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  1. I have a script that needs this... Your PHP configuration file called "php.ini" might not be configured correctly to allow spawning of external applications via the PHP function exec(). Is this enabled on the servers or am I going to have to find another method?
  2. You could try IRCPlus, installed on your local computer with the appropriate port(s) forwarded to your machine. That along with Jirc intalled on your website would let you have a real IRC server. Since you can decide when to run the IRC Server software, you can control when it's available for use.
  3. Is there a way to automate the creation of email accounts? I've searched around the forums but didn't come across anything. Use of captcha would be prefered, with a notice sent to webadmin of new account creation.
  4. Ok, I know this has been asked a million times but.. I have several domain names, all hosting on TCH, I've realized it would actually be better (cheaper) for me to get a reseller account and put all the domains on it. So, what is the most graceful way of doing that here? 1 Sign up for a reseller account. 2 Submit ticket to have domains moved to that account. 3 Cancel the hosting on the other domains. ?
  5. Just as an aside. I just tried it. When prefixing with https: I get a 404 error, drop the s and my pages load fine. Doesn't matter what page I try to load. If I just try root, I get an apache welcome screen with a note to contact the system admin if I am seeing that screen instead of the website. And of course, there is the security notice about the domain in the certificate being different than the domain I am accessing with it.
  6. These are nifty little flash games, I don't remember where I found them, but here they are... Ok.. well I was going to upload them, but it says I'm not allowed to upload that file type. So, go here instead: http://www.pen411.com/games/
  7. My suggestion would be to log in to cpanel, go to the databases and delete them. Then let the forum recreate them. It sounds like it's confused about which database is which. That's just a guess.
  8. I'd like to write a small script to trap web page errors (such as 404's) All I need is the page called and a way to tell the server to call the script rather than the generic error page. Is that in htaccess, or somewhere else?
  9. Everything you never wanted to know about your web server.. http://www.pen411.com/distro/env.txt Right click, save as, upload to cgi-bin in ascii mode, rename it with a pl or cgi extension, then chmod it to 755. Then CALL IT from a webpage. On the very bottom is the referer tag, which should be the full URL of the webpage you called the script from. enjoy (not mine).
  10. Hey ya'll.. I recently updated one of my scripts to use cookies rather than form data to hold user info. After playing with it for a while, this was the solution I came up with. Just looking to see if there was a better way to do it. User gets to a login page, enters their info and hits submit. Before any text is sent back, I check for this: routines later verify this information is correct. I had to add the 301 header because it was just dumping the user back to the login screen, seems you can't write and read a cookie on the same page load. setCookie just formats and sends the Set-Cookie html header with the included data. if ($form{'username'}) { &setCookie("poduser", "$form{'username'}", "$form{'password'}", "$form{'storenum'}", $myCookieExpires, $myCookiePath, $myCookieDomain); print "Status: 301 Moved Permanantly\n"; print "Location: http://www.pen411.com/cgi-bin/pod.cgi\n\n"; } here was the same deal, without the 301, it left the user at the last screen they were at until they tried to do something, then it realized they were logged out and dumped them back to the login screen. if ($form{'action'} eq 'logout') { &setCookie("poduser", "", "", "", "now", $myCookiePath, $myCookieDomain); $loggedin = 0; print "Status: 301 Moved Permanantly\n"; print "Location: http://www.pen411.com/cgi-bin/pod.cgi\n\n"; Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome, as this seems a clumsy way to make this work right.
  11. Here's one I wrote a few years ago as an SSI. Comments added so you can see what it's doing #!/usr/bin/perl $bannerfile = "$thepath/cgi-bin/banner.txt"; # file that holds the list open THEFILE, "<$bannerfile" || die "Unable to open file: $!"; (@banners) = <THEFILE>; close THEFILE; $totbanners = @banners; srand; $picked = int(rand($totbanners)); @bannerdata = split(/\|/,$banners[$picked]); $bannerdata[1]++; $banners[$picked] = "$bannerdata[0]\|$bannerdata[1]\|$bannerdata[2]"; print "Content-type: text/html\n\n"; # you may need to remove this, seems to depend on what host it's on if ($bannerdata[0] eq 'link') { print "\n$bannerdata[2]\n"; } if ($bannerdata[0] eq 'file') { open THEFILE, "$bannerdata[2]"; (@data) = <THEFILE>; close THEFILE; print "<center>"; foreach $datastring (@data) { print "$datastring\n" } } # this updates the data to include how many times that item has been picked. open THEFILE, ">$bannerfile"; print THEFILE @banners; close THEFILE; banner.txt contains... link|13|Have you checked out our <a href="/board/" target="board">Discussion Forums</a> yet? one entry per line, and you can see you can include links, the contents of a file, or just insert random html code. the link, 13, and Have you text are seperated by the pipe symbol. so as an example for an image, you want to use the link command, since you are only sending text. link|0|<img src="myimage.jpg"> Remember here that 0 is the number of times this image has been picked, since it's new, we start with 0
  12. I installed SMF ( http://www.pen411.com/board/ ) and so far I like it. I also like vbulletin (but it's not free, SMF is). vbulletin offers an import option, though I don't know if it imports from SMF, you could check vbulletins website to find out. Moderators are usually chosen from the group of members, after they have been members for a good while and have shown they can behave themselves. You don't just pick say, the 5th person to join, and make them a moderator. Until your board gets busy, you should be able to handle any moderation tasks on your own.
  13. I've just installed SMF on my site, so far it looks pretty decent. Won't know about spam until it gets some usage. www.pen411.com
  14. Or you can use vBulletin. Not free, but very nice, and very popular. As for auctions, look for EveryAuction, though I haven't checked on it in years, the 1.01 version was very ebay like at the time.
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