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  1. I'm trying out an elearning product called "Articulate" which converts powerpoint slides into flash presentations. When I try to publish a presentation for viewing on the web one of the FTP properties being asked for is the directory on the server where the file will be published. It's been a while since I've done any ftp-ing, so could you remind me of what the path leading to "Dir" would look like? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I want to be able to start using webcasts for a distance learning class I've put together and was wondering if anyone has any experience working with "network cameras. I've started studying this product category with outfits like Axis Communications and the Webcam Store and was wondering if anyone had some personal info to share. I'm doing an exercise class and would need a camera that would adapt to different angles. On the student side, they would be standing in front of their workstations following along. Thanks for any suggestions, input, or critques.
  3. I need to post some pictures on my TCH share and make them accessible to a variety of people, but I don't want them to know my domain name. Is there a way to give them the link to the file without disclosing my domain name? Thanks!
  4. Hello All, I have an iMAC running O/S 9.2 and just hooked it up to a DSL connection and would feel more comfortable if I had some firewall protection. Can you suggest a good firewall product for this Mac configuration? Thanks!
  5. Lisa, What are your steps for keeping your scripts up to date?
  6. I just updated my software to the latest version of Expression Engine - v. 1.2.1: Does that meet TCH's requirement for blogging software?
  7. I'm in the process of shopping for a DSL ISP. I'm moving my office and currently I'm using cable which isn't available at my new local, so I'm going to use DSL. I'm hoping to get your feedback regarding parsing out the differences between Qwest (the phone company), and the boutique ISP's like Speakeasy and SoundDSL. My preliminary research shows that Qwest is the least cost option with "phone company" type support. I've been reading reviews on http://www.dslreports.com/ and Qwest seems to be 'acceptable/average' to many reviewers. On the other hand Speakeasy and SoundDSL taut their fiber connections to multiple backbones and their excellent technical support - and of course they charge more for their service. I was wondering how other TCH members go about balancing out these two ends of the ISP spectrum, and decide which type of DSL ISP to go with. Thanks for any feedback you can offer!
  8. Thanks everyone for your insights and experiences! Bruce, When I bought my Inspiron 8200, Dell put 256k in it. I'm assuming that they put in a 256k chip into one slot, which would leave the second slot open for a 512k chip. I haven't opened the box up yet to check, but in your experience, isn't it unlikely that they would taken up two slots (128k x 2) to install 256k? Thanks for your feedback!
  9. Hi, I'm looking to buy a 512 mb upgrade chip for my Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop and was wondering if www.crucial.com is a reputable dealer -- or if there are others that you recommend. Also, I'm planning on installing the RAM myself, are there any tips/pitfalls I should be aware of? Thanks!
  10. Using TCH's stat package -- "AWStats" -- I'm getting a specific number of viewers/hits for each of the web pages I created using FrontPage, but for pages created using Expression Engine (EE) -- http://www.biom.net/dojo.php/dojo/ and http://www.biom.net/dojo.php/teahouse/ -- AWStats is giving me an aggregate number for views/hits to all my EE pages. What do I need to do to get the "AWstats" program to show stats for each EE blog page viewed? Thanks!
  11. Hello, I'm trying to set up the mailing list software provided through cPanel and I'm getting more "options" than I have time to process at the moment. I found that some ISP's are now blocking the newletters I'm sending out using my email marketing software (ConstantContact) and want to set up a TCH mailing list to see if I can get my newsletter to my subscribers that way. Question: How do I set up a mailing list using cPanel that is just a simple distribution list that hides the names of the batch recipients? Thanks!
  12. Hello Lisa, I would like to add the following 3 Web sites to the TCH family page: Site1: BIOM - A Conscious Place for Health & Well-Being At BIOM, we work to create an ecology of body, mind, and spirit that supports personal and professional health and well-being. BIOM provides health and well-being experiences that people have enjoyed for thousands of years—in uniquely modern ways that meet your current and ancient needs. This is a commercial site. Link back is on each page in the shared border. -------------------------------------- Site2: The Dojo “Dojo” is a Japanese word comprised of two syllables: “Do” which means Way, and “Jo,” which means place. (In Chinese, the word for “Do” is the more familiar “Tao.") So a “dojo” is a place where you learn or practice the “Way.” At the BIOM dojo, the “ways” that are taught and practiced include: Personal & Executive Coaching, Tai Chi Chuan, Aikido, Chi Kung, and Pa Kua Chuan ... This is a commercial site. Link back is on the index page. --------------------------- Site3: The Teahouse A restful stop along the way,’ there’s always something going on at Lao Xian’s teahouse. In the early morning, Chi Kung, a cup of tea, and quiet preparation for the day ahead; healing and health consultations throughout the day; and in the evening, more Chi Kung, another cup of tea, and a sip of quiet appreciation for another day ... This is a commercial site. Link back is onthe index page. Thanks!
