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  1. well the option will have to be disscussed but the idea is sound
  2. now here is the answer to the window problem code written to the html ditors and browsers when creating a page, insted of (target= blank) you put (taget = ask) then when a browser answers with what was pre difined in the settings setting will have somthing like dont allow popups--- allow if host domain is diffrent from current--- allow all pop ups--- pompt me for answer--- text box list all domains that you wish not to have pop ups from ad. buy.me now in that pomt thing you have a button that says to "add to the ads list" and that will kill spam
  3. Actually I meant permission mask in the control admin panel it's self I was getting confused between the main mask and the ones that come up when you create a forum
  4. i decided to go in a reading spree and figured it out but thank you for the responce consider problem this closed Thumbs Up
  5. I installed the board and started to add things and adjust things when i realize that half of the things i did not know what they were for Help!!! two thing i would like to know 1. where is there a good help file OK i found the forum help area but where are there more help sites 2. can one of the staff go in and set it up for me like this forum is at least the more techinal aspect of it like permissions and that ibp because i do not know what that is at all Honesty i thought it would be easier to set up Update: ok i went to the IPB website and used there 2.0 version manual and it answerd alot of question but i would like for one of the staff to check out the permissions becuase i am still not sure on that
  6. Hurts Like H*** beleave me i know
  7. Thank you TCH-Lisa Rock Sign Thumbs Up
  8. yes it is, it has anime that popular Japan and fanfiction based on Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet and titanic move amoung others and as soon as i have time i will place with tips and tricks for XP systems
  9. Heart of Destiny The .Net Domain Description Heart of destiny (.NET) Here you will find information on Sailor Moon,Tips & Tricks for Win XP,fan fiction on Leonardo DiCaprio,Kate Winslet,Email stories,topics are always being added the link back is on the main page keep in mind not much yet but i am getting to it
  10. no it does not for the reason that the ip's never change but if i remember if you have Connect on Demand: Max Idle Time checked it will generate a error like the one you have but i am not sure anyways i have it unchecked oh check to see if you have asigned a ip to the system with out a subnet mask and by the way how knolegable are you in this area because i dont want to give you simple things to do that you allready know like the back of your hand if this insults you am am sorry and you dont have to anwser plus i need to know what you have like router, modem, ISP and if your using web IP's or lan ip's
  11. i have the same router and the best thing is to set them to static ip's using 192.168.xx.xx x's what ever you want up to 3 charectors each for ex using this method it is easy to trouble shoot and since you only have two it is a snap not to mention it is easier to punch holes in your firewall to allow programs to work right and then close it when your done plus you will all ways know your comptuters ip
  12. Thank you Lisa for the info , i did not plan on playing hopsctoch with the cpannel
  13. ok i am uploading my images to my server Coppermine says to make folder in side yoour album folder then batch add to import the images. 1. i have to go in to cpannel and change the permissions to 0777 because if not it will not import them i have to do this for every folder or is there a way to do this automaticaly 2. is there away to make a image database where the images them selfs are in the database kinda like a zip or rar file . where all the images are in in one file and yet be able to use Coppermine with it. 3 can someone please change my cpannel theme to 'huh' where's that post with the name again ? ok found it Monsoon on Server71 and Server74 both acounts please heartofdestiny.net and .org because i don not like having to jump in one area and out to another to find what i am looking for it is bad enough that i have no idea what i really doing since i never had cpannel much less tring to find a option jumping from one option to another Thank you Ps. thank you TCH staff and mod along with all the member for helping me i know i am just asking for help and not giving help right now i am tring to learn everthing my self and i do not want to give bad advise first learn then give Thumbs Up Rock Sign
  14. ok to start i decided to in stall coppermine image gallery i if it is good enough to make your short list of third party apps than it is good for us and it is easy on the server at TCH but ImageMagick will not work it gives me a error Error executing ImageMagick - Return value: 127 i think it as somthing with the path for the reason that i could not set it up when i fist installed the script for it "I got what it said the error was" but i think it was somthing like could not access the ImageMagick but since i allready started i selected somthing else just to finsh the install and figure it out latter well now it is later Plus i do know that the path you have for ImageMagick is /usr/local/bin/convert the area where i get the error is in the Batch-Add files area of Coppermine the pic never showed up on the side like are suposed to in Batch-Add files area coppermine "bad coppermine" WORK!!
  15. well i went to the cpannel site to see i can submit it and it asked for Administrator type of inforormation so what i says is for TCH-MikeJ or somebody of the staff to submit it
  16. yes this is true for the configeration you have now but it can be done
  17. I was wondering if you could adopt this idea into your server origination of the file structure for sub domains. When creating we normally type the name of the url that the browser will look for like “Sub.domain.net” but in our file area it is just “sub “ Now what I would like to purpose is that the default naming be changed to “Sub.domain.net” for the folder as well Example (root ftp folder) Index.htm Image.gif Sports <------------folder Players<--------------subdomain folder Football<----------folder Baseball<-------- -folder Basketball<---------folder Now without the arrow pointing to them it would be hard to tell which is the sub domain right. Add about 3 to 6 more subs to the list and a person might get confused of which is the sub and mess his site up and possibly submit a trouble ticket because of it My Example (root ftp folder) Index.htm Image.gif Sports <------------folder Players.domain.net <--------------subdomain folder Football<----------folder Baseball<-------- -folder Basketball<---------folder Now when they see a folder named “Players.domain.net” they will know that this is a sub and not have to guess if it is or not even if they have like 20 subs they can always tell which is which (user friendly format Thumbs Up )
  18. its ok it good to play devil's advocate it helps us to come up with better way's to acomplish our goals well then that is what i will have to do . and as for the pople that are on dailup i u nderstand how they feel i was once a dailup person and to have a page take a long tme to load only to say "the page you waited so long for is not the one you want" is a pain in the ( ) beleave me. as for the pople that dont read html email i have no idea on what to do on that note i have to think about what i want "make it look good or basic for everyone to veiw it
  19. well i beleave that a image would show for the reason all browser and e-mail programs support images at least since win98 they may not show up correcty but they will show up as for flash that is a diffrent story you will need a plugin or somthing so i guess i wont be putting a flash or anything that was not standard at the time
  20. basicly i would like my autoresonder to have style to it besides standard text and standard html i would like to have a image or flash you know dress it up a little i know i can do a hard html and put the image url like http:www.****/banner.jpg or the flash and get the image from my site storage what i would like to know is there ia easier way to acomplish this whth out having to do that Thumbs Up Rock Sign Thumbs Up
  21. Basically I would like to put video in my site but not as a ZIP file but as streaming video but I can not find any info on the net or Extensions on the exchange on the matter maybe somebody here can assist me or maybe point me in the right direction I want my little window to open and show the video
  22. Ok I am planning to learn how to work in dream weaver and know it like the back of my hands now what would like to know is it hard to learn PHP I am at an Intermediate Level of knowledge of for Visual Basic, JavaScript, html, (CSS a little below Intermediate. -- PHP I have no idea) 1. Does DW write the code for it or do I have to do it in code view? 2. Do you think I have the knowledge for it or should I learn more of what I know before I take it on woooot WOW if i take it on i have to learn DW ,more of CSS, mySQL " I only know accessand not that much" and PHP Cool Thumbs Up
  23. besides Contact information, DNS what else is there or should i just do it and be surprised
  24. About two days ago or was it yesterday I got a pm from TCH Don I think he told my that his registrar let him do what ever needed to be done to the information of his domain I guess he meant "address, server names, phone numbers, and etc." now what would TCH let me do :Nerd:
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