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  1. Is there a migration path for moving MS Outlook folders/messages over to Thunderbird? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Raul and Rob, You made my life much easier with an IMAPed Mozilla configuration! (SquireMail does quite cut it.) My wife is using an iMAC with O/S 9.1. Does Thuderbird work with that OS? If not, is there something along the lines of Thunderbird she could use? -- SquirrelMail isn't doing the job for her either. Thanks!
  3. I'm setting up Mozilla Thunderbird, as recommended. The default setup is POP, but you mentioned IMAP. What's the difference?
  4. There is, but I don't want to throw away all of the messages at once. I'd like to select "chunks," like a month at a time, without having to click 50 or so boxes.
  5. Hello, I've been remiss in throwing out the trash in my SquirlMail trashfolder, and now have several thousand pieces to throw away. I'm not seeing how to select multiple messages -- without clicking them one at a time. Is there a way to do this? For example: with Outlook, Click + Shift selects whole blocks. Also, is there a key command to use (like Shift/Delete) that will do a permanent delete, bypassing the Trash folder? Thanks for your cleaning tips!
  6. ok. I hear ya on the EE tech support topic ... Regarding your experience with RSS/ Bloglines: Bloglines' FAQ says that, "Currently, Bloglines checks sites once an hour for updates," but says nothing about "re-loads." Is it the case that whatever I have posted already I'd have to re-post, so when an RSS service like Bloglines updates again it would reload my articles with the updated EE XML Encode plug in? My concern is that if I don't re-post all of the articles uploaded with the "buggy" XML Encode plug-in, the articles I already have posted won't be accessible by someone who subscribes to my blog. Am I understanding how RSS works in this case? Thanks!
  7. I'm trying to figure out the time coordination between when I ftp a file to the TCH server, and the time that file is logged as received. For example: I just ftped a file at "20040721 11:30," and on the TCH server it says "20040721 18:32": that's "8:32PM" somewhere, right? What's the location of the server that file's located on? The time differentiation I'm referring to is the "Date" on the "Remote Site" panel in WS_FTP LE as compared to the date on the "Local System." Thanks for clarifying.
  8. Lisa, I downloaded "version 1.0" of XML Encode from the pmachine plug-in library and installed it -- pi.xml_encode.php (Date Modified 6/16/2004) -- into System > Plug-ins. I emptied my Internet cache and cookies, logged out and back in to Bloglines, and I'm still having the problem. What am I missing? Thanks!
  9. Thank you, Lisa. You are impressive!
  10. To test their RSS feeds, I added my two blogs to my Blogline feed list. http://www.bloglines.com/myblogs -- "The Dojo" and "Lao Xian's Teahouse" (Disclaimer: please note that all these articles are unedited works in progress :Nerd: Everything is listing fine in the Blogline rightbar, but no matter which link I click on -- in either of the two blogs -- the link goes to the index page of my main blog. The url on the index page is the one for the link I clicked on, but the content is what's on the index page. Any ideas on how to correct this? Thanks.
  11. The Mac doc has a file extension of ".doc" I'm trying to open the Mac doc on a WinXP PC using Word 2002 SP3 The Mac file was created using MS Word 98 for Mac on Mac O/S 9.1
  12. I'm trying to open a Word doc created on a Mac (os 9.1) on my PC (WinXP) and I'm getting code-junk instead of text. I thought that WinXP was supposed to readilyread a Word doc created on the Mac. Is there a setting to make this happen, or can you make other suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good RSS reader? Thanks!
  14. I'm working with Expression Engine and I've gotten to the point where I want to take advantage of its power, but find that I don't naturally think in "back-end blog speak." For example, I need to be able to work with "conditional "if-then" statements, and understand the logic behind stringing "tags" together. I'm already doing the basic "searching" on the EE site for representative examples, but that method is too hit and miss. My question: Can you recommend any books and/or websites that provide a focused treatment on blogging-related scripting and logic, with examples? Thanks!
