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  1. Linux (and probably Mac OS X, when I get to try it ). I've tried Debian, Red Hat, Mandrake, Fedora, Ubuntu, Linspire, Xandros. Fedora is still my favorite but it's currently fighting Ubuntu for the throne. Actually, I think Ubuntu would easily win if it weren't for the lack of updates to some packages and my lack of memory to remember how to configure certain things by hand (blame those GUI configuration tools from Fedora ).
  2. Welcome to the forums, jaime!
  3. Well, it seems to me you only need the team data, not the team names. If that's the case, and supposing the entry fee column is in the TEAM table, you can easily change that query into a much simpler one: SELECT * FROM team and there. MySQL will return you one row per team with all the information available. This looks a bit too simple to be the answer but who knows...
  4. Lee, please open a help desk ticket explaining the situation along with the server your account is on, so they can check if composite is installed. Also, are you using the latest version of Gallery? I remember that 1.4.something had a problem with ImageMagik 6.1, or something, so if you're using that version, you may want to upgrade to the newest 1.5.
  5. Thanks for the comments, DJ As Bruce, I also went through a bunch of hosts before coming to TCH and believe me, I do not want to leave.
  6. I can't believe I missed this! Welcome aboard, Ryan!!! I bow before your mighty knowledge! :)
  7. First of all, a word of advice: do not use the team name as a column for the names table, because, for example, if some day you need to change a team name, you will have to change it in every row of the names table that mentions it. Instead, you should use the team id, which, even if you change the team name in the teams table, will always be the same. In this case your tables would look like this: TEAM TABLE ID TeamName Category Department 1 Dogs male open Sales 2 Hosers male open IT NAMES TABLE ID TeamName Fname Lname 1 1 John Brown 2 1 Bob Smith 3 2 Davey Jones 4 2 Mike Smith As for the query, you can probably use the GROUP BY clause but it doesn't make any sense, because you're asking MySQL for all the fields in both tables, being that the NAMES table has more than one entry per each TEAM table entry, and you're telling MySQL to supress every result from the NAMES table except for one and return that one to you. MySQL can't decide which result to return, because you didn't give it any basis to decide on. Do you really want the NAMES table results in there?
  8. Can you post the contents of myfile.php?
  9. Steve, some tags may not need to have a closing tag but if they do, it will still be valid HTML, so I suggest you close all the tags since it will make your life easier if later on you decide to move to XHTML - or simply because it's a good habit
  10. Welcome to the forums, Ovelzygon!
  11. To be honest, I don't really care. I just saw the news and wanted to let folks know. As for how long the companies/organizations take to fix their products, I shouldn't say anything but facts should speak for themselves. You know what I'm talking about, Bob. About giving Firefox (or anyother browser that becomes widely popular, for that matter) some time and it will too be targeted, yes, it probably will. But that's not the issue, here. Every software has bugs. The big difference is in how quickly these problems are handled and, as I said above, facts speak for themselves. So as I said, I don't really care. I just wanted to warn people, as I usualy do when I see a security warning about software that is widely used by the folks on this forum. I don't care if the warning comes from eEye, Secunia or the US DoD - if it's about IE, I believe it. It may not be as serious as they make it sound but that's not up to me to decide, I just pass on the warning.
  12. The difference between calling fopen() with an URL and with a filesystem path is that when you call it with an URL it will generate an HTTP GET request, just as if you were requesting the file from your browser, meaning that the PHP file will be interpreted first and you will only be able to read the script output from the resulting file pointer. If you use a filesystem path, fopen will open the file directly, meaning that the resulting file pointer will give you access to the real content of that file, that is, the PHP script instead of the output it produces. This is what include()/require() does. It fetches the PHP code from the file and executes it along the rest of the code where it is being called. Unless your script is already made to process the output by accessing it via a file pointer returned by fopen() and you can't/don't want to change that, you should use include() or require() instead, since they'll be much faster than using fopen().
  13. Looks like I'm late for helping out on this, especially because I knew the answer to your problem as soon as I read the thread title "Ie Problem, What am I doing wrong?". The answer is, quite simply, "You're using IE." Just kidding, of course. I know it's important to take IE into account because so many people still use it. Glad you managed to fix it
  14. I wonder if there's a Java equivalent of Flashblock... anyone knows something like this?
  15. Thomas, if you don't mind using the command line, you already have everything you need to rename as many pictures as you want with one simple command: ren *.jpg *.txt
  16. I think they're both accepting each other, Thomas. Or perhaps they don't even think about such a thing as "accepting" a different creature. The baby sure doesn't have all the stupid mentalities we grown ups have stuffed in the brain. The dog probably doesn't even think about it much, he/she just wants to be left alone and sleep. So it's really not a matter of who accepts who, it's more a matter of: they don't even care, they just want to be and they have no problems with each other because neither of them is hurting the other. As Greg said, if only people could get along like that instead of finding excuses to fight all the time...
  17. borfast


    Hi Greg. I tried Xoops some time ago and I tried it again recently, in the hope that it had been improved but I still don't like it. The general idea behind it (a completely Object Oriented and extensible CMS) is pretty good but I still prefer Drupal or Mambo.
  18. Welcome to the forums, speedy_julez! Try searching on Google for "HTML tutorial" and stuff like that. You'll find tons of information
  19. Sorry, Thomas. I'm not a SMF user so I don't know how hard it is to translate it but why don't you try it anyway? If it's easy, you'll do it quickly. If it's not that easy, I'm sure you'll still be able to do it and in doing so you will have increased your coding skills :lol:
  20. Ah, but you see, forums are not the appropriate place to inform people about your software's vulnerabilities. If there's something serious to report, it should be in a page dedicated to it. Perhaps a news page, or advisories page? Maybe even a low volume mailing list people can subscribe to? I don't see any of this on Advanced Guestbook's site, so perhaps you should consider implementing them instead of expecting people to visit the forums to gain knowledge about the latest security flaws of your software
  21. Correct. Incorrect. Supporting all of PHP 4 functions doesn't mean that scripts written for PHP 4 will work with PHP 5, as you noted yourself below: And there are also other kinds of compatibility problems, like object assignment being made by reference by default in PHP 5, instead of copying them as in PHP 4, for example. Which takes us back to what Greg said This kind of incompatibility is one of the reasons why TCH currently has no plans to upgrade it's servers to PHP 5, btw.
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