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  1. Hello, Can you tell me how I can make sure that only specific messages that I select in Squirrel Mail download to Outlook when I use Outlook's "Send/Receive" function. I sort my mail on line and only want to download specific messages to store in my Outlook folders. Thanks.
  2. Is there a way to create a category using Expression Engine that doesn't show up in the category list? I want to be able to create different <divs> on an index page, whose entries link to category pages, without having those categories show up in the category list. Can you offer some guidance on how to do this? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the follow up Don and Lisa: Don: What I implied as embarrassment was really a backdoor "a-ha!." I did start to wonder if my subdomain was working, and I did post a file there, and to my delight, saw that it was working. Thanks for helping me solve that part. Lisa: I did have the EE template group in place, and what was going on was (as I expected), I had to hammer away at getting the proper variables set up in my Path.php and Index.php in my subdomain so everything was pointed in the right direction. And: I AM SO GREATFUL YOU FOLKS ARE THERE TO HELP
  4. Thanks, Don, It's a good thing that I really don't get embarrased too easily. Though, I'm a firm believer in stating, and restating, the obvious -- because it isn't always that obvious. Thanks again. And now I'll continue my journey up the "learning curve."
  5. Hello Lisa! Good to "see" you again. Once again, I've journeyed forth from my plateau and find myself climbing the "learning curve" again ... Here's what's up: I have a subdirectory that I created on my domain called "eventteam." which I want to use to hold my EE template group. And while I'm in the "trial and error" phase of getting my index.php and path.php files figured out, it seems that there might be a more fundamental problem: Why can't I access my subdomain folder directory from http://eventteam.biom.net/ or http://www.biom.net/eventteam/? I removed the password protection, and I still come up with the blank page. Any ideas?
  6. Hey Rob, A password prompt is the behavior I'm looking for. It's just that I don't see it . After emtying my cache and cookies, I'm still getting a blank page. Any ideas?
  7. Hello, I'm trying to accomplish two things: -- Trying to get my subdomain url to work ( http://www.eventteam.biom.net); and, -- Get this subdomain to work with the password protection I set up for this resource on my server. Note: My existing Weblog url is: http://www.biom.net/dojo.php/eventteam/index/ What I did: 1. I set up a subdomain on my server for my Expression Engine template group -- "eventteam" 2. Then, I "password protected" this subdomain folder. 3. I updated my "path.php" file with the following variables: $system_path = "./system_ramone/"; $template_group = "eventteam"; $template = "index"; $site_url = "http://www.biom.net"; $site_index = "dojo"; (Where "dojo" is what I renamed "index.php" as.) The Problem: When I enter the subdomain url -- http://www.eventteam.biom.net -- in my brower and click, I get a blank page. Right now I'm just confused. Before I try to dig deeper (and probably get real confused), can you give me some ideas regarding where I'm going off course. Thanks!!
  8. Actually, after getting a night's sleep, it turns out that my problem is actually that I'm not able to send comments. I'm still in the setup/testing phase of blog development and I'm putting in "placeholder entries" to test functionality. When I create an entry, I then try to comment and that's when it sends me back to the MT main menu. Configuration Items: -- In mt.cgi my url is listed as: CGIPath http://www.biom.net/mt/mt.cgi -- In my weblog configuration my site url is: http://www.biom.net/dojo/ Also: how do I refresh the cookie in case it's corrupted? THANKS for your help LISA!
  9. When I click on the comment link for an entry in my blog to see if its working, I keep winding up back at the MT Main Menu. Is there a setting I need to adjust? Thanks!
  10. I found where the osCom files are located on my domain (as per prior message). I opened Index.php in the /includes/languages/english folder to experiment with changing text on the oscom front page. When I refreshed after adding my changes I got the error: "Parse error: parse error in /home/mikey/public_html/osCom/includes/languages/english/index.php on line 15" When I went back and removed the text I added, the default screen didn't go back to its original status. What did I do wrong? How do I restore the original screen? Looks like I'm off to a bad start. Thanks for your help!
  11. From cPanel I went to "Addon Scripts" > osCommerce > and installed "osCom." I'm able to get to "http://biom.net/osCom/admin/." but don't see where the folders/files like " /includes/languages/english" reside. Can you please point me to their location? Thanks!
  12. Hello, I'm just getting started on my newbie adventure with oscom. I'm in the process of reading the forums and checking out the wiki docs, and was hoping you could provide some "jumpstart" info to help me get "into the flow": -- Where on my TCH domain are my editable oscom files located? -- How do I edit the osCommerce front page? Thanks for your help! I'm really excited about this tool!
  13. Gulp Does this change mean you're moving to another neighborhood? Are you still going to be hangin around the MT forums?
  14. I have the "MTIt!" option installed in my context menu, but when I click it, nothing happens. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  15. Hello Lisa, The code you provided did the trick. Thanks once again for being there with the solutions! Rock Sign
  16. Thanks Lisa! As usual, you had the key for the lock Another question, if I may: I've been adding "Categories" <Main Menu > Editing Menu > Edit Categories> and assigning them under "Primary Category" on the "Edit Entry" screen, but this group of "Categories" is not showing up as a section in the navigation column. Is it so that when I set a category it should show up with the other "link" sections? Can you shed some (more) light? Thanks!
