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  1. Can someone respond as to how AWStats and cPanel interface relative to the response I received (below) from someone on another website? Thanks! If awstats is tied to your Cpanel server (Linux) it wont do it in that sense, it goes based on session timing, so technically a vistor may only stay for 1 minute and it times till its session dies witch on average is about 30 minutes after browser close or leaving the site. Depending on the setup type depends on weather or not it will cut off after index.php, its all up to how you have awstats setup through Cpanel.
  2. Fixed. When in doubt: REBOOT. Thanks for the reminder!
  3. AWStats shows that I've had over 500 visits to my web site by people who averaged from 30 minutes to 1+ hours on the site. But when I look to see what pages they've been to, AWStats shows only 9 distinct pages being hit, ranging from 60 - 80 times; though the rss pages have been hit almost 1000 times. Logically, if over 500 visitors stayed on the site for 30 - 60+ minutes, shouldn't more individual page hits be showing, and at higher numbers? Thanks for helping me understand this!
  4. Firefox and Thunderbird just stopped making their connections to the Internet and mail server. Firefox says: "The connection was refused when attempting to contact (website)." Thunderbird says: "Could not connect to mail server ... connection was refused." Outlook and SquirrelMail and Internet Explorer still work. I reinstalled both Firefox and Thunderbird, but the problem persists. Any insight on how to remedy? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the primer, Madman, it helps. And to follow up: -- It sounds like when any mail is addressed to me at me@my_domain.com it will get to the TCH mail server for viewing on my propering configured client. That is good ... and what I'm expecting to happen. -- What I'm not sure about is this: On the ISP that I'm going to cancel, mail is addressed to me there -- me@that_domain.com and, if I remember correctly, I picked a setting that forwarded it to my domain, which is hosted on TCH. So if I canceled that ISP today, what kind of 'forwarding address' can I put in place so any mail sent to the cancelled account finds it's way to my domain on TCH? Thanks again for you help.
  6. I'm in the process of changing ISPs and I want to use the new provider's mail service, but keep the other one in place so I can run parallel for a little while before cancelling the current ISP. TCH Help Desk says they have updated the MX records in the server for the new domain and now it will be working fine. Question: What is an "MX record" and how do I know if mail from my two 'current' ISPs is reaching my domain? I want to make sure that the mail addressed to me through my new ISP is getting to my domain before I can cancel the other ISP service. Also, what are the 'best practices' for getting mail that's addressed to the former ISP forwarded to the new one or my domain? Thanks! (I hope I'm being clear )
  7. I'm in the final phase of researching my harddrive/DVD burner upgrade strategy to get ready for digital editing. I've identified the internal HDD/enclosure and DVD burner/enclosure. But before checking out my shopping cart, it occurred to me that I could also slip a new harddrive into the shell of my Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop by replacing either the DVD player or CD player-burner. Is there a performance benefit to be had by putting a second harddrive directly into an open laptop bay, rather than adding an internal HDD in an enclosure? Thanks!
  8. I'm in the market for a large harddrive -- 200 gb plus -- for digital video projects. I'm looking for something that is reliable, and silent. I was wondering if anyone can give a suggestion as to brand regarding these criteria. A couple I've been steered towards are: -- Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 200GB Hard Drive -- SEAGATE Internal 300GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache Hard Drive Any other suggestions would be much appreciated. Also, is it relatively simple to install an internal harddrive into a USB/Firewire enclosure to make it an external? Thanks!
  9. I'm at a crossroads and would appreciate your perspective and suggestions. The Situation I just purchased a digital video camcorder which I will be using to shoot footage for a series of instructional videos. Given the processor and harddrive intensive requirements of dv editing, I think that I'm going to upgrade my computer to prepare for the upcoming computing demands. The Problem I own and work on both MACs and PCs and now need to decide which platform path to follow to meet my video editing and DVD authoring needs. My Request Considering this, I'd very much appreciate knowing what you know to be the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of going with the PC over iMac or iMac over PC. Thanks!
  10. THANK YOU, D.J.! You really primed my pump with all of the info you provided. I'm going to take a look at what you've sent, do a bit more research on my own ... and then continue the conversation. Thanks again for being so generous with your info!
  11. I'm exploring the online publishing route for a book I'm writing, and was wondering if anyone here has already published an ebook. If so, what was the experience like in general? And what opinions have you formed regarding the ebook software that's available today. Thanks for sharing your experience!
  12. You do not need to partition the hard disk to do this. Just install Mac OS X on the same disk. You will still be able to switch between Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. P.S. It's Mac, not MAC, as in "Macintosh." <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Turns out I'm going to need a bigger hard drive to get the headspace needed to get this job done. Before I start searching for a drive, I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on brands of hard drives in general, and which ones seem to work better with Macs. Thanks for anything you can share!
