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  1. Ok for me I love FrontPage because I know it like the back of my hand I can design a site of about 25 pages in about 8 hours complete including graphics and every thing else you can think of I want to learn dreamweaver this is one of the reasons I got an account here I know the basics but I want to know it like my other hand Golive is cool to I know the basics of it but the layout of the program is kind of crowed for my taste Now you know all the editors I use oh and the first editor I used is Netscape composer 4x
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    yes they do but some feature may not be available due to the changing of fp2002 to 2003 Rock Sign
  3. since the main deomain does not show up does this mean i have to get a new domain because the domains i want to work with are heartofdestiny.com and net and org
  4. ok thank you for you time chances are i will move in as soon as my other provider term ends thank you again
  5. ok one more question i own .net and .org my wfe .com if i get a reseller acount and add my domains to it for now, Later can i add the .com to that acount and have all three domains under one acount Ps. on the last reply i posted in about 10 second after i posted you were reading and replying to good service Rock Sign Thumbs Up
  6. But if I put them on top of each other I wont be able to keep the independent of each other like .com is my wives and she puts what she would like and I own .net and I put what I would like and .org would be about organizations how to contact them
  7. Hello I was in the market for transferring my domain and hosting to a new provider and I came across or site. And read every thing every where even on sub domains which I love, Well my ? is own heartofdestiny .net and .org my wife owns .com and I and my wife want to link between them all including sub domain but I read in you creating a sub domain that you can not link between sub domain if the topics don’t match like for EX. I have http://moonprisms.heartofdestiny.net which is about Japanese Animation and I have another witch is http://estories.heartofdestiny.net/ which is Just stories that I get in email that I like to put up now if I understand the page I read I can not link them right. The reason I ask this is because my wife and I want to make .com, .net and .org like a 3 domain network with different topics but if and put like little ads says if you interested in Japanese Animation you can go click here for http://moonprisms.heartofdestiny.net this add would be placed on .com. .org If you’re unsure on what I am taking about take a trip over to http://www.heartofdestiny.com or http://www.heartofdestiny.net once there you might understand if we can do what we are doing then you would have a new family member soon
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