, and then Add user to database) Then to connect to the database in a script use: host: localhost database: yourCpanelName_databaseName user: yourCpanelName_databaseUser password: mypassword * Note password is just as the password, do not add the CpanelName to it.
  6. In your mt-comfig does it reflect; cPanel-name_username cPanel-name_database-name and password, no "cPanel-name_" in front Note the "_"
  7. Unfortunately, .it domains cannot be transferred to TCH at this time.
  8. Welcome to the Forums. I wouldn't have thought it would matter ihat the domain extension was. Not allowing you to change your domain settings is not a good thing. You might think about moving your domain to a registrar that allows you more control of your domain.
  9. Welcome to the forums Chima. Honestly, I am not sure but I believe someone will come along soon and provide an answer to the question.
  10. 1. No, SSL kicks in from the PayPal side. If I recall, they have to log in to PayPal before the transaction takes place. 2. Yes 3. If they enter through https then yes. Otherwise it will not be secure unntil you enter your cart if I remember right. 4. No, the logo is tied to the SSL cert you buy.
  11. Yes Aaron, if you have the recorder then you can do it without telling the other party.
  12. What else is new. Sometimes I think I would be better off browsing with a colander, fewer holes, instead of this browser. Oh well, when work requires it then so be it
  13. One party in AZ as well. Check your local laws as your mileage may vary.
  14. TCH-Rob

    Tch Email?

    Send it to me or any other mod/staff and we can tell you. Unless you want to post the text here.
  15. From a personal standpoint, it will make no difference to me. I will not pay a few hundred dollars every couple of years to get a new operating system on top of what I have to pay to keep upgrading my computer to run the software. I have XP and I am not going any further.
  16. Welcome to the forums Geosword. You could also open a ticket with the helpdesk and see if we have a newer backup than what you have.
  17. It isn't a TCH problem, however that does not mean that we can't look at it and see what other options if any there are for him to utilize if he wishes to do so. I am not stating that we would get involved in any way other than to possibly expand his knowledge of what course of action that he can take. I did not mean to imply that TCH would take any kind of action to resolve the matter for Brent other than the fact that we are a family here and I believe that we as family members should do all we can to assist each other. And, yes, I am curious as to the name of the company myself and would like a further look too.
  18. I do not want the domain posted in the forums. If Brent wishes to share the domain with one of us working for TCH so we can look into the issue then it will be up to him to do so.
  19. Glad you were able to find the problem. Let us know how it goes.
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