  13. I'm bringing my Mac back into action, it's been 'resting' for a while, and I was wondering which ftp clients people are using for this platform. Thanks for your suggestions!
  14. I noticed as of late that I've been getting a major amount of email that's spoofing my domain name. The subject includes the usual manipulation to get the unsophisticated user to open the email and (gasp) download the virus-ridden .zip attachment. As I said, it started a couple of weeks ago and TCH Help Desk traced it back to some $?!@# people in South Africa - hence no way to do anything about it. I have to assume that other people are receiving this 'poison' email and I'm concerned about what may be happening to the reputation of my domain name: namely, people getting screwed by opening this stuff and webmasters putting me on their blacklists. Has anyone had a similar experience? And if so, can you offer some insight and/or advice on how to handle this problem? Thanks!
  15. I've been changing the settings, but the problem is they won't hold: they keep reverting back to 1600x1200 instead of the 800x600 I've selected.
  16. I just installed some Acrobat pdf files from an Adobe Photoshop 5.5 CD onto my harddrive. The files downloaded fine, but something happened that's forcing my screen settings to 1600x1200 whenever I boot or standby/hibernate. Also, I'm not able now to use the destop background .jpg I had been using (it's no longer an option) and the desktop backgrounds that come standard with Windows are showing up 'pixelated." I ran Windows System Restore several times and get the message that the restoration was successful; and everything looks good until at the last moment, before the O/S fully boots, the settings/resolution problem reappears. I ran system restore three times, but this problem won't 'let go.' Can you offer a suggestion to fix this? Thanks!
  17. Thanks for the sharp eye, Marie. It was the renaming of "rotate" to "rotator" that did it And since you're familiar with this script, maybe you can help me refine my implementation of it a bit. You see, it's working too well now. The photoblog I'm using "rotator" in has a thumbnail, medium, and full size version of each photoentry, and they're all stored in my "uploads" folder, which rotator is pulling from. Can you make a suggestion as to how I can make rotator only display the thumbnail version? Thanks, again! And thanks to all!
  18. You would change it like this. >$folder = '/home/your-cpanel-login-name/public_html/images/uploads/'; <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Still trying to make this work The objective: to get the right variation of this link on my index page: <img src="/images/uploads/rotate.php"> <br> <img src="http://www.biom.net/images/uploads/rotate.php"> <br> <img src="/home/mikey/public_html/images/uploads/"> to pull and show a random image from my .../image/uploads/ folder which I pointed to in my "rotate.php" configuration file with the path name: $folder = '/home/my-cpanel-login-name/public_html/images/uploads/'; (I included my actual cpanel name in the config file version.) But all I'm getting is the 'x-placeholder' on my index page where the random image should be. Can you see what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
  19. You'll need to change that to either (as Bruce is suggesting): ><img src="/images/uploads/rotate.php"> Or (if you require the link to be absolute): ><img src="http://www.biom.net/images/uploads/rotate.php"> This assumes the script is located in your account under public_html/images/uploads/ directory. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks for the clarification ... but I'm still not there yet. I'm getting the x'ed out graphic placeholder on my page, but not the random graphic the script is designed to pull up. Based on the the configuration instructions, included below, do I need to point it to my "uploads" folder, since that will be the folder containing the pictures that will be rotating? And if so, to make it conform to proper pathway $folder = '/user/me/www.biom.net/images/uploads/'; What would I put in for the '/user/me/... part? Thanks! /* ------------------------- CONFIGURATION ----------------------- Set $folder to the full path to the location of your images. For example: $folder = '/user/me/example.com/images/'; If the rotate.php file will be in the same folder as your images then you should leave it set to $folder = '.'; */ $folder = '.'; /* */
  20. Hello, I'm trying to install a random image rotation script. In the instructions it says: 1. Upload this file (rotate.php) to your webserver ... 2. Link to the file as you would any normal image file, like this: <img src="http://example.com/rotate.php"> I'm using the path: <img src="http://www.biom.net/public_html/images/uploads/rotate.php"> but it's not working. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  21. Hello, My wife has an iMAC running O/S 9.2 and needs to run some software that requires O/S 10. I heard that it's possible to partition the hard drive so that both operating systems can be accessed. Can you point me towards a 'how-to' for getting this job done, and share whatever 'tips' you have to make this process as pleasant as possible? Thanks!
  22. So, for a 'trivial' test of your theory if I "hit" one of my pages more than the lowest hit page in my top 25, I should be able to make that page show up in awstats?
  23. I have a question regarding the "Pages-URL (Top 25) " section: What is the threshold of hits that brings a page into the Top 25? Thanks.
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