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  1. When you create a blog in MT, how does it get "saved" on the server? For example: I created a "blog" folder at /public_html / mt / Blogs / and a blog named "Test" in MT. How do I get this blog to show in the blog folder so it can be viewed by readers at http://www.mysite.com/test. Can you offer some insight? Thanks.
  2. I just installed Movable Type and now I'm doing the core setup. Can you help me with a couple of questions? 1. When I create a blog in MT, does MT automatically create a file for the blog on the server -- which will become part of the path name for the "Site URL" in the core setup? (i.e. http://www.myserverspace.com/my_blog) 2. What is the "Local Site Path" name pointing to a blog I create on the server? I'm trying to figure out how to see my blog when I hit "View Site" on the Core Setup > Configuration page. Thanks.
  3. I made it up I didn't realize how beautiful MT's GUI is Success was based on the basics (as is the case in most things in life): In this case -- correctly pointing my StaticWebPath in mt.cfg and making sure the images ftp in binary mode and files in ASCII mode. Thanks to everyone for your excellent pointers and encouragement! Thumbs Up You've contributed to a moment of joy in the world (aka the lifting of my frustration). Let (my) blogging begin!
  4. Still trying to get images to show in the MT GUI. Here's what I've done: -- On my local drive I created a folder named "mt-static"; which contains "docs," "images," and "styles.css. -- In mt.cfg I have "StaticWebPath /mt-static/" -- I ftp(ed) the "mt-static" folder to the server at: ... /public_html/mt/mt-static -- Then, when administrating my First Blog -- "http://www.mywebsite/mt/mt.cgi" -- I'm still not seeing MT's GUI images. Possible Problem? Since images need to go binary, and docs and styles in ASCII, could it be that some of these files went up in the wrong mode by ftp(ing) them all together in the mt-static folder ? If so, do you upload these files separately, making sure that each goes up in its proper mode -- and them pull them into the "mt-stattic" folder once they're on the server? Thanks for your continued help! ----------------- (The MT manual says that "certain files must be uploaded in ASCII mode, whereas others must be uploaded in binary mode. If you get it wrong, the scripts WILL NOT WORK..Upload these files/folders in ASCII mode: docs, lib, extlib, mt.cfg, styles.css, tmpl, schemas, search_templates, plugins, and all of the CGI scripts (mt.cgi, etc.).Upload these files/folders in Binary mode: images.")
  5. I just installed MT, but where there should be navigational graphics (i.e. next to "create new weblog, add/edit weblog authors, et al) on the "Welcome to the Main Menu" page, and on the left side nav on the "Main Menu" page (ie. next to Create New Entry, List and Edit Entries, et al.) there are "x-ed - out place holders. What do I need to do to show the graphics? ------------------------------------------------------- It looks like I may have a problem with how I've configured "StaticWebPath /mt-static/" in mt.cfg My images folder is currently installed at: ... / public_html / mt / images /. My currently installed "mt.cfg" file still has the place holder path pointing to -- "StaticWebPath /mt-static/." -- If I replace "StaticWebPath /mt-static/" in my mt.cfg file with ".../mt/images/," will that clear up the problem I'm having with images? -- Or (as outlined in MT's installation instructions): Should I create a new folder and name it "mt-static," and include in it the images, docs, and styles.css files? Then replace "StaticWebPath /mt-static/" in my "mt.cfg" file with ... / public_html / mt / mt-static/? Thanks for you help! (I'm not sure on which side of the razor's edge of confusion I am on this point).
  6. It looks like the answer is: (From tech support:) I think it is the admin user interface that you are looking for. The URL to that is: http://yourwebsite/osCom/admin/ thanks for your interest!
  7. I just installed osCom and was working in its graphical user interface earlier, but now, I can't find my way back in through the file manager. Can you point me towards the portal again? Thanks.
  8. With great humility and appreciation I say thank you for adding more functionality to my web experience. I'm on Now for the (embarrasing) debrief: I was cutting and pasting the user name and password right from the help tickets. How do you account for the transcription problem In any case: THANK YOU!!!
  9. My ticket numbers are: -- TKS-27763 -- AMV-81960 -- LRE-13678 I appreciate your help -- and really want to be a part if TCH. Your operation has a really good look and feel. Thanks again!
  10. I'm not behind a router, and when I put the TCH addresses in, I too get the login/password box, but it doesn't accept my password, and then after 3 tries I get access denied. And, I've cleaned cache -- cookies and temps -- several times, and rebooted a couple of times, but so far no luck
  11. I just joined TCH this week, and would like to attend some "family" functions, but I'm locked out of the house. I've been working diligently with tech support, but we haven't been able to to resolve the issue -- my inability to connect to cpanel. What I've Done I've attempted the following log on approaches: -- (NO GOOD) -- (NO GOOD) -- (With Norton and Zone Alarm off) What Tech Support Has Done TCH tech support confims that they have tested my login and can confirm that its working fine. They say that my inability to logon its just a setting in my computer or the network I'm on which is blocking the traffic via port 2082. (My ISP -- Earthlink said they're not blocking Port 2082). It was suggested that I get a technician to look at my computer to find the rogue setting, or do an OS reinstall. The Rub When I first got my Welcome email the other day, I was able to connect with cpanel just fine. It was only after trying to change my password that some "gremlin" snuck in, because I haven't been able to get connected since Does anyone have any suggestions? THANKS for your help!!!
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