  15. I need to add a drop-down menu on my blog, and I have the choice to use a "jump menu" -- enabled by JavaScript -- or the more 'traditonal' SUBMIT button method. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with how many users have selected -- or not de-selected -- "enable JavaScript" on their browsers, and as a result, how good a user experience do "jump menus" provide? Also: if I did go with a javascript "jump menu," what's the user experience for the user who has disabled javascript? Are they just stranded in that case? Thanks for your feedback! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From http://www.quackit.com/javascript/javascri...opdown_menu.cfm JavaScript Dropdown Menu Dropdown menus like this are sometimes referred to as a "Jump menu". This is because it "jumps" to the selected URL as soon as you make the selection. (Other drop down menus require you to click on a "go" button after you've made your selection - which is the safe way to go if you're worried about users who don't have JavaScript enabled).
  16. Hello, I have a client who needs to ftp some files to a folder on my domain. She uses a Mac with System 9.1. Is there a free ftp client like WS_FTP_LE for the Mac? Thanks.
  17. Solved! "I would suggest simply placing the image tag directly in the page. That's the most straightforward thing to do: <div id="blogtitle"> <h1><img src="/images/uploads/teahouse_logo.gif" width="500" height="77" alt="Lao Xian's Teahouse at BIOM" /></h1> </div> You'll also want to remove the background URL bit from your stylesheet." ----- THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!
  18. Here's where I stand: -- I've gotten the "text" out of the "blogtitle" field, but the .gif is only partially showing. And this is using the tag -- <div id="blogtitle"><h1></h1></div> -- in the index -- When I use -- <div id="blogtitle"></div> -- all traces of the .gif drop out to the title box at the top of the page. Very frustrating. Any other ideas? Thanks!!!
  19. BTW: Sorry about my earlier posting at "8:43" (above) -- that was an in-process set of incomplete notes that got posted by mistake. Sorry for the mess.
  20. I used the CSS code Dick provided (below) -- in conjuction with this tag on my index template: <div id="blogtitle"><h1></h1></div> but my "blogtitlte" logo is still not displaying properly (see http://www.biom.net/dojo.php/teahouse/index/). Can you see what I need to do to bring the .gif into focus? Thanks! --------------------- #blogtitle { position: relative; margin: 0; padding: 0; clear: both; background-color: #FFFFCC; background-image: url(teahouse_logo.gif); background-repeat:no-repeat; background-position:center; width: 547px; height: 77px; }
  21. Rob, When I remove When I use xxxxxxx the "blog title" box disappears. When I use xxxxxx it crunchded (see: What do I need to add/change to the CSS(?) below? Thanks. #blogtitle { position: relative; margin: 0; padding: 0; clear: both; background: #FFFFCC; color: #CCFF99; width: 547px; text-align: right; } #blogtitle h1 { font: bold 40px arial, helvetica, lucida grande, verdana, sans-serif; margin: 10; padding: 10px; background: transparent url(http://www.biom.net/images/uploads/teahouse_logo.gif) }
  22. I want to redesign the "title" of my blog, and my CSS skills are quite limited at this point. Would you mind pointing out how I can adjust the style code below so that I'm able to: -- take out the default text title; and, -- replace it with the graphic I've uploaded? (You can see what I'm trying to do at http://www.biom.net/dojo.php/teahouse/index/) I appreciate your help! ------------------------------ From my style sheet #blogtitle { position: relative; margin: 0; padding: 0; clear: both; background: #FFFFCC; color: #CCFF99; width: 547px; text-align: right; } #blogtitle h1 { font: bold 40px arial, helvetica, lucida grande, verdana, sans-serif; margin: 10; padding: 10px; background: transparent url(http://www.biom.net/images/uploads/teahouse_logo.gif)
  23. Hello, I'm having the following problem: I attach a Word doc to a Squirl Mail email, and when I send it to recipients, who are using Word to open it (PC and Mac), they're not able to open the attachement. Can you tell me if there's some setting I need to adjust? Or is Squirl Mail somewhat unreliable regarding sending attachments? Thanks.
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