  13. I'm kind of screwed at the moment: When I installed Thunderbird using IMAP, my ports got screwed up in the process and now I can't send email using either Thunderbird or Outlook because I apparently no longer have the correct settings: Error Message says: "Please verify that your SMTP Server setting is correct and try again. From Thunderbird "Account Settings" screen: TCH Server Settings: -- Server Name: "mail.biom.net -- Port 143 (default) Outgoing Server (SMTP) -- Server name: mail.earthlink.net -- Port 25 (default) On my end I don't know what to change to get things working again : ( Can you help me get back to where I was (POP) so I can send mail again using Outlook. I REALLY NEED TO GET THAT FUNCTIONALITY BACK AGAIN ASAP! THANKS!
  14. I changed my connection protocol from POP to IMAP and now I can't send email because I apparently no longer have the correct settings: Error Message says: "Please verify that your SMTP Server setting is correct and try again. From Thunderbird "Account Settings" screen: TCH Server Settings: -- Server Name: "mail.biom.net -- Port 143 (default) Outgoing Server (SMTP) -- Server name: mail.earthlink.net -- Port 25 (default) Please advise. Thanks! --
  15. Is this forum an appropriate place to ask for recommendations for a brand /price range of a digital camera ? I want to get a camera exclusively for taking pictures for posting to the web. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  16. Thanks for the link, Rob. Looks like the deal!
  17. Thanks for your feedback, Glenn. I cleared the problem up via the suggestion of TCH-Lisa (on the Expression Engine forum) by turning off FrontPage extensions.
  18. My url is http://www.biom.net/index.htm and I've just added to my FrontPage site a couple of "hot icons" in the upper leftbar and rightbar (shared borders) which link to my Expression Engine blogs. (http://www.biom.net/dojo.php/ and http://www.biom.net/dojo.php/teahouse/index/) It seems that whenever I load pages into FrontPage, it adds "_vti_cnf" folders/files to all of my Expression Engine folders, which causes the following error message when the browser tries to access my Expression Engine blog. Error: Unable to delete the following file: _vti_cnf In the past I went through all of my Expression Engine folders and deleted the "_vti_cnf" folders/files, but now they're all back Feels to me like FrontPage is acting as a virus. Can you help me figure out how to keep FrontPage from "infecting" my Expression Engine sites? (I built my original site in FP, so I cannot just chuck FP.) Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Thanks, Bruce! One more question: Will my TCH-forwarded mail stay on my TCH domain? It would be great if I could control that, because intitally I want to make sure that the target server doesn't have its spam filters set so high that I would loose mail. Thanks!
  20. Right now I'm having my email forwarded from my ISP to my TCH domain -- and that works fine. Now, I have two email accounts on TCH, and I want the mail that comes to one of them to be forwarded -- once again -- from TCH to another email server where I'll be using the FirstClass client. Can you tell me how to do that? Thanks!
  21. I'm in the process of installing CAPTCHAS for comments on EE and read that for it to work "GD" (image software) needs to be installed on the host. Is GD installed on TCH? Thanks!
  22. Before I go over to the Mac forums do you know the answer to this question: When I put a powerbook to "sleep" is it then safe to transport it around in its case? Or do I have to do a "shut down" for it to be safe? Thanks.
  23. My wife is using an iMAC with O/S 9.1. Does Thuderbird work with that OS? If not, is there something along the lines of Thunderbird she could use? SquirrelMail and Outlook Express aren't providing the user experience she's looking for. Thanks!
  24. I have an old, but very healthy, MAC Powerbook 1400 cs; (running OS 8.6) I want to use it for basic word processing and email. But, because it's so slow, I was wondering if you know of any available upgrade kits that would speed the processor up a bit. I'd also like to add more storage so I can load a few more programs? Any ideas? Thanks for your feedback!
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