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  1. Did you ever find out if cli was on server 83 or should I open a support ticket?
  2. I am on server 83. The command I have for the cron job is: /usr/bin/php /home/***/public_html/cron.php --rerank with *** as my cpanel username It results in the error message email listed above. The instructions from the script documentation say: I modified the $arphp_directory setting as the instructions asked. Below is the initial part of the script that returns the error with my cpanel username edited out. ><?PHP ## AutoRank PHP ## [url=http://www.jmbsoft.com/license.php]http://www.jmbsoft.com/license.php[/url] $arphp_directory = '/home/***/public_html'; chdir($arphp_directory); $sapi = php_sapi_name(); if( $sapi != 'cli' ) { $message = "<pre>This script can only be executed by the cli version of PHP.\n" . "Current executing environment: <b>$sapi</b></pre>"; if( isset($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD']) ) { echo $message; } else { echo strip_tags($message); } exit; }
  3. I am setting up a cron job to rerank a topsites list. I am getting a error email message when the cron job tries to execute stating: This script can only be executed by the cli version of PHP. Current executing environment: cgi Does this mean that the cli version (whatever that is) of PHP is not installed on the server?
  4. Recently the notification emails that are sent from my phpBB forum when someone gets a new PM or a reply is posted to a thread they are watching are bouncing. It only seems to be happening to those with a yahoo.com email address. Below is part of the undeliverable mail message that is coming back to me with the person's email address x'd out. Any ideas how to fix this? --------------------------- This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: xxxxx@yahoo.com unrouteable mail domain "yahoo.com" ------ This is a copy of the message, including all the headers. ------
  5. I picked up a book recently named "Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using Php & MySQL" by Kevin Yank. It is geared toward those without any or much knowledge of php or mysql databases. I have thumbed through it and it looks like it will be a good beginning tutorial. The end tutorial has you creating a simple user authentication system. ISBN is 0-9752402-1-8 if you wanted to look it up at Amazon.
  6. I was recently asked to recommend a host for someone who needs ASP hosting. Since I cannot recommend TCH since they don't offer it can someone recommend a host that does? None of the hosts I would normally look at offer ASP and I would rather have a host recommended then just pick one at random via a Google search.
  7. I just found this new mod at phpbb that might help out those having trouble getting the correct cookie settings. http://www.phpbb.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=228741 Also it notes in there that if your users are having trouble logging in due to cookies and you change your cookie settings to fix it they will likely have to clear out their old cookie settings then reload their browser before coming back to your forums to see if the new cookie settings will work for them. So if you change your settings to something you think is correct and should be working but the user is still saying they are having trouble ask them to clear their cookies, reload and try again.
  8. Here are my suggested settings for the cookie information for phpbb: Cookie domain: set this to either: www.****** or .****** Notice the two periods in the second one Cookie name: Any name will do, for example, "phpbb" or "forums" but it is suggested that if you run two forums on the same domain that you give each of them a unique name. Cookie path: The path to where your forums reside. For example if your forum is located at *****/phpbb/ then you would enter /phpbb/ If your forums reside at *****/forums then you should enter in /forums/ Here is an example of how I have my cookie settings for my site poetrypages at http://www.poetrypages.com/phpBB2/ Cookie domain: www.poetrypages.com Cookie name: poetryforums Cookie path: /phpBB2/ Using the same formula as suggested above I have never had a problem with my cookie settings on any of the many phpbb forums I run. Also, if you change your cookie settings and want to test out the new settings you may want to clear out the old stored cookies for your forums before reloading the page and trying it with the new settings.
  9. One of my sites (shoppingaide.com) that I moved to TCH was hosted at Pair.com. I was very hesitant to move it due to it being my main source of income and pair.com had a very good track record of keeping my site up and running smoothly. I had other sites that were not so critical hosted at another reseller and had moved them all over to TCH and kept my eye on them for awhile to make sure they stayed stable before I moved shoppingaide over to TCH. My main reason for moving from Pair to TCH was cost. Another reason was the control panel for my domains here at TCH offer me more control and options. While Pair allowed me to install phpmyadmin on my own if I wished they did not offer it by default, and I am pretty lazy. Pair also does not allow any type of chat program on their servers. Even the small ChatBox mod for the phpbb forums. So far so good with it being hosted my TCH and I am happy that I moved. I still get the stable environment, more options and all for a lot less.
  10. Thanks! Opened them up and removed those lines that were put in the backup and it seems to be restoring ok now.
  11. I always try to make sure the first text the search engine would see is something worth them indexing. Like a "welcome to such and such" with a description of the site. Often this is the text that will be displayed as the description of your site in a search engine, not all of them use the meta tag description that you supply.
  12. I am trying to move the phpbb forum database from my old server to TCH and I am having trouble. I think them trouble is with the actual backup. I tried to use phpmyadmin to create a backup of the database on my old host. Doing a backup of the entire database gave me a file that was 0 kb in size. I was able to do a backup of each individual table Except for phpbb_posts, phpbb_posts_text, phpbb_phpbb_topics and phpbb_privmsgs_text. The backup file on those were also 0 kb. Those tables are the ones that are the largest. My old host had shell access so I decided to try that to get a good backup instead of using phpmyadim. I did a backup of each table separately and it seemed to be ok. However when I try to restore these to the database at TCH I am getting the following error message: Any ideas? I ran a Check Table on them and it came back ok. The forums are still live on the old forums and I am not having any trouble with it there. Could the tables be corrupted in some way that is causing this issue, if so am I screwed?? I notices the old host was running MySQL 4.0.16 and TCH is running MySQl 4.0.20.. would that cause any problems?
  13. Last month it was about 12gigs. * there is more to the site then just the forums so couldn't say how much they were using.
  14. Just for kicks here is a list of all of the redirects: http://shoppingaide.com/301notworking.html The ones in bold are the ones that are not working correctly. I can live without them working but I am really curious to know why some work and others don't.
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