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  1. Hello there, I'm currently with a UK Company who I have a hosting account with. (Although the servers are in the US - I'm in the UK) - However getting a bit upset with them, therefore looking elsewhere. I was going to try and go with a UK based Company - but, hey... the internet is global and it's a big world! ;-) So I have been looking at WebHostingTalk forums and came across TCH. Then I found this forum - Hey, it's great! People seem happy and pleased with the service. A couple of questions; 1. Do TCH block ANY attachments? I often send .exe and .wav's etc. plus other attachments - my current providor blocks then.. I would like to be the one that decides what and what I shouldn't receive. Obviously if there is a virus and a virus scan is done at server level, then of course that's fine. 2. Do you have Fantastico on your cPanel? 3. What version of cPanel do you/they use? 4. Can I just update my DNS on my .co.uk domain to point to TCH? Um, that's it for now. ;-) GLen
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