  17. I'm trying to work with the MT default style "Gettysburg" and using the instructions from the MT manual > Default Templates, I find when I go to preview my blog, the page only shows the grey "calandar/navigation" bar, and no entries. What did I do wrong? Thanks. ---------- The steps I followed (from MT manual): To select a new style for your weblog, follow these instructions: Log in to Movable Type, select the weblog you wish to edit, then click List & Edit Templates. In the list of Index Templates, you will see a template called Stylesheet; open this template for editing. The prebuilt stylesheets used to customize your pages are located at http://www.movabletype.org/default_styles.shtml . On this page, you can view screenshots of each style; once you have selected the style you wish to use, copy the contents of the text box, and paste those contents into the Template body box of the template you opened for editing in Step 2. Press the SAVE button to save the new stylesheet. You will be prompted to rebuild your site; click the REBUILD link, select Rebuild Indexes Only from the pulldown menu, and click the REBUILD button. When the rebuild has completed, your site will now be using the new stylesheet.
  18. From the "Welcome to the Main Menu" page I'm clicking on the "Delete Weblog" link but nothing happens. Any suggestions for deleting a blog? Thanks.
  19. And due to Lisa's knowledge, patience, and perseverance. Lisa is a real asset! Thanks again for seeing my problem through to resolution!
  20. No. FTP(ed) to /home/username/public_html/blog and no files. Just the Archive folder I created. Really strange, because in the process of this configuration process I've created several different blogs -- you'd thing something would show up. Any other ideas?
  21. Still not there yet I took the ending slash out of CGIPath http://www.biom.net/mt/mt.cgi and then ftp(ed) the updated version of mt.cfg to the server. Rebuilt Site several times but still getting Index of /blog instead of my blog. Questions 1. Now that I have my local site and site url in sync: /home/username/public_html/blog and http://www.mysite.net/blog/ when I create a new blog (ie. "2nd Blog") shouldn't a file named "2nd blog" appear in the directory at /home/username/public_html/blog? 2. If I were going to type the url of "2nd Blog" into the address box in my brower: Would I have to type http://www.mysite.net/2nd Blog/? 3 Which makes me ask: when putting together a Weblog Configuration for my hypothetical "2nd Blog", should the Local Site Path read as /home/username/public_html/blog or as /home/username/public_html/2nd Blog? I just had a cold chill when I thought that I'm including the generic blog on the configuration page, when I should be putting in the actual blog name. Am I seeing this correctly? Thanks!
  22. Getting closer. Your pointer on properly syncing up the pathname with the url was critical. (Good thing for me that I've learned how to dissolve embarrasment) -- and now, when I hit "View Site," I'm seeing "Index of /blog" (instead of the 404 page). I took a look at the CGIPath in my mt.cfg and it was I changed it to CGIPath http://www.mysite.net/mt/mt.cgi/, but something is still wrong (obviously) because instead of seeing my blog_file index page I'm gettng the directory index. So in hopes of of getting my "landing gear" open here's where I am with my configuration: -- local site path = /home/username/public_html/blog -- site url = http://www.mysite.net/blog/ -- archive url path = /home/username/public_html/blog/archives -- archive url = http://www.mysite.net/blog/archives/ -- mt.cfg CGIPath =CGIPath http://www.mysite/mt/mt.cgi/ -- URL for accessing mt.cgi = http://www.mysitet.net/mt/mt.cgi THANKS!!!
  23. Hello Lisa, Thanks so much for your useful, patient and timely feedback--without people like you, this process wouldn't work for people like me. Thanks so much Thumbs Up And my saga continues: I'm still not able to see my blog when I hit "View Site." Here's what I did -- from start to finish. Based on these steps, can you point out what I still need to do? -- Using WS_FTP LE, I created directories named "blog" and 'archives' at: /public_html/blog and /public_html/blog/archives -- From the "Welcome to the Main Menu" page in MT, I clicked on "Create New Weblog." -- I then created a "Weblog name." -- Assigned a "Local Site Path" (/home/username/public_html/blog) -- Assigned "Site URL" http://www.mysite.com/ -- Assigned a "Local Archive Path" (/home/username/public_html/blog/archives -- Assigned "Archive URL" (http://www.mysite.com/archives/ -- Then hit "Save" -- "HTTP 404 - File not found" came up in the browser, I hit "Refresh" and my newly created blog showed up in the list "Your existing Weblogs." -- Then using cpanel > file manager, I checked my "blog" folder at '/ public_html / blog /" but did not see a file there for the MT blog I just created. (SHOULD IT HAVE SHOWN UP THERE AT THIS TIME?) -- I then clicked "New Entry" under my newly created blog, created a message, previewed it, received the message HTTP 404 - File not found, clicked "Refresh" and then found myself back at the "Welcome to the Main Menu." (IS THIS THE NORMAL BEHAVIOR AFTER PREVIEWING AND ACCEPTING AN ENTRY?) -- I then opened my blog and on the "Main Menu" clicked on the entry I just created, and under "Post Status" chaged "draft" to "publish" and clicked "Save". Once again received HTTP 404 - File not found, hit Refresh and got back to the "Welcome to the Main Menu" window. -- Clicked on my newly created blog, and then clicked on "Rebuild site" and then "View Site." The browser opens up into the home page of www.mysite.com, not the blog I just created. -- Once again I go back into cpanel > file manager > and still no sign that MT has created a file for the blog I created. -- Finally, going back to MT's "...Main Menu" page, I select "Delete Weblog" for my newly created blog, hit Refresh and the blog is still there; it did not delete. So this is the sad state of affairs in my enthusiatic attempt to launch a blog. Any suggestions. And true THANKS for any help you can (continue) to offer!
  24. Lisa, Thanks so much for you clear tutorial on file structure. It's very helpful and what I was asking for. Also --you say that while I've created a few different blogs but I'm not seeing any MT-generated files for those blogs. Where would those saved blog files default to on the server, and what would their extensions be? My expectation is that MT will generate a file like WORD would when doing a "save as." Is that right? So my basic problem is that I'm not seeing where the blogs I'm creating are located on my domain. Thanks for your help -- my forte is writing blogs, not setting up software
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